Where to find and how to save Ramien, Aranka, Tall Tikhonya and Ilkes in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Passage of the quest "Looking to the stars"


Where to find and how to save Ramien, Aranka, Tall Tikhonya and Ilkes in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Passage of the quest "Looking to the stars"

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is the second game in the Pathfinder universe from Owlcat Games. In the game, you have to complete many storyline tasks. One of these tasks is the quest "Looking to the stars", in which you must rescue several key characters at once - the adepts of Desna. In this guide, you will find a complete walkthrough of the quest, as well as learn how to save the key characters of the story.

Where to find Ramien

Ramien is located in the western part of the Market Square location. You can get here by building an impromptu bridge made of boards across the cliff. To do this, you will need to pass the Athletics Skill Test.

Where to find Ramien

After crossing the bridge, turn left and meet with Inquisitor Halran, whose people are holding Ramien. Talk to Halran and show him the "light of heaven" so that the inquisitor will release the man. When Ramien manages to escape, follow the square, where the city fair was recently held, then turn right in front of the stone stairs. Behind the cliff, you will see the Dezna temple, as well as Ramien, which stands in front of this building.

Where to find Ramien

How to save Ramien. How to complete the quest "A heated debate about faith"

After the dialogue with Harlan, the passage of the plot task "A heated dispute about faith" will begin . And when you find Ramien at the temple of Desna and talk to him, you can activate the quest "Looking to the stars . "

But first you need to complete the quest "A heated debate about faith" and reconcile the conflicting parties in order to gain additional experience. Return to Halran and tell him that Ramien does not want to feud with the Inquisitor. You will receive 400 experience, and you can also tell Ramien about Halran's decision. Now the inquisitor does not intend to kill Ramien, but he will definitely expel him from the city when the demonic attack is repulsed.

You can also complete the quest and save Ramien in another way: simply kill Halran. This will not give you any advantages, except that in the inventory of the killed inquisitor you will find a valuable one-handed weapon "Long Sword" . You will receive about the same item if you still decide to side with the inquisitor and kill Ramien. In addition, the Inquisitors can help you during the battle in the Gray Garrison, and you will meet Halran a few more times in the story in the following chapters.

How to complete the quest "Looking to the Stars". Where to find the missing adepts of Desna

The assignment consists of three stages. In the first part, you need to learn about the missing adepts of Desna, who were accused by the Inquisition of Kenabres in an attempt to steal the Guardian Stone. If you helped Ramien to hide from Inquisitor Halran, then immediately after the dialogue with the latter, Ilkes will appear and tell about the fate of the rest of the adepts. Thus, this part of the quest will be completed automatically. Ilkes himself will be waiting for you in the Dezna temple, not far from this place.

How to complete the quest "Looking to the Stars". Where to find the missing adepts of Desna

Where to find Aranka. How to complete the "Not a good time for a feast" quest

The second stage of the quest is closely related to the assignment "Not the best time for a feast", which you could receive from the servant of the Count of Arenda during the search for Ramien in the market square. The servant asks to help get rid of the demons that surrounded the mansion of his master, located on the next street.

If you carefully read the description of the assignment, then we learn that the beautiful bardess Aranka found refuge somewhere in the city, among friends and admirers. And since the Earl of Arenday loves to host feasts, his mansion is the first place you should visit. Get out on the global map and find the location "Count of Rent's Party House".

After reaching the location, look around the room on the left and fight the demons. Here you will also find Aranka, who will also try to repel the demons. After the battle, talk to Count Deiran and complete the quest. Now Deiran will become your next companion in the game. You can take it on any of your upcoming travels.

Talk to Aranka to complete the second part of the quest. She will tell you about Talla Tikhonya, an adept magician who is hiding from the Inquisition. The man takes on the forms of other people, so finding him will not be easy. Especially for this, Aranka will give you a handkerchief, with the help of which Tall Tikhonya can reveal his identity and contact you.

Where to find and how to save Talla Tikhonya

If you read the description of the third part of the assignment, then you will learn Aranka's assumptions about Tall Tikhoni. She believes that the adept magician should be sought in the market square. Leave the Earl of Rentals' party house and return to the Market Square.

The last living people that you met in this location are the Kenabres crusaders, standing not far from the makeshift bridge that you built to search for Ramien. Follow to this area and interact with the Kenabres crusader who detained a local resident.

Having done this, one of the crusaders will notice Aranka's handkerchief, after which Tall Tough will appear in front of you. Together with him, the inquisitor will also be in the location. Choose one of the options yourself (to determine the worldview of your hero). If you choose the options "To the law-abiding" or "To the evil", then you will not be able to save Talla Tikhonya. So it remains to choose between the options "For the good" or "For the chaotic . " If the inquisitor begins to deny, then show him the "light of heaven" again to avoid bloodshed.

Returning to Dezna's temple to Ilkes, Aranka and Tall, choose any option except "To evil", as this will activate a fight with the characters, after which the task will be failed. When Aranka starts singing, select "To Chaotic" and complete the small text quest. Tell Aranka about your vision to complete the quest.

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