Will New World support addons and mods? We know that so far


Will New World support addons and mods? We know that so far

For many fans of MMORPGs, addons and mods are simply part of it. With them you can change the UI or add help for quests. But will the upcoming MMO New World from Amazon support such addons?

Will New World support addons? It's not entirely clear yet. So far, however, it was not possible to install your own add-ons or mods in the alpha and beta. There is also currently no official interface through which the status of a character or the position in the world can be queried.

However, addons or mods have not yet been completely ruled out by Amazon.

In addition, there is always the option to work with so-called overlays. These do not access the game files, but create an additional layer with information about the game content shown. Such overlays can practically not be forbidden as long as the players are in windowed mode.

Addons are useful in many different areas of the game

What are addons and mods interesting for? Add-ons from third-party developers - not the developers of the game themselves - are often used to change the game's UI. Because not all MMORPGs offer such an option or it does not go far enough for players with some titles.

In addition to the adjustments to the UI, addons also have a number of other functions, including:

  • Tips and help with quests
  • Displaying raw materials or farm routes on the map
  • A damage meter
  • Helpful hints when bosses use particularly strong skills

So they can be useful in almost any area of ​​an MMORPG.

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