You should never sell these items to vendors in Diablo 2: Resurrected


You should never sell these items to vendors in Diablo 2: Resurrected

In Diablo 2: Resurrected is all about items. They have special properties that make you stronger. If you find items with a certain attribute on your travels, you should definitely keep them - even at low levels.

What kind of items are these? It's about the so-called "+ Skill" items. The ability to increase an ability can appear similar to additional damage or health on an item. There are different variants:

  • + x on all skills
  • + x to all abilities in a talent tree
  • + x to a certain skill

The skills are tied to the class and they are available for almost every ability and skill tree of the 7 classes of Diablo 2 . However, you can also find skills from other classes - but these are only useful under certain circumstances.

You can usually sell these items at retailers at particularly high prices and it is tempting to fill the purse. However, these items are among the most sought-after pieces of equipment in Diablo 2 Resurrected and you shouldn't just hand them over to the next NPC.

Better skills thanks to items

How exactly do the items work? The items increase the value of certain skills in your class. This corresponds almost to another step up that is given to you.

Several levels of ability can appear on the items, sometimes up to +18. Such "+ Skill" items are particularly useful for later builds and are even necessary for a build.

Accordingly, the objects are in great demand. If you find such an item, you should store it - either for your next character, or to sell it to other players. With the sale to fellow players you can usually earn more gold than with the dealer. 

Where can I find such items? All over. In Diablo 2, special items can be in any box and can be dropped by any opponent. For example, we found the necromancer staff in the picture above in a box in normal mode in act 2.

The higher you get, the better the items in the basic values. Better items are worth more and you are more likely to use such an item later. But there are also certain items that are one level more powerful.

“Oskills” mix the classes

What are Oskills? With Lord of Destruction, the first expansion, items came into play that grant abilities of other classes. With it you can even act as an amazon or a barbarian, for example the meteor of the sorceress.

These items are called "Oskill" in the community and the difference to the above items is that every class can use them. You learn a new skill and can use it.

Items with +10 or more on the skills can appear here. However, if you use such an item with a class that already has the ability, the bonus is limited to +3. This ensures the balance.

Where do I get these items from? Oskill items are usually unique, legendary items or sets. The set bonus of Trang-Ouls Avatar, for example, grants the skills fireball, fire wall and meteor, among other things.

Like most items in Diablo 2, you get these items through random drops - preferably with heavy bosses on Hell difficulty. However, there are also so-called rune words that can be used to provide you with Oskills.

Runewords are certain combinations of runes that you find in the game. When used in the correct order in a non-magical item, they create a more powerful item.

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