3 powerful shots in FIFA 22 that you should use to score more goals


3 powerful shots in FIFA 22 that you should use to score more goals

In FIFA 22 it is no longer as easy to score as it was last year. We'll show you with which shots you can still reliably get the ball into the net.

Lionel Messi Wonderful Goals
Lionel Messi Wonderful Goals

What's wrong with FIFA 22? The goalkeepers fly through the gate like cats and the defensive chains are more stable than ever. That makes scoring goals a real challenge. Often there are umpteen shots on the balance sheet, but no hits.

But don't worry, we'll explain which shooting methods in FIFA 22 can still score goals on the assembly line.

Long shots are the most powerful weapon for scoring goals in FIFA 22

In FIFA 21, long-range shots played only a subordinate role, but now in FIFA 22, the beautiful long-range shots are extremely dangerous and really easy to take again. So if you're free in front of the penalty area, you risk a hard long shot, the probability of a goal in FIFA 22 is currently extremely high. 

The perfect distance for a long-range shot in FIFA 22.

You have to keep this in mind: It is very important for a long-range goal that you use a finesse shot. It works like this:

  •     You hold on to R1 / RB
  •     aiming the left stick at the goal
  •     and charge the shot with the shot button. 

And if your shooter doesn't have the best shot values, the timed finish feature becomes really important again. This still exists in FIFA 22 and is done by pressing the shoot button again before the foot hits the ball. Then your shot hits the goal with even more precision.

However, if you screw up the timing, you can probably forget about the hit.

So you score goals in the penalty area

However, since long-range shots are not always an option, you should know the best way to score goals in the penalty area. The stupid thing: Here the goalkeepers are particularly strong and hold almost every shot with extremely quick reflexes.

So there are a few things you shouldn't do in FIFA 22:

  •     Do not shoot into the short corner as often, because the goalkeepers who are too fast are there.
  •     Do not use finesse shots in the penalty area as they have too little power. 

There are two particularly effective ways to score goals from the penalty area. The first is the power shot, which is best placed on the far corner. 

A power shot is recommended in the penalty area.

This is how the power shot works:

  •     Aim the left stick at a corner and
  •     charges the shot button (circle). 

But in addition to the power shot, the low shot also causes fear and terror among the keepers. You can even bring this to the short corner and count on a goal. 

The low shot is really dangerous again.

This is how the low shot works:

  •     You aim with the left stick at the desired corner of the gate,
  •     hold down R1 and L1
  •     and charge the shot with the shot button. 

Which shot works best for you in FIFA 22? Tell us in the comments!

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