4 tips to defend yourself in FIFA 22 - How to prevent goals against


4 tips to defend yourself in FIFA 22 - How to prevent goals against

To be in FIFA 22 successful , one should defend strongly to prevent goals against. We show you tips for defense and how to defend particularly effectively.

It doesn't matter how strong your storm is and how many goals you score , if your defense doesn't work, it looks dark. Therefore, you should know how to properly defend in FIFA 22 and keep the opponent away from the goal.

We explain to you what has changed in FIFA 22 and what the best defense techniques are.

Defending in FIFA 22 - How to do it right

A lot has changed terms of gameplay in compared to FIFA 21. The new FIFA part is significantly slower and the passing game is due to the new competition controls much more difficult than its predecessor . Passing now needs more precision and it is important that the player does not turn when passing.

These are disadvantages for the attack that you can use skillfully to prevent goals against.

1. The defense begins with the midfield

In order to intercept the opponent as early as possible, you should start defending in midfield. If your opponent has the ball and is on the way into your half, use a midfielder to provide pass paths and to win the ball early with a clever tackle.

It is important that you have strong midfielders whose defense values ​​are high enough. So you shouldn't use classic ZMs for this, whose physical and defensive stats leave something to be desired, but rather set up a ZDM in the midfield.

You should keep this in mind: When it comes to spatial defense, controls play an important role.

  •     Control your player with the left stick and hold down L2 / LT to close the pass and walk paths with sidesteps.
  •     At the same time as R2 / RT meters the speed so as not to be left behind. 

2. Use a second player to build up pressure

While you and the player you are controlling are delivering pass paths and covering opposing strikers, you have the option of sending one of your teammates to the opponent at the touch of a button and using this action to build up pressure. This is really strong again in FIFA 22.

Pay attention to a green cursor over your players. The player with the green symbol is the one you can send to the opponent.

For this you have to:

  •     Hold R1 / RB so that the other player walks to the opponent. This then puts pressure on the opposing player and ensures that he has less space and has to pass the ball or break off his attack. 

However, you should be careful not to use this technique too often. In the worst case, you tear a large gap in your defense with the suspended player, which can help the opponent. Especially your last line of defense should only be used carefully to double.

3. Trust the central defenders in the defense chain

If there is one thing that you should avoid in defense, it is to break the defensive chain and attack the opponent with one of the central defenders. This can lead to a large gap that the opponent can exploit with 1 or 2 passes.

You should keep this in mind: Let your defensive chain do the defensive work and instead control a defensive midfielder and use this to attack the opponent. Only at the very last moment should you actively use your central defenders to prevent a shot on goal.

However, if your opponent comes over the wings, you should control the full-backs to actively prevent the opponent from flanking or penetrating into the penalty area.

4. Use defensive tactics

If you basically have problems on the defensive, there are some tactical instructions that can help you. You should always adapt it to your own game, but for example, have proven themselves:

  •     “Stay at the back when attacking” for the full-backs who otherwise go on the offensive.
  •     “Stay behind when attacking” or “sink down in defense” for one of your central midfielders. This then reinforces the defensive instead of orienting itself forward.
  •     “Cover middle” for ZDM / ZM: If you use this instruction, your ZMs do not concentrate on winning the ball in the outer area, but cover the central area directly in front of the goal. Especially if you want to intercept opponents who may shoot at it early or pull through the middle, this instruction is worthwhile. 

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