6 quick tips in Fortnite that will instantly make you better

6 quick tips in Fortnite that will instantly make you better

 Fortnite is getting harder and more merciless, so certain tips and tricks can help you to win in the Battle Royal Shooter. That's why we will show you 6 clever tricks with which you can noticeably improve yourself.

Where do these tips come from? These tips come from our freelance writer Christos Tsogos. He's been playing Fortnite since Chapter 1 and knows before it matters.

After a long time as a noob, he dealt with the topic of how he could improve and that without much effort. Well, after 3000 hours of play and several seasons, he came up with these tips.

These tips can be used by anyone and you will notice noticeable differences when you apply them.

1. Use certain structures for pecking 

This is the trick with the roof
This is the trick with the roof

Here's the trick with stairs
Here's the trick with stairs

You may not be able to edit or build well in order to outsmart your opponents, but there is still a trick you can use to keep track of things despite having built cover.

All you have to do is build a staircase or a roof. By subsequently activating the edit mode, the stairs or the roof become invisible and you can see the battlefield. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that well with walls or panels.

2. Sneaking is the key 

Sneaking is key in some situations
Sneaking is key in some situations

You've probably noticed that Fortnite has a good sound when it comes to steps. If you land in a building, you will immediately notice if someone is in your house. Whether it is a metal surface or the creaking of floorboards, you can hear where your enemy is. But what many do not know is that crouching makes you noiseless.

Try to sneak up on opponents, you will find that they are not counting on you.

3. Fishing brings you many advantages

Fishing is a very useful hobby
Fishing is a very useful hobby

Yes, the fishing. A science in itself, as it takes a lot of time and effort. But what if I tell you that you should definitely use it? Fishing offers tons of benefits that are overlooked because fishing takes too long.

But fish or tortoiseshell fish are better kept in your inventory than old potions or med-kits. With these marine animals you can heal yourself faster and better in battle. They provide more life and shield when consumed and take less time to consume. On top of that, you have a higher chance of getting hold of rare weapons while fishing.

4. Stop aiming in close combat - Better to fire from the hip 

In the heat of the moment one often begins to panic and commit many mistakes through stress. Most of the time it can be wild building or simply blasting around on your surroundings. One of the most important things to keep in mind in combat is that it is best to fire from the hip in hand-to-hand combat.

Because if you don't, you are slowed to look around. So while you aim and possibly catch your opponent, another hyena can surprise you from behind. Therefore, keep your field of vision as large as possible and be agile.

5. Get resources quickly

A hard working player mining
A hard working player mining

At the beginning of a match, the lucky winner or the one with the most resources usually wins. So if you run out of materials at the beginning of a match, you need to know how to get a lot of Mats quickly with little effort. I am now listing the best sources for you:

  • Fences - wood or metal
  • Interior decoration of buildings - good source of gold
  • Fish statues in Coral Castle - Drop gigantic amounts of stone
  • Trees or rocks

6. Flee in hopeless fights 

Nobody likes to flee. It is better to die pride in battle than to win a fig, but that's bullshit. You should be able to assess yourselves well. In certain situations it is not bad to flee. Better yet - you are tactical. So if you find yourself in a hopeless battle, flee and come back at a better time.

Most of the time, there is a better chance of making a profit if you have fled. Through the elapsed time, other opponents might have romped around to put an end to your adversary.

However, it is advisable not to interfere in the fighting if there are more than one fighting. This means you have a lower chance of killing yourself and you can eliminate one or the other opponent.

What do you think of my tips? Do you have any more that I haven't mentioned? Let us know in the comments what you think of this or if I was able to help you.

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