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A beginner's guide to Back 4 Blood - how the card system works, how to kill an ogre, and what weapon upgrades to choose


A beginner's guide to Back 4 Blood

The new game from Turtle Rock studio reminded experienced virtual fighters of the glorious days and nights spent in two parts of Left 4 Dead . and the attack of a hundred infected, and a military camaraderie with random players, and ugly bosses in the wreckage of America. It is for beginners that this guide is addressed, it will help them quickly get used to the ranks of the cleaners from the world of Back 4 Blood.

Important to know before starting the game

There are several important details in the new game that can be easily overlooked. And then it will be excruciatingly painful from the aimlessly played hours!

So, in Back 4 Blood at the moment there are three levels of difficulty. There really is a big difference between the two, and Rookie playthrough is nothing like Veteran difficulty. At the first, most innocuous level, the monsters do not hit so hard, and the map is densely packed with consumables. From such a game, as people in the know say, the sensations are not the same.

Already the second difficulty forces you to save ammunition and includes "friendly fire", in the jumble of grinning muzzles, you can easily put a machine gun fire at your loyal comrade. With the correct difficulty chosen, Back 4 Blood starts to drag out. And now the main thing: by default, all game modes are set to a low difficulty level.

Not only that, as soon as you turn on the average and exit to the main menu or to the desktop, the Back 4 Blood settings will immediately return the difficulty to the "child's mark" on Easy. Therefore, activate "Veteran" and immediately rush into a campaign with a co-op or solo passage.

Do not rush to instantly save a friend and first assess the situation. A common mistake newcomers make is rushing to the aid of a companion in need. Yes, a wounded friend needs to be rescued, and if he is hanging on the edge of a cliff, then you need to pull the wretched out. But this should be done wisely and without haste. During the rescue, a long (and rather clumsy) animation will turn on, your character will become defenseless, and evil spirits will run to him from all around to kick or bite him well.

Therefore, shoot all the ghouls first, and only then run to the rescue. In Back 4 Blood, a wounded comrade can wait for help for a long time, while firing a pistol. It can hang for just as long, gripping the edge of a rock (try hanging on the bar for the sake of experiment, your hands will get tired much faster than the cleaners from Back 4 Blood).

How to end a sortie

Often, defeat awaits our team at the very goal, literally under the door of the shelter. It is there that we are attacked by the densest ranks of enemies and special mutants, the local half-bosses. Therefore, at the first opportunity, run inside and do not try to shoot all the cannibals outside. Inside, it's easier to defend a narrow doorway, and once the door is closed behind you, the mission ends in your favor. Keep in mind that as long as the door is wide open, the game will continue even if the entire team squeezed into the safe zone.

How the card system works

The bonus and hindrance card system is the only truly new game mechanic for Back 4 Blood compared to Left 4 Dead. The card system does not always deserve praise, but it makes the process more variable. If you want to quickly familiarize yourself with the rich possibilities of maps, play in single player mode. Here you will be immediately given a huge number of different cards to form a deck, and you can get an idea of ​​this system. Well, when playing the campaign for four, access to the maps will open slowly and will require supply points obtained in battle.

cThe card bonuses in Back 4 Blood vary greatly in value. A significant part of them give an increase to the percentage of any characteristic, for example, to health points. Some cards will give those same passive improvements, and you will forget about them with the appearance of the first zombie. But there are cards that change the whole outing, making it easier and more fun. We advise, for example, to be sure to take a bonus that replaces an almost useless punch with a swing with a combat knife. If you can hit a zombie with your hands for a very long time and without any visible result (to punch a revived ghoul in the face with your fist - it even sounds ridiculous), then a blow with a dagger will kill the ghoul instantly.

Card mechanics work very well if you want to highlight the unique qualities of your cleaner (each of them boasts something like that. A mother, for example, can carry more trophy items). Give the cards to those who need them, and this is easy to understand from the brief description of the character. If you reinforce Holly with melee cards, she will become a natural witcher. And Walker is the best at using cards for marksmanship.

And if many cards somehow increase your chances of winning, then keep in mind that you may be offered such a card that, together with the improvements, will give you some kind of penalty. For example, the destructive power of your bullets will increase, but you will lose the ability to shoot from the hip without aiming. And for a game tied to constant movement, the loss of such an opportunity can become critical. Therefore, it is better to simply ignore cards with penalties (a line with a red font right after the listing of buffs). Back 4 Blood has a huge number of useful cards without any deterioration.
Decide on your favorite cards and try to take them on every outing. Especially valuable cards are determined pretty quickly. How do you like, in particular, such a charm as "Meeting your fears"? The card adds a little health with each kill of a monster at close range, do not miss it.

How to fight off monsters and defeat Ogre

Ordinary monsters in Back 4 Blood are no different from their mindless counterparts in mainstream culture. Zombies, seeing your squad, will run with all their foolishness on carbines and machine guns. With special mutants, the situation is a little more complicated, although the Tank or Witch in Left 4 Dead had to be fiddled with much longer. In Back 4 Blood, even an acid-spewing mutant can be killed in a few seconds on medium difficulty. You don't even have to worry about shooting at vulnerable points: while you are aiming at the red growth on the body of the monster, your comrades will simply riddle it with indirect shooting.

But such villains as Ogre require more attention and a certain tactical approach. The three-story monster even has its own health bar at the top of the screen, like a side-scroller boss for slot machines. The ogre throws deadly lumps of biomass, but it is even more terrifying in melee: a grabbed ogre will quickly lose HP while the monster squeezes it in the palm of your hand.
In an open area, it is better for the detachment of cleaners to split up. The ogre attacks only one player at a time, while the others shoot the enemy. You will also have to meet the ogre indoors. Carefully study the place of the battle, you will almost certainly have the opportunity to hide from the monster and shoot at it from the doorway of the room where the thug simply cannot get through.

How to prepare for a sortie, what weapon to choose and what to improve first of all

Equipment and arsenal are of great importance in Back 4 Blood. Please note that at the base, in our fort, it is easy to spend precious supply points on all kinds of useless cosmetics. And the same points can be spent on opening new supply channels that give real bonuses, such as sets of new cards.

There are quite a few trunks in the game, although there is no trace of such a variety as, for example, in The Division (but it's a matter of time). The guns differ in a bunch of parameters, but you should first of all care about the size of the clip or magazine. As good as a powerful shotgun is, after five to six shots you will have to waste time reloading. And mutants will not wait on the sidelines. Thus, it turns out that the Glock multi-shot pistol is cooler than the six-shot Magnum lethal pistol. In the game, it very often happens that there are more enemies in front of you than there are cartridges in the weapon, so the number of shots without reloading becomes decisive.
When you get to upgrades for specific barrels, focus on increasing the clip first. All sorts of optics and grips for stabilization are not so important: the speed of the skirmish in Back 4 Blood is always high, and you simply won't be able to aim carefully in most situations.

Our choice was the M4 carbine, which combines destructive power and high rate of fire. Recommended.
As for the auxiliary means, medicinal preparations have a special value, as in L4D. Think of mutual assistance and, before applying the medicine to yourself, examine the group interface in the lower left corner of the screen. Perhaps someone is dying and he needs your first aid kit more?

The Turtle Rock team, judging by their previous work, will actively support Back 4 Blood. We are awaiting balance adjustments and new content. The pace of the gameplay, its conditions and features will change. This material will give you an idea of ​​the basics of the Back 4 Blood process as of today, when the release just took place. Well, we will hope that the developers will soon be able to make a cult thing out of a good cooperative action movie, which at one time became Left 4 Dead.