Age of empires 4, the best civilization in multiplayer


Age of empires 4, the best civilization in multiplayer

Here we present our choice of the best civilization in Age of Empires IV multiplayer mode. The strategy game offers many civilizations but the balancing is more beneficial to some, especially in 1v1. We will discuss here our choice of the best civilization to play in pvp with the main aim of dueling.

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The best civilization in multiplayer on AOE 4

At the release of Age of Empires IV , we consider France to be the best civilization in multiplayer mode. If the game offers several options that tend to counter each other, France brings some elements to both make it a good option for beginners but also a flexible option at high level.

The Forces of France

  • A very flexible nation
  • Easy to learn
  • Specific units, strong depending on the situation
  • Usable on all types of cards
  • It is possible to use different strats of the game (economic Rush or Boom or even in Turtle)

France is relatively easy to play, mainly because all of its specific units are effective. Plus, there aren't really any pitfalls or hard choices to be made with the nation, it all makes relatively sense.

In addition, having varied but effective units allows civilization to be played on all types of maps. Indeed, in the Age of Castles, it will be possible to play with Crossbowmen, relatively resistant remote units. But if you prefer cavalry, no problem since France is also very strong thanks to its Royal Knights, who will benefit in particular from the Knight improvement (a passive heal out of combat).

As far as maritime maps are concerned, France is not to be outdone since its Pontoons are excellent in mid-game. It is according to us one of the best nations on the naval plan thanks to its Pontoons and its boosts in economy.

In terms of the economy, France is again very solid thanks to its rapid production of villagers. As often, we are on a bonus useful at all levels, easy to use. We will also note the reduction in saving techs by 30%, a little extra that allows us to play an economic boom strategy with France.

We will also note the possibility of using excellent guns at the end of the game, to counter the Turtle or to yourself Turtle and aim for the late-game.

Therefore, with varied and effective units, bonuses quite simple to use and a relatively simple handling, France has undeniable tools, allowing it to covet the position of the best civilization in 1v1 multiplayer mode on Age of Empires. IV. We nevertheless consider that the gap is relatively small between civilizations and that the game makes sense in teams.

Note, however, that France is limited by a few elements, mainly the fact that the nation is very popular. Being played a lot, France is known to online players, which makes it possible to counter it if you are an experienced player. In addition, no units or combos of technologies make civilization fully OP at the end of the game. We therefore have a strong civilization but not OP either, which mainly derives its power from its flexibility.

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