Alan Wake Remastered Walkthrough - All Secrets and Collectibles


Alan Wake Remastered Walkthrough - All Secrets and Collectibles

Alan Wake begins with an intro. The protagonist rushes in a car along a dark road. There is a man on the road, and Alan does not have time to react and knocks him down. One had only to turn away from the body, as it disappeared.

Episode 1. Nightmare


In the light of the lantern, we get the first goal - to get to the lighthouse. At the first fork we see a fence on one side, and a bridge on the other. First of all - to the bridge. There is a thermos with coffee (a total of 100 thermos are hidden in the game. For collecting 25 out of 100 we get the achievement Damn Good Cup of Coffee. For 100 - Hypercaffeinated).

We go to the footbridge, then a cut-scene will follow. A silhouette of a man who was shot down earlier appears near the car. A moment, and the silhouette is already next to Alan. The shadow humiliates the writer and his books in every possible way, simultaneously cursing him for thinking that he is a deity capable of controlling the fate of other people. All that remains is to move forward.

The first encounter with the shadow presupposes continued learning. Nothing complicated, just dodge ax blows. After dodging a couple of punches, the path opens further. The shadow again threatens the writer, and after her words real chaos begins. We need to run to the lighthouse as fast as possible. It's a shame that Alan is a writer and not a Kenyan.

Crossing a long wooden bridge, we meet a man. Posing as Clay Stewart, he rushes Alan into the house, and then dies in the cut-scene at the hands of a shadow. While a hurricane is raging outside the windows, psychedelia in the Remedy corporate style takes place in the house. A second before a possible death, a mysterious light comes to the rescue. The voice asks to follow him. A lantern is lit, and a voice tells Alan that only under the light is he safe. A shadow again blocks the way. This time, the voice prompts that first you need to shine a flashlight on the enemy in order to remove the shadow shield from him, and only then the enemy will become vulnerable to weapons.

There will be more enemies ahead. The first one can be killed, the other two are better to run. There is a post with a box of supplies and a rocket launcher. The rocket launcher is very effective against a group of enemies, and this can be seen in the next battle. The three possessed very quickly cease to be a threat after the volley. Now all that remains is to run out onto the road and again run away from the hurricane. To the lighthouse, quickly! But only be careful, cars will fall on the bridge, and it itself will fall apart. Once under the protection of the lighthouse, another cut-scene begins.

A video begins after her. Alan wakes up in his car, his wife immediately begins to calm him down. The hero and his wife get out of the car and it turns out that they are on a ferry, which is moving steadily to the pier of the quiet town of Bright Falls.


Once the video ends, you can wander along the ferry. The wife asks to be photographed against the background of the city. A dialogue with an elderly person begins near the railing. The old man, whose name is Pat Maine, immediately recognizes the famous writer and then asks for an interview on the local radio. Alan refuses him, but at the same time asks not to talk about his arrival. Then manager Barry calls. He worries about Alan: is everything good with him, whether the locals annoy him. A little later, the ferry finally arrives. After that, the next video will start, in it Alice goes to the gas station, and Alan goes to the diner for the key from the house.


A full-sized cardboard figure of Alan is on duty at the entrance to the diner, the waitress turns out to be his "biggest fan in the whole world." On the right are two elderly rockers. You can turn on the jukebox for them. There is a thermos of coffee behind the counter with the waitress. Next to the thermos, near the corridor, there is a strange elderly woman with a lantern in her hands. She warns of darkness. You have to go down the dark corridor to the restroom to find Karl Stuckey, the owner of the rented house.

But the writer finds no one in the dressing room. Instead of Karl, the protagonist is met by an even more suspicious elderly woman in black. She hands over the key and instructions on how to get home.


Alice meets Alan at the exit. They get into the car and drive off in the direction of the rented house. In the following video, you can see that Karl Stuckey runs out of the diner and shouts in the trail of the heroes that they forgot the keys to the house, but it's too late ... 


Having reached the island with the house, Alan is the first to enter the premises, leaving his wife with her things on the street. As it turned out, Alice is terrified of the dark, and in order for her to enter calmly, Alan must first turn on the lights throughout the house.


The house is briefly inspected for the switchboard. There is a thermos with coffee in the kitchen, and there is a radio on the veranda of the house that you can listen to. On the second floor there are two rooms. One contains a table and a photograph of a diver. The other has a bed, and you can climb onto it with your boots on. There is nothing else to do in the house, so you can return to your wife. To the left of it, if you look from the house, there is a shed, and wires are drawn to it. There is an old generator inside and it doesn't work. After starting the generator, a video will follow.


In the evening, Alice is preparing a surprise for Alan. A typewriter that shouldn't be here. In the course of a conversation with his wife, it turns out that she planned this entire vacation so that Alan would try to start writing, and visited a private specialized clinic to get out of his creative crisis. Alan breaks down and yells at Alice, because he came here to rest. I hoped to get rid of my nightmares and put my thoughts in order. The protagonist leaves the house to calm down and look at the water. He did it in vain ...


A few minutes after Alan leaves, the lights in the house are turned off and the screams of his wife are heard. On the way back, the hero is annoyed by possessed birds. A flashlight helps to cope with them. Bursting into the house, again a roller. Alice waddles over the railing on the back terrace and falls into the water. Alan immediately dives after her and wakes up in a wrecked car.


A gas station can be seen in the distance. An excellent landmark, you will have to go to it through the forest and the sawmill. A mysterious light is again encountered in the forest, and gives the hero 2 pages of his novel. One of them describes an episode where a maniac with an ax rushes at a hero in a night forest. Soon, the maniac himself appears in the distance. But he does not appear for long, and saving lights are already looming ahead. It looks like it's a logging station.


The fence is broken by a fallen tree, and you can climb inside it. Moving forward through the deposits of logs, Alan sees a man, it turns out to be Karl Stuckey (it was from him that Wakey had to take the keys). Karl behaves very strangely, after a short video, Stuckey immediately disappears. Behind the boards, on the left is a thermos with coffee (near the pickup). A little further down there is another page of the novel. As soon as Alan gets into the house, the cutscene begins. There is a revolver and a flashlight in the room. Also available cartridges, and additional batteries for the flashlight.

Finding the phone, Alan tries to call the police, and even dials, but the conversation is interrupted in the most impudent way. A bulldozer crashes into the house, and begins to slowly push it into the abyss. It is possible to escape from the house through the second door.


On the way there are two obsessed lumberjacks and a stationary flashlight on a battery. With a flashlight, lumberjacks are no longer a problem. Examining the sawmill, Alan notices that if you shine on the boards, you can see an arrow. Following the signs, the hero finds a cache of supplies and a rocket launcher.

The exit from the sawmill is blocked by a pole with electricity, and a switchboard hangs nearby. By hitting the shield, the tension disappears. There is another page of the novel under a small canopy to the left of the main road.

Further, the hero will have to walk along a tree that has been felled across the river. Behind the crossing, on the left, there is another thermos of coffee. Not far away is another log crossing; a page is hidden on a small island. This will be followed by a stone bridge and a sawmill, again the writer will have to meet with the possessed.


At this stage, we go back, since the path along the stairs is closed. There is a control panel on one of the poles, but it is inactive because there is no electricity. So you need to look for a generator.


It is located a little further, behind the bulldozers, near a small building. After turning on the generator, you can go into the house. There is another page in the room, and also a shotgun. With the help of a crane, you need to make a bridge between the mountains of logs. On the opposite side, looking down, you can see a thermos. Moving to the broken steps, the mysterious glow reappears.


Inside the house are shotgun cartridges and a radio, behind another canopy, in which a cache is hidden. The path to it will be indicated by arrows, but you can find it without them. At this stage, you need to go back a little. Further along the signs, there is still a page ahead. The gas station, meanwhile, is getting closer and closer. In the lowland, you can find another thermos and a generator, near which cartridges and batteries lie. Enemies will appear constantly, so you shouldn't be here for a long time. The exit from here is where the page lies. Since the page is highlighted, it won't be difficult to find the exit.

Above and below the lantern is a control point. To the left of the bulldozer, in a dead end, a box with a rocket launcher. If you go around the bulldozer on the right, then three obsessed with weapons will go into the back at once. Further, in front there will be a locked gate, and a house next to them. There is a page in front of the gate, but she can wait. Inside the building are cartridges, batteries, a TV and a button that opens the gate. There is a whole box of cartridges ahead, which means you need to be careful.

Karl appears with almost the canonical cry of all horrors: "Here comes Stuckey!", Along with his five friends enter the battle. At the beginning of the battle, only three ordinary enemies attack. After the reprisal with them, the rest and Karl are connected. First of all, we recommend that you deal with the two possessed, and then with Karl. You should not run after him, this is a long and thankless task. As soon as Karl is close enough, you should shoot down the shadow shield with a flashlight. Further, you can end the confrontation between light and darkness with a few shots at point-blank range. After the victory, you can pick up the coffee on the crane, Alan deserves it. With the help of the panel, the gates are opened, and behind them is the gas station.


Near the carnival platform with a deer, you can take a page. According to the banner with fuel prices, the hero disappeared for about a week. We move to the gas station through the garage, and then to the phone. It remains only to go outside and watch the video. The first episode is over.

Episode 2. Possessed


Alan returns home. His wife meets him with a request to put on the coffee maker. We go to the kitchen, activate the device and head to Alice. There's coffee next to her.


As it turns out, Alice is doing the cover for a new book. It makes sense that she would ask to see the cover template for Alan's next book. We go into the next room, try to pick up a page of the manuscript and then the light goes out.


Let's go to see what's wrong with the traffic jams in the basement. They are fine, but there is still no light. We take a flashlight from the dashboard, return to our wife and watch the video


After the video we find ourselves in the area, for examination by the doctor, who, judging by the fish and clothes lying on the table, was pulled out of fishing. We talk with the sheriff and look around the room, there is nothing interesting in the room, so let's move on. We leave into the corridor, then turn right and head towards the entrance to the site. In the room to the right, if you stand with your back to the exit, there is a thermos. There is nothing else to do in the precinct, we return to the sheriff.

We get the cell phone back, and it rings almost immediately. The number is unknown. We pick up the phone and we hear Alice, she asks for help. Suddenly her voice breaks off and a new one appears. The phone is picked up, allegedly by the kidnapper, he gives Alan instructions - in exchange for the manuscript of the book, the main character will return his wife.


We ask the sheriff's permission to go out into the fresh air. We leave from her office and go into the opened door to the cells of preliminary detention. It is dark in the room, and a prisoner is sitting behind one of the bars. He asks the writer to turn on the light. We fulfill this simple request. In an open chamber, you can grab another page of an unwritten manuscript.


If you look directly, leaving the site into the courtyard, you can see a thermos and a radio. Following the sign, turn left, jump over the small fallen fence and break the wooden fence that covers the hole. There is a page on this overgrown area, look for it in the grass. Alice's driver's license can be found in the half-rotten car, then Barry calls the main character.


After talking with him, it's time to get out of the site. We go the same way we got to the car. Passing the cameras, the TV will turn on, if you wish, you can look at what is being shown. Having reached the exit from the station, we meet Dr. Emil Hartman (it was Alan who signed up for an appointment with him). We come up and watch the video. In the midst of the scuffle, Barry enters the building of the site and takes the main character to Elderwood Park, where he will meet with the kidnapper Alice.


After the video, we enter a large building, you need to find the manager. He himself is on the terrace, but before going to him, we inspect the room. Coffee can be found in this building. Next, let's talk to Rusty, go out to the terrace, and find the manager. He greets Alan and asks to bring the registration form, which is right on the central table. We get the form, we get the keys in return. We leave through the door and watch the video again.


After waiting for the night, we go to a meeting with the kidnapper. Downstairs, on the ground floor of the cottage, you can find more coffee. Now we go out into the street. Before moving on, carefully examine the surroundings of the house. There is also a thermos near the jacuzzi. Going down the stairs next to Barry's car, we find a page. Unfortunately, Alan did not think to take the car keys from Barry, he would have to walk.

On the way, you will come across other houses. Do not forget to search them, you can find a lot of useful things. In the first, for example, there is a radio receiver and cartridges; TV in the second cottage. 

Going a little further behind the second house, you can pick up another manuscript in an abandoned car. If you go back a little and walk to the right of the phone booth, you can find another page. We get to the administrative part of the park, heart-rending screams and shots are heard; run forward to find the source of the noise.


Arriving at the place, we find complete devastation. Behind the car that rolled out onto the road, there is coffee in the house. Now we move to the right. There is a page under the tree that has fallen on the house. The house itself, on which the barrel lies, is closed, but behind it there is another thermos of coffee. Next, we turn around and go to the most ruined building. It was here that Alan took the keys to the house from Rusty. With his last breath, the manager gives the main character the key to his office and mutters something vague about the page found.


We run into the closed house opposite, use the keys and go inside. We replenish the stock of cartridges and batteries, we are looking for a switchboard, and ... it is gone. More precisely, of course, it exists, but it does not work. Apparently the reason is that an ax was stuck into him. We need to go back.


While Alan was running back and forth, something bad starts happening again. The ground is covered with spots of darkness, and at the entrance to the house opposite, the main character is met by two possessed. There is no longer to grow inside, and in the place where the cage with the dog was, there is a large hole in the wall. We pass into it and find ourselves face to face with the possessed Rusty, who jumps off the roof and rushes directly at the writer.

Grow extremely resilient and agile, just like Karl Stuckey. We shine on him, dodge blows when he gets too close, and shoot the enemy when the shield of darkness finally falls. After the victory, two more possessed with sickles will break through the gates and open the way further.


We go down the big stairs, then another call is heard from Barry. We talk with him and move on. Barry seems to have begun to trust Alan and asks to be more careful.

There is another page on the table, near the observation deck and the lantern. We take it and continue going down the stairs. After crossing the bridge, at the fork, we first turn left. There is a cache in the "cave of moonshiners". Having taken supplies, we return back. An ambush will await near the second bridge. One enemy will attack from the side of the bridge, two more will jump out of the bushes behind. We deal with them and get over the bridge. We immediately go to the right, there is another page near the tables. Now we move through the forest to the ascent to the gazebo with light. On the way to it, a reinforced lumberjack will crawl out of a crevice in a huge tree. We clean the area, and then climb up to the gazebo. In this area, you can take a break, and pick up a shotgun with cartridges.

From the gazebo, follow the signs to Lover's Peak, go down to the bridge, go to the opposite side and start the generator. If the enemies start to catch up, we scare them away with the light of the flashlight. Now we go forward, next to the next pointer is a page (like all the others, it glows). Having passed a little forward, the player is again waiting for an ambush. A healthy lumberjack emerges through a tunnel cut into the trunk, and smaller obsessed ones jump down from above. It's time to get the shotgun, deal with the enemies and go into the passage, from where the big man appeared. There is a right turn in front of the illuminated gate; there is coffee on the table near the huge saw cut. 

Now we return to the light. The gates themselves are closed, but you can get through them on the left. There is a page on the stone a little further away. Take it and we pass to the next lamp. Next, we move to the funicular. We call the platform and wait for it to drive up. As soon as the platform of the funicular begins to move, shaking will begin and a flock of birds will fly into Alan. The lift jerks and starts moving forward quickly (brakes are clearly damaged). Eventually, the cable car platform will crash into the lower platform. We watch the video as the writer is surrounded by enemies. And when it seems that death is already inevitable, someone who was not expected comes to the rescue. A mysterious stranger burns the possessed with a signal fire and helps the protagonist.

Follow the kidnapper

Having thrust a pair of hand flares into Alan's hand, he asks to follow him. We move forward and at the same time listen to Alan's reasoning on the subject of the savior's suspicion. Together, the chances of survival are much greater, and only a stranger has a weapon. We move forward, behind the kidnapper, diligently shine a flashlight at the enemies, and the partner shoots them with a revolver.


We pass to the stairs, the path is further clogged with boards. While the stranger is tearing them off, we drive away the enemies both from ourselves and from him with the help of flares and a flashlight.

As soon as the kidnapper opens the way further, we immediately pass through the door and climb the steps, and run after him. Behind the information board, to the right of the observation deck, coffee is waiting for the player. We go to the site and take the flares from the locker, obviously there will be a skirmish now. Alan will again need to defend against attacking enemies. We drive them away to everyone, which gives light, while the kidnapper will shoot back. Several waves of enemies and, finally, victory. We can watch the next video.


At the end of the video, the writer falls down again, but for this he gets a weapon. But the kidnapper manages to escape from Alan. It's time to go in pursuit of a strange acquaintance. Before going forward, we turn around and go around the support of the platform from which the main character fell. It is necessary to find the glowing clues, and then you can go to the cache. After that, you can begin the pursuit. We pass forward, lift the page and climb the tree to the other side. Having climbed deeper into the forest, be careful, as there is a chance to stumble upon a trap. Once trapped, the enemy will immediately jump out of the bushes.

We go along the path forward and go around the traps. When you reach the barrels of ammunition, do not forget to knock down the pyramid from the cans on one of them. Near the cliff, overlooking the building with the water wheel, grab the page. Turn right from the barrels and go to the next fallen tree. We move further along the path, there will be an ambush ahead. Three enemies will jump out from behind the bushes. Deal with them and move on. On a small clearing with a box and a barrel, several more enemies will attack Alan. Having cleared the area, we continue to climb the steps

There is a generator near a small building, but do not rush to start it, an obsessed one with an ax will appear from behind the house, and another smaller enemy will flash behind him. Deal with them and activate the generator. Although, of course, you can drive off enemies with a fire and immediately start it.

There is coffee in a hut with a generator, a page and a hunting rifle are hidden in the hut on the right. We jump down, the fallen plane will be located on the right. If you climb onto its right wing, you can find a cache of flares. Having searched the area around the plane, we go down the stones. Further, the main character is ambushed. Having dealt with the first three enemies, head to the lamp that hangs on the tree (you can clearly see it in the night forest). There is a generator under the lamp. We immediately launch it and, if everything works out, the enemy rushing at you will dissolve under the beams of the lantern. In this area, you can take cartridges for a rifle and a revolver.

We pass further, on one of the ledges, a thermos with coffee is waiting for the player. Further, Alan meets more enemies, but it is not worth fighting with them. It would be best to scare them away with a flare and quickly run to the building under the rays of saving light.


At this stage, the player needs to climb up the sawmill building. But make your way carefully, the building is far from new and under the weight of the writer, some structures begin to tilt dangerously. Inside, you also need to be on the lookout, as there are spots of darkness everywhere. Don't forget to search every floor, you can find two pages, flares and a thermos.


Having got to the top, Alan will almost immediately face a big man armed with a shovel. Against him, it is best to use a rifle, so you will save cartridges for a revolver, which is better for destroying small change.

Be sure to look into the barn on the left. There is also a rifle, and if you climb over the tall boxes, you can find another page. Now we go to the gate. They are closed, but on the left you can find another exit. On the other side of the bridge in the box we raise supplies and continue moving along the sign. When climbing up, keep to the left, otherwise Alana can fill up with logs. A pair of firearms, a flashlight and a rifle are the keys to success in this battle. After going upstairs, do not forget to look into the box and grab the flare from the bench. By the way, from this position you can clearly see the observation deck from which the main character just recently fell.

Go through one gate and move to the next. They are closed, but very soon, a new enemy will break through the barrier - a thug with a chainsaw. In this situation, one shot from a rifle is not enough, we drive away enemies with flares, shine a flashlight, and shoot mercilessly. We go up the steps to the gazebo. Barry will call, he has problems, and now Alan needs to come back.


The road will lead the protagonist to a trailer site. A surprise awaits the player in the local garage - a running car. You just need to find the key to the garage.


Near the women's toilet, you should pay attention to the page. We boldly go inside - anyway, there is no one here, and inside are rifle cartridges. In the men's room we find the key and watch a movie about ourselves.


At the exit of Alan, another ambush awaits, an obsessed one with a sickle will jump out of the closed booth. We eliminate the villain and run to the iron horse. Sitting in the car, we go to the gate (they will be kindly opened by a thug). For which he can be thanked by the glow of the headlights in his face and the ride on the hood. After getting out of the trailer park, turn right first, coffee is hidden near the fallen tractor. Now we go to Barry, go ahead for the pointer, crush enemies and go around obstacles.

Having reached the administrative part of the park, we drive up the road until it is blocked by a trailer. We leave the transport, and we pass behind the barricade. Near the next abandoned car, you can take a rocket launcher. On the way to the cottage, the kidnapper will get in touch and again demand the manuscript in exchange for his wife. We knock out two days of the deadline from him and get a new meeting place (in an abandoned coal mine).


We leave to the house in which Alana is waiting for Barry. There are suspiciously many birds circling in the air. Before getting inside, there is a real battle with crows. After the fight, you will only have to watch the video, the second episode will end.

Episode 3. Ransom


The park manager walks Alan and his friend to the waitress's house. On the way, both Barry and Randolph tell the legend of the lake and a certain Thomas Zane. It was his books that you found upon arrival at the house on the lake. Turn right near the fallen yacht, there is coffee on the table. We return to the manager and move with him to the very house of Rose. We knock on the door, the waitress opens the door almost instantly. We are watching a video in which Alan and his friend are put to sleep. We come to our senses already after dark in Rose's room. By the way, the room is completely covered with a photo of the writer.


We leave the room, and we find Rose, she sits on the floor with her knees tucked and mutters something, and Barry is sleeping peacefully next to her. Before leaving, grab a coffee near the refrigerator and run outside. There is a page next to the trailer, don't miss it.


Now you need to get out of the park and go to meet the kidnapper in the coal mine. When heading back to the car, do not go past the radio. We approach the gate, near which the park manager and police cars with flashing lights are waiting for Alan. A new video immediately turns on, in which the main one has to run away from the bullets of a slightly nervous FBI agent.


After the video, the writer again finds himself in the forest, and now he will have to escape from police pursuit. The run will be long, you cannot shoot at the police, and there is nothing to do with it. Use a steady pace while escaping, speeding up when the cops start shooting.

Having reached the end of the dry riverbed, we leave to the left and run out onto the path. On the way there will be a page. The forest around begins to darken, after which, right in front of Alan, a police car will fly by. Move to the right from the car, there is another page near the fallen tree. We return to the car and go further, towards the light. We pass forward, from above we observe how a signal flare flies out of the lowland, cops are swarming there, shining with lanterns in all directions. Soon heart-rending screams will begin to be heard from there. But, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help.

Having crossed to the other side of the bridge, we pass by one more car. Further, in pursuit, the helicopter turns on, we run forward, hiding from the light of the searchlight in the shadows of the stones. If you run out into the light, they will start shooting from the helicopter. Later, birds will fly into the helicopter, and he will be forced to leave Alan alone.

We continue to move through the forest. Ahead, on the observation tower, you can grab coffee and listen to police talks. Further, we go down the steps and exit through the small door in the fence.


We approach the locked gate. From the presence of Alan, they immediately begin to shake, all the signs of obsession are on their face. There is no flashlight, no flare gun, no flares, so you need to look for another way to light them up.


We turn left, we find a spotlight and a thermos with coffee. The searchlight is not turned on, but wires stretch from it, it is not difficult to guess that you need to follow them to the generator. We launch it, direct the spotlight beam to the gate and eliminate them.


We pass forward and go down the stairs until you run into another possessed gate. There is no searchlight here anymore, but you can find a flashlight on the right. No, but a weapon. We select flash-noise grenades near the next broken police car. Ahead is another section of a dark, terrible forest. A light is burning in the distance, it is obvious that Alan must get to it. Also, it is obvious that in the darkness of the writer enemies await. But it is better to engage in battle with them only in the most extreme case, when it is no longer possible to break the distance. Under the light of a flashlight, you can rest, replenish supplies and listen to the radio.

We run across the bridge, on the other side of it, Alan is waiting for an ambush (obsessed policemen and thugs). In this fight, you will have to use grenades. Having dealt with the enemies, we continue to make our way through the thicket. In this area of ​​the terrain, be careful, on one of the stones there will be an arrow indicating the direction to the cave with the secret. On the way to the cave there will be an ambush, to solve the problem we throw a grenade in front of us, quickly run inside the cave and start the generator. Now you can safely explore the contents of the box.

We return back to the forest and head to the police car (there are grenades inside). It remains very close to the radio station. Once again, the hero will be ambushed; considering that the shooter from Alan is very dubious, it is best to run to the door, behind which the lantern is shining.


You can grab coffee near the billboard. Wasting no time, we go inside the radio station. Pat has been waiting for Alan for a long time, and now he finally came. We pass into the studio and watch a video in which Robert Nightingale (an FBI agent) again drives up to the radio station. Fleeing from his bullets, we again go into the forest.


Once again, having fallen off the cliff, we run forward, a page is glued to the fence. We pass a little more forward and see the generator. Enemies immediately appear, but there are still no weapons, but there are a couple of flares. It's time to use one of them to drive away enemies, this will allow you to start the generator completely calmly. The flashlight immediately turns on, illuminating the box with the revolver and ammunition.

Another ambush awaits Alan near two destroyed houses. A whole bunch of enemies are perfectly destroyed with a couple of grenades. In the cottage you can find a double-barreled gun and cartridges, and in a smaller house there is a pyramid of cans. We follow the pointer further into the forest, along the way we find a page.

At this stage, we are heading to the lantern, it is not far from the railway, judging by the trains passing nearby. In the rays of light we raise the cartridges and go further. A call rings from Alice. There is another page on the stump ahead. From the stump we move to the left, here there is another destroyed shack, and inside a box with supplies. At the exit from the house there will be an ambush of three possessed. Next, we are heading for the railway bridge. We pass under it to the other side. The bridge will begin to slowly fall apart, and its parts, under the influence of darkness, will fly at the main character and block the exit. We shine on the structural elements and get out from under this terrible place. We go upstairs to the water tower. Around the fence, we leave to the left and near the stairs we select a page.


Under the saving light, you can change the flashlight to a more powerful one, and also pick up cartridges and batteries. We jump down, run up to the box, take supplies and open the automatic gate. The attack immediately begins, but it can be quickly nullified by well-timed shots at the gas cylinders. There is another ambush inside the building (brute and possessed). Drive them away with a flare, since there is very little room for maneuvers in the room, then we light up with a flashlight and shoot opponents. On the second floor, you can restock a little.

Going out into the street, lift the page from the railing. Then we jump down, a bulldozer obsessed with darkness will burst into the site. Dodge bulldozer attacks and use any available light sources. After the bulldozer dissolves, examine all the supply boxes. Then go to the button and open the locked gate. Having reached the car, we watch the video.


Finally dawn comes. Alan gets into the car and goes to meet the kidnapper. You can listen to the radio in the house behind the destroyed bridge. There is another radio receiver on the observation tower, which is further down the road. Also stop near a large orange building. At the very top, Alan has another manuscript page awaiting him. We drive further to the main mine complex. Having passed under the sign, we get out of the car and immediately turn left. Coffee can be found in a closed mine. Going forward a little, you will definitely stumble upon a page. We go up the stairs, go into the door and watch the video (Alan is waiting for darkness).


We get control and try to get out. The door is closed and the building begins to shake violently. After a while, the way down opens; search the lower floor - there is coffee, supplies and a button in the room that will open a further way. We climb through the hatch and find ourselves on the street.


The darkness is clearly gathering around; an ambush awaits Alan behind the cars, which is quickly eliminated with the help of cylinders. As soon as the possessed are over, the darkness will take control of the trolley, we immediately begin to light it up. After the trolley, an obsessed gear will fly out of the car. You can fight with it, or you can simply ignore it. We deal with two possessed and move to the carriage, where possessed objects rage. Climb onto the roof, open the hatch and throw down the grenade. Next, we shine a lantern at everything that survived the explosion. We leave from the carriage into the building and we pass through the door.


Jump down the broken stairs. The path further was blocked by an energized pole that fell on the fence. Without turning off the electricity, you cannot walk on it, you need to look for a switch. We get into the car and go on the wires. On the way we meet enemies, but they will not become a big problem for Alan. We get to the button for turning off the light, remove the power supply and return to the passage.


There is no sense in wasting time and bullets on enemies in the current situation; in this connection, we drive up by car as close as possible to the fallen post and climb over the fence. We go up the steps and go inside, here it will not do without enemies, but they will open the way further. In the next room we also meet the possessed, you can find gas cylinders that will help eliminate large crowds of enemies. Then go up the stairs, take coffee, page and leave through the door. The gate is closed, the switch is in the house on the left, we go inside and switch it. We pass through the gate and pick up the grenades near the car.

We continue to move forward and meet a large number of enemies. Two or three grenades will help to deal with them. Now we go further along the path, along the way you will find a page. Keep moving forward without turning, there is a cache in the old mine. At the exit, another ambush, this time - one brute and three possessed. If you exit the mine and walk straight ahead, you can find coffee on the wooden walkways. Go down the steps and stomp towards the light, there are a lot of rifle cartridges on the cart.

We move to the other side of the bridge, the double-barreled gun can be replaced with a normal pump-action shotgun (it is of course weaker, but it has much more ammunition). We approach the fork, a light source sparkles in the distance, how exactly you get to it does not really matter. We continue to make our way through the forest. A little later, an enemy will appear behind his back, and two more in front. We turn on the battery lamp and lure enemies into the light. They, of course, will not dissolve, like from the light of spotlights, but this way you can save batteries well. Next, we move to the red house, there will also be an ambush near it, scare off enemies with a fire, light up and shoot the possessed from a pistol (if there are grenades, use them). After the victory, in the district you can collect coffee and cartridges, after clearing the area, we move behind the pointer.


Near the rise there is another powerful lantern, as soon as you approach it, enemies will surround Alan from all sides. We turn on the flashlight, select the grenade and wait for the enemies to get closer. One successful roll and all the darkspawn will dissolve. Next, we move to the lantern, behind it begins a mining cemetery, after which the player will find himself in an abandoned city.


With the arrival of Alan, the darkness in the city begins to take control of any available items. The rusted car is the first to fly. After the skirmish, we move to the bridge, there is a page next to it. We pick it up and go to the other side. After searching the nearest buildings, you can find a coffee pot (in a large building on the right). Further, a whole artillery bombardment of obsessed trash will be made on Alan. A refrigerator, a tractor, and other rubbish - all this will fly into the hapless writer. The easiest way to deal with all this disgrace is to throw a grenade. As soon as the items capable of flying run out, you can go further. We move along the wooden walkways, go around the cars and find ourselves next to a rusted train.

It is completely predictable that a locomotive starts moving. Dodging the details of the composition, we run to a small hut with light. Inside is the key to a large house, and in this room Alan will not get possessed objects. By the way, coffee is hidden behind the barn. Having dealt with the train, you can go into the house, inside there is a TV, cartridges and batteries.


Having rested, it is time to leave this cozy atmosphere, through the back door. There is a staircase behind the door, upstairs the writer receives a message from the kidnapper. We need to hurry; despite the urgency of the situation, do not miss the opportunity to turn left. The arrows will show the path to the cache, after clearing it you can return to the main task. Before the wobbly bridge there is a fight with the birds. Run forward, jumping from one unstable structure to another, shine at the birds and jump into the mine.


Making your way along the mine, at the first fork, turn left. There is a page at the end of the passage. We return back to the intersection and move according to the instructions of the game. There is another page in the great room you jumped into. We detect light, but the passage is littered with stones. But a new path opens up for Alan, but not without the participation of a thug with an ax.

There is a thermos in a small branch on the left. We leave along the corridors to a large adit. Using the control panel, we lower the platform and construct a ferry for ourselves. Having got over, we climb the stairs and find another remote control. We move to the platform above, we go to the other side again. Further, we climb the stairs and again we pass along the platform. Then we knock down the stairs, go down, activate the next remote control and get to the exit from the mine.


As soon as you exit the mine, immediately go up the stairs. At the top of the mountain, there is a page on a wooden platform. Now we go downstairs, start the engine and wait for the cable car. Another walk on the trailer ends with a fall. We begin our ascent, at the same time dealing with the possessed. Near the platform itself, next to Alan, a railway car will fall.

On the platform itself for the funicular, there is a pyramid, do not run past and shoot it. From the lantern we move through the forest, to the next post (we replenish supplies). We go further, past the smoking ruins into the depths of the forest. There will be a small ambush ahead, but it is not at all necessary to fight these possessed, it would be much more reasonable to run forward to the lantern. Now we move through the suspension bridge, on it the thug will go behind his back, at the other end of the bridge three enemies will be waiting. We activate the fire, and throw it on the bridge, so you will detain the big man. While the signal fire is burning, it is quite possible to deal with the enemies ahead. There is coffee hidden to the left of the bridge. After going a little forward, shine a light on the stones, there should appear marks that will lead to the cache. Now we go to the broken bridge and to the left (page).


Climb up the mountain path, in the end Alan must get out to the ruins of a large house. We jump into the basement and go upstairs through the gap. Collect all the supplies on this floor and exit to the stairs leading to the next floor. We pass forward, at one point the floor will not support the weight of the writer and will collapse. Alan will fall with him, being surrounded by enemies. A great move in this fight is to let the enemies get closer and shoot yourself at your feet with a rocket launcher. If you're lucky, more than half of the enemies can be destroyed with one salvo. Having dealt with the enemy, we return to the upper floor, jump over the gap and find ourselves on the other side of the house (coffee is hidden near the grate).

Move forward, there will be a page on the wooden steps. Continue downhill, over time the voice of the kidnapper will be heard. This will be followed by another video, the episode will be completed.

Episode 4. Truth


The walk ends at the observation deck. A magnificent landscape is visible, a storm is coming from the mountains to the hospital. In the large hall of the hospital, which Hartman will open for Alan, you can grab coffee. A cutscene begins next to the Anderson brothers. Alan is clearly liked by these cheeky old men. They talk about their farm, and besides the keys to it, they give the writer another sheet of manuscript.


Before returning to the ward, in the large hall on the second floor, you can find more coffee or watch TV. In the evening, just before the storm hits, the clinic will be in turmoil. The screams of the Anderson brothers are heard, and the guard standing at the writer's door is distracted by them.


There is another page at the exit from the room. Downstairs, the Anderson brothers clash with the clinic staff. The nurse lies unconscious, and the gallant guard has locked himself in the closet. There are keys near the stunned sister. Now it is possible to open the doors in the clinic. Alan decides to visit Dr. Hartman's office.


The door itself is in the back, at the other end of the large hall. There is a corridor behind it, the first door on the left will lead to a room with paintings. In the room you can listen to a tape recorder and take one of the manuscript sheets. Further into the corridor, we open the door on the right. Barry is waiting for her, and exactly a few seconds before the door opens, the game will spoil in advance. There is coffee behind Barry, and to his left is the door to the doctor's office. After the video we find ourselves outside the office, and the usual obscurantism begins to happen in the clinic.


We urgently need to get out of their hospitals, we move into the corridor, to the door to the large hall. While Alan opens the door with the key, darkness appears. Almost all of the furniture begins to float in the air. We try to leave the room, but the darkness slams the door right in front of Alan. But despite this, it will be necessary to get through this door, it remains to figure out how. On the second floor there is a lamp and a generator; they can be found if you look around carefully during the first walk with the doctor. Turning on the generator will open the way, now you can go through the door. The corridor behind the door will also be blocked. There will be a pantry on the left, along the way we raise a fire. In the next room, the door is again blocked. This time, the wooden bears obsessed with darkness, the bears will dissolve from the light of the set fire. The path is open.

Next, we find a TV, you can watch the series, there is a page on the bench right there. In the corridor you will have to wait while a huge metal ball clears the road. At the door, the ball will hit for the first time. After the collision, you can go into the room where the ball came from, and wait until it comes back. The door to the exit is also closed, so it would be quite logical to force the ball to break its way out into the street.


On the street, near the gate, Barry is already waiting. At the end of the stone terrace, at the other end, there is coffee. Now you can go to the agent, he has already got hold of a car. But there is only one caveat - the gate is closed, and of course there is no key. We'll have to go through the garden labyrinth. Barry has a flashlight that will come in handy. We must go to the gate on the left. They are locked up, but fortunately possessed. Who would have thought that you can rejoice in the obsession of the gate with darkness. The problem is solved with a flashlight. Then you can rest and replenish supplies.


In the labyrinth, you must adhere to the following route: to the right and again to the right (a page near the tree), then to the bench. From it to the right, and near the lanterns again to the right. In the area where there are many benches, turn right again. At the next fork to the left, and you can already see the light at the end of the maze. At the door, and further up the steps. Now forward, to the gazebo, here Alan will be met by a possessed thug guard and birds. We light the fire again. So the birds will not fly close and they will not need to be distracted, and it will keep the big guy at a distance. Then everything was taught: first with a flashlight, then with a revolver. After the victory, you need to look into the gazebo (coffee and rocket launcher). On the other side of the gazebo are enemies too; shine, shoot, dominate, humiliate.

There is still a lantern ahead. To his left is a shed, in it is a page, a shotgun and cartridges for it. We run forward through the gate, but be careful, as the darkness has prepared a new ambush. Next, the possessed gate again, this time with a wheelbarrow. First of all, light on the wheelbarrow, as it develops a bad habit of flying. There is a page ahead, just outside the gate. Near the lantern, you can pick up cartridges and batteries; and then get ready for another attack by the Trinity of the possessed. After the fight, we move to the right, right through the bushes. You should shine a flashlight around the area in order to stumble upon an arrow indicating the path to the cache. Inside is a rocket launcher and a charge to it.

Night, garden, lantern, and next to it coffee, shotgun and fire. We turn to the left of the lamp. There is a page, after it you can move to a dark silhouette near the gate (Barry). Finally, you can get out of the hospital. Only now the unlucky friend lost the key to the gate. In the meantime, he is looking for him, he will have to fight off those possessed by darkness.


It's time to use everything that is, since you will have to withstand the onslaught for a long time. Flares come in handy, but since there are very few of them, you can use signal lights. After Barry opens the door, a cutscene will begin. In it, Alan and Barry go to the Anderson brothers' farm, but they cannot get to the farm itself, as an accident will happen. After her, the heroes find themselves in the forest without light and weapons, Alan has no choice but to look for an agent.


It's not the first time to wade through a dark forest, but before that, at least there was a flashlight. After passing a little we hear Barry's voice, he is somewhere below. We pass a little more forward, and finally we see the farm. Alan talks to Barry, and together they agree that it is better to take refuge in the farm. Immediately, Alan is set to carry out this plan. If you stand a little and look, you will be able to see how a funny poor fellow in a red jacket pounds in the direction of the farm, without letting go of the cardboard figure of Alan.


We pass a little forward to the fork in the road, hell begins again and almost all objects fly to Alan. First of all, it would be nice to go to the left and run into the mine, where there is a stationary lantern near the entrance, and there is a page inside. Next, we leave the mines, right along the wooden walkways, to a thermos with coffee. On the way, you should be careful, as there are many possessed objects in the area, you will have to dodge everything that flies. From the platform down the steps and forward to the crane that turns the lamp. There is a gate to the right of the crane and it is covered in darkness. Alan doesn’t have a flashlight, so he’ll have to turn on the lamp. The generator is visible immediately after climbing the steps. We raise the page and start the generator. Light will dissolve the gate; behind them, there will be a flashlight in the barn.

Again we find ourselves in the forest, this time teeming with enemies. There is nothing to fight with them, and there are not so many batteries in the flashlight. You just have to run into the light in the distance. After reaching the big light, the camera focuses on the car. The car is heading towards a small house. In the campground, you can take batteries and a more powerful flashlight. There is a gate in front, like the previous ones, they are possessed. After opening the gate, the mysterious light will begin the conversation. It becomes clear that light is the writer Thomas Zane. Tom will give Alan one more page of the novel.

The further path through the forest will be complicated by many traps. It is not difficult to carefully walk through them to the next collapsed house. There is a generator here, it is quite working. Having illuminated the surroundings, in the vicinity you can find another page and a gun. Inside the house, cartridges for a gun, climbing up a fallen tree upstairs, you can get hold of coffee. When all the work is done, signs will tell you the way, and you should also beware of traps along the way. Periodically, enemies will crawl out of the bushes. The first three will not be a problem to kill, but then there will be more and more enemies. The best option is to light the fire and run forward. Everything happens close to home.


In the house, from the second floor, heart-rending screams and a shot are heard. Run upstairs. Bursting through the door on the right, we meet an acquaintance from the police station (he was sitting behind bars in the station). You can only help him by listening to the dying speech. Now it remains to examine the house. There is a TV in the room opposite; when we approach, it will immediately turn on. Downstairs, in the little room on the left, Alan is waiting for a bully with an ax. This lonely obsessed should not cause problems. There is coffee in the kitchen to the right of the stairs. Further, the path lies through a window broken by a big man. You should carefully examine the house around. A page can be found on the back porch, and a cache is hidden in the basement.

It's time to get behind the wheel, just the car is available. After driving a little along the road, you can stop near an old tractor for coffee (straight ahead at the fork). Inside the house is another hiding place. On the ground floor, you can find cartridges, batteries and two grenades. After collecting supplies, you can move on to the tower.

There are a lot of cartridges for the gun on the tower, and a radio is also available. Descending from the tower, it makes sense to immediately prepare a fire, as there will be a surprise attack. As soon as the enemies appear, we light the fire, get behind the wheel and leave to the fork in front of the house. Now we turn left; on the side of the road to the right, next to the tractor, there will be another coffee pot, right on the stump. It will be best if you drive your car as close to the hemp as possible. After the thermos is in the hands, enemies will run over. You don't have to waste time on them at all, then follow the signs. On the road, past a falling water tower. After the barricade, you will have to leave the car and go on foot. There is a loader in front, it will come to life when approaching, but it will stand still and wave the bucket. One grenade toss, then some light, and the possessed technique will dissolve.

Further towards the light, and down through the hole in the fence. First, you should turn to the house on the left, for the sake of the cache. Well, now for the pointer that will lead to the scene in the middle of the field. There is a thermos in the stands on the left. You can get closer to the stage and enjoy the video with special effects.


As soon as the video ends, Alan will be on stage. It's time to light up and fend off the crowds of enemies. First of all, we change our flashlight to an even more powerful one, it lies not far from Barry. You can also grab a thermos with coffee, and there are cartridges and batteries in the box. With the last reef, a nearby shed will explode and open the way to Valhalla. Before running further, you can once again inspect the scene, and collect everything that you did not have time to. For example, the page that lurks in the back left of the scene.


After collecting the prey, we run into the gap formed. Having reached the barn, you will have to slow down a little. The path further is blocked by a heap of scrap metal. Above, the green light of the lift control panel flashes very conveniently. We climb up, raise the obstacle, open the door and go into the room.


Inside, you can replenish supplies, and watch the new episode of the TV series "Night Springs". After the most thorough search, coffee can be found on the first floor, and a page on the second. Also, on the second floor, you need to press a button in order for the drakkar hanging from the ceiling to break through a large door and open the way further. On the way back down, a daring assassination attempt will be made on Alan. At first, these will be weak possessed, and then on the street they will be joined by more nimble and tenacious enemies. Especially nimble, it is better to kill in confined spaces, where they will be deprived of maneuverability. Once in the corner, they pose almost no danger.

We head to the bare wires, on one of the cable reels there is a pyramid of cans. Now we turn left and find ourselves in an ambush. This time, Alan will be blocked by two big guys and four possessed. You can retreat back to the wires, highlighting and shooting enemies as needed. With any luck, some of them will be electrocuted.

Next, we go to the location of Barry. Together with him we find ourselves in the moonshine shrine of the "Old Gods". There is nothing interesting downstairs, and the exit is closed by a metal door. But as an alternative path, there is a wooden door and a staircase leading up.


On one of the floors, a big man will jump out from behind bales of hay. He is alone, so there shouldn't be any problems. But in the place from which the possessed one jumped out, there is coffee. There is a radio and a generator on the higher floor. After turning on the generator, you can go downstairs. Alan arrives at the garage. We pass by the combine and go out into the street. The harvester immediately comes to life under the influence of darkness and leaves the garage for a bloody harvest.

Combat tactics with a combine are similar to safety when working with any possessed equipment. Fly across the field like a butterfly, shine like a firefly with a flashlight.

Combat with the harvester will complicate the small obsessed, it is better to keep them at a distance with the help of a fire. As soon as the harvester and the possessed are finished, the big man will break through the next passage for Alan. After defeating the enemy, you can go through the gap in the wall. Inside, you need to climb up and jump off the other side. Directly there will be another door leading to another shed, there is a key in it. It's time to unlock the door for Barry.


Together with a faithful friend, Alan gets to Anderson's house. There is nothing interesting around the building, so right inside. There is coffee in the restroom to the right of the front door. There is another thermos in the kitchen. There is nothing else on the ground floor. There is a page at the top, and in the farthest room hangs a switchboard that needs to be activated. Now the tape recorder in the room with the fireplace turns on, and the video begins.

After the video, Alan will again find himself in a dream, where he will once again return to that unfortunate moment when he left his wife in the house. Only this time, the writer will see what really happened. Realizing everything and waking up, Alan finds himself in the hands of the most rabid FBI agent. Well, at least this time, he doesn't shoot the writer. Mr. Wake is arrested and the episode ends there.

Episode 5. Nutcracker


Enlisting the support of the sheriff, we go to turn on the light. Do not forget to grab two pages from the floor, in this area you can find a fire. We are moving after Sarah, the sheriff will restore power to the station. The light comes on, the door to the office opens with things and weapons. We clean out the sheriff's office and get cartridges, batteries, a revolver and a shotgun. There is coffee behind the reception.

Uyeck explains to Sarah that he needs to get to the local dam. Sarah remembers the helicopter on the other side of town. Meanwhile, Barry stays at the station and starts calling everyone in town to keep them from going out.

It's time to follow Sarah into the backyard. The path is closed further, we go to open the gate. You need to move in the direction of the old rusty truck (dark spots lurked under the grass). Next, we head to the stairs and go down, after which we need to climb to the roof. We move from the water tower to the adjacent roof and go forward along it, after which the birds will appear. In this situation, it will be more effective to light the fire and calmly go to the lift, on which you can go down.

Now we go to the switchboard. Carefully burn out all the spots and open the gate for the sheriff. Next, we meet the first serious enemies in this episode. Several petty obsessed and a van. It is better to dissolve the car immediately so that it does not start flying, and then exterminate the possessed. At this stage, there should be no problems, since Alan is covered by the sheriff.

Once again, the main characters meet enemies, on the way a thug with an ax and an obsessed platform. Fortunately, the platform itself is fairly calm. Just passing by, she peacefully stops near the barriers and no longer shows any signs of obsession. There is a cache (rocket launcher) hidden next to the broken pier.

We recommend looking under the canopy on the right (coffee), then we return to Sarah. When you reach your partner, once again deviate from the route and turn right. There is a cache by the building marked "Fresh Seafood". Follow the signs and be careful, Alan is waiting for an ambush of obsessed fishermen.

We leave for Sarah and follow her to the diner, in the room you can find cartridges, a powerful flashlight and batteries. Also, a thermos is hidden behind the counter, and another page of the manuscript hangs near the toilet. We continue to move after the partner, near the street toilets expect another ambush. There is a supply box near the barrier, which Alan has yet to open.

Before heading with the sheriff to the wooden door, it does not hurt to turn right and walk to the end of the street (supplies and coffee). The next skirmish will begin near the door. We block the left passage with a torch to the enemies, and we move through the right, keeping the brute in the light. If you cannot kill him at a distance, you will have to get rid of him with a pistol. After the first wave of the possessed, the next one will follow, clearly larger than the previous one. A thug with a chainsaw will jump out of the truck, it's time to get the rocket launcher. For an enemy with such a wide bone, one missile will not be enough, so it is better to immediately launch the second. Remember that the possessed love to go behind their backs, so it does not interfere with looking around from time to time and do not hesitate to use flares.

After the battle, Sarah will open the door, and he and Alan will be able to go further. In the city hall, the sheriff asks to fix the flap while Sarah looks for the keys; however, Alan strongly opposes such a division of responsibilities. As a result, the main character goes for the key on his own.


On the first floor in the large hall there is a page, then we go out into the smaller hall. Suddenly, a text from Barry comes on the phone. In the next room, expect a collision with the possessed, also in the room you can replace the gun with a rifle and raise coffee. In the room, to the right of the front door, there is a powerful lantern, cartridges, batteries, flares, grenades and a key. We leave to the door and watch the video, after which we continue to move after the sheriff.


We pass through a small park, enemies jump out from behind the fence. Having made our way through the ranks of the enemy, we go out onto the roadway and cross the road. The further path will pass through the bookstore. On the first floor of the building you can take coffee and a leaf (there is nothing on the second floor).

We go out into the street and see a launched signal rocket. The sheriff turns to the right, at this stage we recommend turning in the opposite direction (hiding place). We return to the sheriff and go to the playground (coffee is located on the sandbox). We leave to the local church, the sheriff immediately runs to the door, but it is better for Alan to look around first. At this location, ammunition, flares and batteries are hidden. On the right is a truck with a page inside.


The main characters decide to enter the church, but the castle is jammed; not the first time, according to the sheriff. While Sarah is at war with the castle, Alan will have to fight off two attacks. Moreover, on the second wave, you should not skimp on cartridges and grenades, especially if the enemies are gathered in a group. Finally, the lock on the doors of the church surrenders, and the heroes get inside.


In the room, on the curbstone, is a page of the manuscript. We follow the sheriff and go down to the basement, once again we meet resistance from the possessed. We scare them away with a fire, and then we act in accordance with standard protocols against the possessed. After cleaning the area, we recommend that you thoroughly search the basement (coffee). We rise along the stairs, we pass through the door and we meet the next thug, this time with an ax. It will dissolve as unexpectedly as it appeared in front of Alan. Barry, like John Rambo, wrapped in a New Year's garland, came to the aid of his friend.


The three of us are already setting off on the further journey. We pass through the parking lot and go upstairs (there is a page on the table). Having got out on the highway, the first thing we recommend is to turn right, as there are grenades in the car. Next, we go up the road. Ambushed again, and again obsessed with the chainsaw. The two of them did not have any special problems, but the three of them became even easier. Barry, although he does not shoot, but perfectly shines on enemies. Thus we pass to a large illuminated building.


The main characters get to the helicopter, near which there are a lot of supplies (clearly indicates that there will be a batch now). Sarah and Barry prudently climb into the helicopter, Alan can only fight off the enemies by all available means.


However, there shouldn't be any special problems at this stage. The possessed will come from all sides, however, as noted earlier, there are many countermeasures on the ground. Lanterns can be used as a deterrent, and gas cylinders are very conveniently scattered throughout the area around. There will be four waves in total; We drive away enemies with flares, we keep the lanterns in working order and we scatter grenades. Finally, 3-4 minutes later, Alan gets into the helicopter, after which the video will start.

By helicopter, the main characters fly to the substation they were striving for. The aircraft is attacked by a flock of birds and Alan is thrown out of the cabin; further, the main character continues on foot. Sarah and Barry fly off into the night, driven by a flock of crows. 


There will be a small booth on the left, inside the room there is a revolver, cartridges and batteries. We leave for the gate through which the light breaks through; a shot at the board from a revolver will open the gate. After which, the writer is attacked by the possessed; very conveniently there is a gas cylinder near the car. As soon as the gate opens, you can immediately go under the saving rays of light.

The main character enters the territory of the substation, you can turn on the radio in the warehouse. We go further under his sounds, and get ready to repel a massive attack of the possessed. This skirmish will not cause problems, the warehouse is filled with gas cylinders. Coffee is hidden in one of the large concrete pipes. Further, we move further along the road, soon the power plant will be visible. We go downstairs, turn left and find a cache.

Now you can return to the main route, the next door will open by pressing a button. The main character meets a thug with an ax. We shine a flashlight into it, it moves further and further away from the light, until it finally touches the wires and disappears.

To the left, the path is blocked, turn right and get into a small labyrinth. Two pages and a thermos can be found in the corridors. The first page is near the entrance, next to the wires. The second page is on a small trailer, near the site where the possessed will set up an ambush (a thermos is hidden in this area). In order to take the second page, and at the same time go further, you first need to lower the lift, then climb on it and go upstairs. Find the page and jump down from the other end of the trailer.


We leave to the bridge and find a house with a control panel. In the room, be careful, as the possessed one will jump out. After the problem is resolved, we activate the button on the control panel. As soon as Alan is on the bridge, he will begin to rotate. Running to the other end is completely pointless. You just have to wait a couple of seconds until the bridge turns and jump to the other side.


Next, we go into the control room; there is light and supplies in the room. On the way to the power plant, a helicopter again flies over the writer, providing air support. Under the cover of comrades, we break through the crowds of enemies to the lantern. Birds attack the aircraft again, forcing the helicopter to leave the location. We continue our further journey alone, break through another ambush (for example, with the help of a rocket launcher), and get to the parking lot. We go down and break away from the possessed.

There is a thermos in the far left corner of the parking lot. As soon as we find ourselves in the doorway, the next video will begin. Inside the writer is a strange old woman with a lamp. Next, we collect supplies and coffee.


For further passage, the woman will ask you to turn off the electricity supply to the substation in order to open the way to the dam. Alan is kicked out into the street, and given the task to turn off the switch.


With the fight we get to the next lantern, behind the lantern there are sluices that block the path to the switch. First we activate the middle button, then the right one; the locks are closed, creating a passage to the switch. We move forward and deactivate it, then we go back. The locks begin to move erratically, which makes it a little difficult to cross them.


Having successfully moved to the other side, we return to the elderly woman. Naturally, you have to fight your way through the ranks of the possessed. At the end, just before the exit to the parking lot, even a thug with a chainsaw will jump out. We deal with the enemies and go back to the station


We return to Cynthia Weaver, and follow her to a huge pipe, after which the cutscene begins. Alan watches as the helicopter falls, and now you need to get to the crash site. We pass forward, select the page and move on to the aircraft. The main character discovers an empty salon.


We start looking for friends and, after a little time, we find them surrounded by the possessed. A rocket launcher will come in handy. There are many enemies, and they are quite heaped. A cache can be found behind the house.


Reunited with friends, Alan and company set off to the dam. After the lantern, two nimble obsessed will run out of the forest. There is no point in wasting ammo on them, so the best tactic is to run until the next lantern. Further, the main characters go to the lift. On the way to it, it is advisable to explore in a huge concrete pipe (coffee). We activate the lift, while it is going it will be necessary to fight off the enemies for several minutes.

We rise on the platform, go out into the street and immediately turn right, near the coffee break. Further, the entrance to the dam will be blocked by a cistern. To the left of the dam, if you stand with your back to it, a new path opens (bobbins with a cable begin to fly to Alan). Behind the fence you can find a page of the manuscript, now all you have to do is climb up.

At the top of the dam, Alan is waiting for a searchlight and many enemies. Within a couple of minutes of using the spotlight, the crowd of enemies is over.


After the last enemy dissolves, a dark tornado will manifest itself in the forest, and you will need to run away from it very quickly. The path will be as follows: we move in a straight line to the fuel truck, and from it we turn to the left and go down the stairs. Further, we move forward under the bridge. At this stage, we recommend that you carefully look where to step. Some of the metal panels will collapse right under Alan's feet.

Having passed the dangerous section, we go upstairs and move forward to the next barricade. We turn right near it (on the way, pay attention to the coffee). Further, you will again have to overcome a dangerous area with an unreliable floor, but this time you need to jump over some places. After taking the elevator, the main character meets Cynthia Weaver. The next video will follow and the fifth episode will be completed.

Episode 6. Leaving


Once again we find ourselves in the writer's apartment, this time Alan suffers from a hangover. First you need to find a cure and dark glasses. The glasses are in the bedroom, on the nightstand to the right of the bed. The pills, according to the laws of all American films, can usually be found in the bathroom cabinet.


Throwing in drugs, we leave the bedroom and listen to the message on the answering machine. A message from Barry, he asks to turn on the TV. We go into the living room, turn on the TV and watch the program. Next, Alice comes, turn off the TV and go to her kitchen. After talking with his wife, we return to the present, where Alan decides to go to finish the book in the house.


After the video, the writer finds himself on the observation deck. The main task now is to return to the island to finish the book and save his wife. We take coffee from the table, sit in the car and go to the lake. We recommend that you stop and get out of the car near the logging site. There is a small shed nearby, inside which you can find a rifle, cartridges and batteries. There is a cache deeper in the forest, in a small building. After collecting resources, we return to the road and move forward to a large barn (coffee). We sit down in the car again and enter the tunnel, the traffic jam will not allow us to drive further. In this connection, you will have to go on foot.

At the exit from the tunnel, another video will start, after which darkness will begin to thicken around, and enemies (in the amount of three) rush into the tunnel. Having dealt with the enemies, we go forward. We select the page, we run to the car, and then we go on wheels. We drive forward to the hotel, in the rooms you can stop to replenish ammunition. Later it turns out that it is in this hotel that Nightingale's agent lives. This does not carry any plot load, but nevertheless it is of some interest. After examining the room, we leave the hotel, get into the car and go to the bridge.


We leave the car and move on on foot. Naturally, darkness begins to manifest itself on the bridge, and various objects will fly at Alan. Reaching the middle of the bridge, the writer will have to once again face an obsessed logging technique. But this incident will not cause much problem. Just run from side to side, dodge its blows and shine until the car dissolves.


As expected, the road to the lake is torn up, so you will have to take a short cut across the field. The area is guarded by an obsessed pickup truck. With the help of car headlights, we light the pickup to death and calmly drive on. Ahead is a shed, which can be discerned by the burning light inside. In the room, the writer will find another car and a checkpoint; if your car is badly worn out, there is a great chance to renew it. A fire can be found on the second floor of the barn. Behind the barn we get out onto the road and hit the gas. We cross the bridge and dodge the flying bus. He will fly straight into your lane, just go into the oncoming lane and rush past him. Next, we go to the light.

Once again we get to a dead end, leave the car and set off on foot. Be careful at this location, as there are spots of darkness everywhere. We burn our way with a flashlight and go into the tunnel. In front of the tunnel, enemies will attack Alan. Three will appear behind the back and two will come out of the darkness. We recommend not to get involved in the battle, there are too many enemies and not enough bullets. Under the cover of fireworks, we run through the tunnel and get into the car on the other side (on the way we raise the page).

We save, take a part of the manuscript and drive further along the road, to the next tunnel. It is also littered with a page next to it. Next, we turn back and return to the billboard, there is a turn in front of it. We reach the service station, the gates are closed and we need to find a button to unlock them. There is a cache behind the building, you can find it if you follow the arrows. After examining the cache, enemies will immediately appear, light the fire and run towards the light. It's time to go inside the found station, in the room expect resistance from the possessed. After you deal with the enemies, search the premises of the first floor (coffee). We go up to the second floor, near the stairs there will be the desired button. Another enemy will enter through the door, we deal with him and collect supplies. We go out into the street, on the railing there is a pyramid of cans, you can shoot it. The path is clear, we go downstairs, sit in the car and press the pedal to the floor.

The next place that Alan has to overcome is the dump. We drive forward in a car, dashingly jumping on the ramps, and stop not far from the lamp. The path for the car is further closed, we get out, collect supplies and climb up the stairs. We again collect supplies and start the generator. It activates the lift, which now needs to be started. We jump down, and we go to the control panel. When Alan almost reaches his goal, a bulldozer comes to life nearby; by tradition, several possessed people appear with him. We dodge the attacks of a huge machine, shine at the possessed and shoot them, and then we eliminate the equipment. We return to the elevator and press the button, as soon as the container rises, it will be possible to go forward. On the other side there is a light and another car.

We sit behind the wheel and drive to the next lamp, next to the post there is a box with supplies. We leave the interior of the car, collect supplies and, following the hint on the gate, we go up the stairs to the building. We jump into the hole, move the trolley and go out into the street. The writer finds himself in an abandoned mining town. We pass forward, until a tornado sweeps through the city. As soon as the darkness calms down, we run through the city towards the church.

If you wish, you can stand behind the searchlight and light up nearby enemies. We push the trolley inside, and we go into the dilapidated building of the church. In case there is a persecution by the possessed, use the fire near the entrance. Another page is hidden in the room. Near the second trolley, which blocks the exit, we also use the fire and push the obstacle. Once outside, run towards the light.

After the lantern, we run forward, climb onto the wooden platform, collect supplies and jump into the trolley. The trolley travels about fifty meters, at the speed of a wounded turtle, and then falls off a cliff due to collapsed tracks. After a boring ride, we get out of the trolley and go into the light.

Further, we climb the stairs upward and approach another trolley, it needs to be pushed forward, simultaneously fighting off the birds. Do not get carried away with this procedure, as you can fly down after it. There is coffee on the other side of the hole. We run further along the walkways, fighting off the birds. When Alan gets to the mainland, spots of darkness will join the birds, a little later, the possessed will also join the battle. On the way, there will be a house with light, in which you can rest and replenish supplies. We leave the room through the back door, run under the wooden arch and get into the forest. A little later, a truck will fall from the sky, and almost immediately a nimble obsessed will jump out of it. We take the fire in hand and move to a small building, near which there is a generator. We light the fire and calmly start it.

Having rested under the rays of saving light, we again rush into the darkness of the night, enemies will again climb out of the forest, and equipment will begin to fall from the sky. Cylinders are scattered across the area to help keep enemies at bay. There is coffee in one of the old carriages; further, run after the pointer, dodging attacks. When you reach the cylinders piled up in a heap, be sure to shoot at one of them. They will very beautifully and effectively scatter, hitting pursuing enemies. We run up to the generator and, under cover of the fire, start it up. There are cartridges and a torch nearby.

There is a rise ahead, as soon as the camera starts shaking, we run back, or a whole carriage will fly to Alan. It is worth waiting until the district calms down and move on under the endless stream of objects from the sky. Climb the stairs, remembering to keep an eye out for the spots of darkness. After the lantern there will be another small climb up the stairs and Alan will finally get out to another abandoned building. We go inside, go up to the second floor and jump down to the street. Further, we turn right and start the generator, it feeds a small lift nearby. As soon as the lift starts, enemies will attack Alan, grenades and a rocket launcher, which can be found nearby, will be very useful here. We release the rocket launcher into the crowd of enemies, make our way forward, press the button and wait for the elevator to go down.

At the top, the writer is met by an obsessed fan, not far from the page. We eliminate the enemy, take the sheet and go to the narrow passage. Further, a video will follow, after which the passage will be blocked by possessed objects. We light the fire, run up to the rubble and throw a grenade under it. With the help of a flashlight, we eliminate everything that survived the explosion and run into the crevice. We run forward along the narrow passage. The dark entity will in every way intimidate the writer with foreign objects. Ignoring the actions of darkness, dissolving with light everything that will interfere and go out to a huge dark tornado.


We boldly throw ourselves into the center of the vortex; there is only one road, so don't get lost. We move forward along the only path, dissolve obstacles and dodge shells. On the cliff, we wait for the right moment and jump over the abyss. Next, you can replenish the stock of charges for the rocket launcher. Jump over the next abyss and find the center of the tornado. We shoot at him from the rocket launcher; several volleys and the tornado ceases to exist, and the player is shown a cutscene in which Alan falls off a cliff. After the video we wake up in bed with Alice, Alan gets out of bed and asks his wife to turn on the light. In response to this simple request, the wife begins to evade that supposedly it is impossible to do this. We pass through the apartment to the living room.


The entrance is blocked by Alice, but now surrounded by darkness. We go around it through the kitchen, near the table we get a flashlight, shine on the table and take the nutcracker that appears. After the video we find ourselves in an unknown place, highlighted words hang in the air. We shine a thermos on the word, and coffee appears. We continue to shine according to words, materializing various objects (in fact, we only need a road). After the path appears, go along it forward and shine on the word bridge. We pass along it to the other side, and we materialize the house. We go into the room and watch the last video, which will leave behind much more questions than answers. 

Episode "Signal"


We go to the restroom, in the toilet with Alan, Thomas Zane gets in touch, he asks to find a better place for communication. As in the first episode, he gives the writer a weapon against darkness: a lantern and a revolver.


After talking with Zane, we go out into the main hall, there is no one else in the room, and it has darkened outside the windows. From the very beginning of the chapter, work for a flashlight and a revolver will be enough. At the front door, Alan is waiting for a brute with a sledgehammer and 3 possessed. Entering the battle in the kitchen is not the best solution, we recommend returning to the corridor to the restroom, it will be difficult for enemies to maneuver and surround the hero.


There is a cemetery near the diner, and there is a light in front. A calm walk through the resting places is disturbed by enemies. Since there are not so many cartridges left after the diner, it is better to follow the example of the hero of the movie "Forrest Gump". Having reached the house, we go inside. The path to the second floor is closed, it remains only to go forward. There is a page in the living room, a video will follow. Zane gets in touch with Alan again and gives instructions for further actions.


As soon as control returns to the player, we recommend that you take another closer look at the house. In some places, words are stuck, and if you shine a lantern on them, they will materialize into useful objects. So you can get a more powerful flashlight, batteries for it and a rocket launcher.

Once again we find ourselves opposite the diner. We follow the signal and go out onto the roadway. On the road, there will be a television screen that shows the insane version of the writer. A copy of Alan tells about the subsequent events, warning the hero. After the end of the broadcast, chaos begins to occur in the circle. All that remains is to run forward and dodge the cars obsessed with darkness. On the way, there will be a dark door leading to a hardware store. Simple light from a flashlight is enough to open the way.

The store is more or less safe, there is a sign “tools” near the cash register. By shining a flashlight on the plate, we get a shotgun, cartridges, flare and batteries. When you try to enter the second half of the store, the possessed (in the amount of four) will rush into the main character. An excellent countermeasure would be, hiding behind the counter of the seller, circle around the enemies and shoot them from a safe distance. If it is very difficult, then you can use a flare or a flare gun.

Having dealt with the possessed, we go out into the street, we pass a little forward; another call comes from Zane. He again asks to follow the signal. After the conversation, we follow the signs, climb over the fence along the boxes, and find ourselves near the city hall. We turn left, at this location you can dissolve a couple of words, thereby obtaining a grenade and several flares (there is also a cardboard figure of Sarah standing nearby).

We return to the main route and continue to follow the signpost. We jump over the pits and are attacked by the possessed. It's time to get your grenade or rocket launcher. We shoot everyone who survived the light show as usual.

Near the drinking fountain, you can get hold of cartridges, batteries and a fire. Further, we go to the light, once again Thomas Zane gets in touch again; he reports that the darkness deceives the main character, and Alan, instead of following his signal, climbs further and further into the darkness.

After the conversation, we pass a little forward and turn off the road into the courtyards. The writer is ambushed. We drive away especially arrogant flares, we make our way to the stairs, killing one of the enemies right on it, and then, standing on top, we pour light and lead on the enemies. Having dealt with them, we jump over the fence and come to the mysterious word "memory". However, do not rush to shine on it. To get started, examine the small shed on the left, there are cartridges for the rocket launcher and batteries. Go back to “memory,” the light-scorched word reveals a scene from the original game.


We reach the playground, an alternative version of Alan gets in touch, and plunges the main character into unpleasant childhood memories. After that, objects on the site go crazy, and begin to rush at the writer. We burn them with a lantern, it is best to do this from under a large fallen tree. It will be a great barrier for possessed items. Having finished with them, we pass forward to the gate. We dissolve them with a lantern, and go straight to the front platform, near the church.

Trying to open the church door. Locked, need a key. We go down the steps in search of a key. Suddenly, parts of the platform with hunting trophies begin to fly into Alan. We deal with hostile objects, and only the word "key" remains in place of the platform. After dissolving, the "key" is transformed into Sheriff Sarah with a bunch of keys to the city. We follow her to the doors and go inside. In the right corner of the church you can replenish supplies. In the room on the left is a TV, on which the alternate Alan is broadcasting again. We break down the door to the basement and go downstairs.


In the basement there are a lot of stoves, the doors of which can be opened, and from there it will burn with fire. We pass further along the basement and stumble upon two possessed. We shine on the nearest stove, and the enemies disappear in the tongues of the cleansing flame. It is not difficult to guess, there are many enemies in the basement, the stoves will be very useful. As soon as you exit into the large hall of the basement, we turn right and, keeping to the right wall, we pass forward. We stop in front of the chair on which the alarm clock will be. Turn left from the alarm clock and run to the stairs. Using a flare flare will be the easiest way to drive away the possessed. It remains to highlight the word "Climb" so that the stairs appear. Now we go upstairs, leaving this basement behind.


Having got out into the street, we observe how Thomas Zane passes the next page to Alan. Further, words appear around the writer, we burn them all out with light. The word "friend" hides Barry. Having appeared, he begins to conduct a dialogue with the main character. Barry explains that it is not him at all, but only Alan's subconscious.


After talking with Barry, we go forward through the gate and go to the wooden platform. We bring it down, select a more powerful lantern and move to the word "Boom!"


We shine a flashlight on the word, prudently keeping the distance. A real explosion takes place (with a light and noise effect). We get to a similar "explosive" inscription, only now it can be tested in action, as the possessed will appear.

We turn left and cross the short stone ferry. In this area, you can collect supplies, then we find a TV with Alan. A serious battle is planned ahead, but, fortunately, the words "Boom", "Rocket", "Tools", and other pleasant to the eye inscriptions loom.

We cross an eerie clearing, densely populated by enemies. In front of the lamppost, there will be the word "lantern"; shine on it and as soon as a stationary lamp appears, turn on the light. He, in turn, will light up the words "Boom!" near the tent, after which an explosion will occur. By the way, there is an alarm clock in the tent.

After the lantern, we approach the cliff and light up the word "lantern". A huge spotlight will appear, with which you can activate the word "bridge". After all three words dissolve, wagons will fall from the sky and organize a ferry for Alan. We go into the first carriage and, having dropped out of it, we immediately turn to the right, we find another cardboard figure (Cynthia Weaver). We approach the bridge, on the other side of it there are a lot of bad words ("Enemy", "Birds", "Possessed").

We direct the beam from the flashlight into the ground and go forward; we leave to the left, away from bad words, making our way to the next lamp. Then we go along the tunnel and listen to the conversations of the insane Alan. Having broken through a wooden door, we find ourselves on the field, on which there are many power distribution poles.

We listen to Barry and set off on a journey through this strange place. Periodically, the lanterns light up in a random order, giving excellent protection from enemies. But do not pin high hopes on the lights, they turn off faster than we would like. We choose the direction in accordance with the pointer, and we run forward, not hesitating to jump down from some cliffs.

A cardboard figurine of Thor Anderson can be found behind the lantern. We move along the crane boom over the fence and jump down to Barry. In this area, you can create a supply box and a CAR! (it is simply impossible to read this without Leonid Arkadievich's intonation)


We sit in the car and go! However, Alan's car is not the only one on this field, so there is a great chance to arrange a survival race with two pickups. An excellent tactic would be to drive your car behind logs, and from there calmly illuminate enemies with headlights. As soon as the possessed machines are finished, it will be possible to go to the next lantern. Having reached it, do not rush to leave this location. To begin with, turn right and drive until the word "wheel" (there will be an alarm clock nearby). We return to the light; the switch will open the door to the warehouse (near which Barry was). After activating the gate, the lantern under which Alan was standing goes out, and enemies begin to appear around. We get into the car and drive through the gate into the warehouse.

We go upstairs and leave through the open door. We activate the words at the top, then go down and collect supplies. We come to the word "memory", and together with Alan we recall some of the juicy details of family life. We move under the walkways on the left, once again the alternative Alan will try to convey his thoughts to the writer. Further, the main character is ambushed; we deal with enemies, materialize the stairs. We rise along it, make batteries and a more powerful flashlight from a couple of words.

To the sounds of a chainsaw, we go into a small warehouse of boards. The source of the sound is not long in coming. At one of the turns, Alan is waiting for a brute with a saw and friends. Two charges, and this friendly lumberjack is sent into oblivion. Having repulsed the rest of the enemies, we pass to the light and knock out the door.

We fall into the warehouse, we make our way through the enemies to the stairs, and we meet Barry near it. We make a couple of flares out of words and go upstairs. In the room, the possessed one breaks a large window and attacks the writer; two more opponents run through the doorway, and one comes in from behind. As soon as the enemies appear, we shoot at the balloon near the window and, if we are lucky, three enemies will disappear at once.

We leave through the door to the balcony and jump down. On the right, behind the warehouse Alan just left, stands a cardboard Alice. With the words "bridge" you can pave the way further. One of the words materializes the button that controls the crane, the second creates boards that lead to the crane platform. First, we make a path from the boards to the fence, then turn on the button and fit the platform to the gap in the fence. Next, we run to the crane platform, climb up and wait until it starts to move.

On the other side of Alan, enemies await. We use the fire to drive them away, and then we burn them out with light and shoot them. Now we go up the stairs. Climbing onto the roof, you can get more memories and continue climbing, we jump into a huge hole in the roof. The writer finds himself in his own photo session. We go behind the background canvas, we pass through the door and find ourselves in the bedroom.

We study the apartment, collecting batteries (an alarm clock is hidden in one of the rooms). In the living room, the main character meets Thomas Zane. During a conversation with the writer, the TV turns on and begins to show the insane Alan. As a result, Zane disappears again, and the TV, possessed by darkness, attacks the main character.


We approach the TV, light the fire, and direct a concentrated beam of light to the possessed technology. Further, the TV, breaking through the wall, will leave the room. We get out into the breach and jump down from the balcony. The second phase of the battle will begin. The TV needs to be turned on again, and as soon as possible, as he throws various objects at Alan. We recommend running up to the enemy and setting fire to the hand flare (or better 2). After that, the TV will have to break through another wall and increase the distance. As soon as he does this, you can charge him from the rocket launcher. One or two successful hits, and the zombie box, breaking another wall, will fly out into the street. You should not immediately go after him, there are many supplies around.

Having got out on the street, we move to the TV, collecting flares. The further path of the writer will be blocked by a possessed boat that has fallen from the sky. After clearing the area, it remains only to go to the enemy and watch the final video of the first additional episode.

Episode "The Writer"


We watch the introductory video, and we find ourselves in the garden of the clinic of Dr. Hartman. On the other side of the locked door is Barry, or rather the image of a friend from the subconscious of the writer. Alan has no weapons, as well as a flashlight. We pass to the lantern with a swing mechanism and begin to move it until the light falls on the word “Destroy”. The wall will explode and open the way further. We move to the opposite side, take a flashlight from the fountain and go to a small barn. We activate the word "surprise" and a hole will appear in the wall, an obsessed gear will jump out of the room. In the barn we collect supplies and go out into the street. We climb to the roof, we pass along the fence until the break. From the word "energy" we get batteries and go ahead, take a gun from the hands of the statue and go into the garden labyrinth.

To get started, walk to the end along the left branch, in the dead end you can find a copy of the video game. Now return to the statue and turn right. After a little dialogue with Barry about the madness, Alan is given further instructions (illuminated building). We go to the scene, which stands near the central entrance to the clinic.


In the center of an impromptu scene on TV, a mad Alan appears, and the writer is attacked by a group of enemies. After all the possessed have fallen and the last volley of pyrotechnics has gone off, a light will flash on the first floor of the clinic, opening the way inside.


Before going inside, it is better to return to the box with cartridges and replenish the ammunition, to the right of the front door in the clinic, you can pick up the batteries. All the furniture in the great hall flies up to the ceiling, Zane appears outside the window, and most of the possessed objects dissolve.


We go outside and talk to the diver, Thomas does not limit himself to simple advice, but begins to actively help. To begin with, Zane passes another page to the protagonist. Further, behind the fence of the site, words appear, the closest to Alan is the word "clear". We burn it out and a lighthouse lights up in the distance, it becomes the next destination of the journey.


We create a path through the air from boulders (burning out the corresponding words), we reach the boat and sit in it. We will light anchor and set sail, we will not have to sail for long, about thirty seconds at most. Next, we shine on the word “swim”, after which we materialize the “tools”. After reaching the wooden platform, collect supplies and materialize the house. Inside the room there is a television and, naturally, a mad writer is broadcasting in it.

The wooden house starts to roll over slowly, get closer to the TV so as not to fall from a height and not crash. Next, we wait until the house turns over, and move towards the exit. As soon as the building is on the same level with the platform floating in the air, we jump out of it.

We pass a little forward along the platform and find a tornado, another page falls from the sky; as soon as the main character picks up a part of the manuscript, the words "bridge" appear in the tornado. From these words, objects are materialized on which to jump freely. Burn them, starting from the bottom row, until you find a bus. This "platform" is most convenient for comfortable movement through the hurricane, we jump on it and spin in a whirlwind of darkness. While exploring a hurricane in fun, look for the word "road", it materializes a stationary platform. After waiting for the distance between the second platform and the bus to be reduced as much as possible, we jump over the abyss. At this location, the writer will be awaited by an obsessed with an ax, he is alone and should not cause problems. Climb the steps and burn out new words. Having found a suitable platform, we jump onto it and re-materialize the "road". A very long carriage with a ladder will appear. We jump to it and go upstairs. Re-create blocks of words and get to the trunk of a huge tree. Inside, you can replenish stocks of batteries and ammunition.

We leave the tree and render on a small plot of land. At this location, the words "roll" are shining, and if one of them is lit, barrels with a combustible mixture will roll down to the bottom. A little later, enemies appear, which it is very pleasant to blow up with these very barrels. Adhering to this tactic, we break forward to the renovated tree.

We go through the tree and replenish the supply of batteries; we move past the lantern and find a well, into which the word "hole" is immersed. The flashlight is useless in this situation, but in front, under the word "rockets", there is a police car with a box of hand flares. Fill your pockets with flares, return to the well and activate the word "hole". An explosion will occur in a huge pipe nearby and a passage will open.

We make our way inside the pipe, the path to the left is closed, so we turn right. We pass to the hole in the floor and jump down, enemies appear in the tunnels. Under the cover of hand flares, we run forward, then we turn left. There is another hole in the floor, we jump into it and find ourselves in another tunnel, but already illuminated. We go forward to the televisions and listen to the insane Alan.

After another cognitive transmission, he finds himself in a huge wheel, like a hamster. The wheel consists of various rooms (decorations) in which the events of the previous episodes took place. We run forward to the water and observe how the double to the heroes jumps down, and then we follow him. Having broken through the water barrier, we continue to move forward to a huge round door. It will be closed, but wait a little and the passage will be clear. Further, the writer enters the lighted room, we go through the room and sit down in the elevator; during the ascent we talk with Thomas, then we leave at the Staki gas station. We collect supplies, ignore Alan on the TV and go out into the street.

Ignoring the enemies outside, we turn right and find a copy of the game on the broken bed. We climb the tree to the other side and turn left, shine on the words "wire" and "bridge", materializing the power transmission poles and the bridge. We move to the other side of the ferry, and engage in battle with the possessed. After clearing the area, we continue to create power poles to the generator. We launch it and return to the fallen tree. We shine on the last word "wire" and as soon as the light appears, the loader button will become active. We approach the control panel and build a crossing.

We move forward after the sign, under the bridge Thomas will get in touch. We go up the path and go out to the bridge; it is safe in this area, so you can safely run to the opposite end of the bridge and start climbing. Enemies will appear on the upper levels, eliminate them with the help of the word "boom" and continue to rise. Enemies will also appear on the next level. Fortunately, the words flash, boom, and crumble will help with them.

Alan is waiting for the main character on the TV behind the lighting lantern. We move forward through suspension bridges, materialize a block, shoot a lonely possessed man and move on through the clinic corridor (it appears right in the rock). We pass through the door and observe the conversation between the doctor and Alan, who has a TV on his shoulders instead of a head. After a long conversation, the lights come on and the writer can move on.

We pass through the cave and find ourselves on the cliff, near the crashed plane. At this location, you need to climb up the rock and light up the word "trembling" located above the wing. The plane will lean down and the path will open for the protagonist. We pass along the wing and jump down, now Alan will have to break through the dark forest. We recommend not to engage in battle, but defending yourself with the light of a flare, run to the next lantern at the observation deck.

Thomas Zane reappears and gives Alan another page. Further, new words appear - "memory", "set fire" and "bridge". We shine on the word "memory" and get a new portion of memories. Then, turn on the light on the lighthouse and create a bridge. We pass forward and see a crowd of enemies, and to the left of them are two words "clear". We shine on words and rocks will disappear, and the lighthouse will destroy enemies with a powerful stream of light. Now the writer has a short run on the rocks; we move forward, shine on words and drive away impudent enemies with flares. Near the next lantern, you can rest a little. Nothing remained until the lighthouse; practically, the home stretch.


We go inside and go up to the lighthouse. We are watching a short video, after which Alan will be in front of the house of Thomas Zane in Bright Falls.


Approach the wreckage of the bridge and wait until the word rises out of the water, shine on it and create a bridge to the haven of darkness. We move along the bridge and meet Barry with an ax, drive him away with a flare and go to the house. Around the house there are televisions broadcasting the next program of the madman. We replenish ammunition and go forward.


First, Dr. Hartman appears and immediately attacks the writer. The fight with him will be no more difficult than with any other character. We drive Hartman into a corner and shoot, after removing the shields. After the doctor, the Anderson brothers will come out to the writer, with guitars at the top. With brothers, the battle tactics are similar (with the amendment that there are two opponents). The last will be Barry, he will have to fight three times. At first, he will pretend to be a thug with an ax, but after two defeats, he will change tactics and start running around quickly. Having defeated Barry for the third time, the writer will have the opportunity to enter the house. It remains only to watch the final video. 

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