All 4 game modes of Battlefield 2042 compared - which mode is for whom?


All 4 game modes of Battlefield 2042 compared - which mode is for whom?

The upcoming release of Battlefield 2042 shows: When it comes to game modes, DICE relies on both familiar and new trends. We tell you in which modes you can let off steam and how.

What game modes are there? If you start Battlefield 2042, you will first see a start screen that is reminiscent of Call of Duty. Similar to there, the screen is divided into three and you have a choice of three primary game forms. 

But instead of choosing between Black Ops Cold War, Warzone and Modern Warfare, it is All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal. What exactly is behind it, we show you here.

All-out warfare

Behind this bombastic name lies the core experience of Battlefield 2042. Because All-Out Warfare offers a choice of two classic Battlefield game modes: Conquest and Breakthrough. 


If one game mode defines the Battlefield games, it is Conquest, one of the two modes in All-Out Warfare. Games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with Ground War have also successfully tried it, but those looking for this type of gameplay will most likely be happy in Battlefield games.

What's the matter? Conquest takes place with many players and vehicles on large maps. 

  • These are divided into several control points. Two teams - in Battlefield 2042 these are American versus Russian troops - are fighting for supremacy on these maps.
  • Teams are divided into several squads of a maximum of four players each, who can communicate with each other. Lively squad members are, in addition to the home base and captured control points, also selectable spawn points. 
  • In Conquest, each team starts with a certain number of so-called tickets, which are used up with every respawn and every conquered control point. 
  • The more checkpoints a team has, and the more you kill opposing players, the faster these tickets will be used up. The first team without further tickets loses the match.
What's new? One of the innovations that is most noticeable to the player is the increased number of players in a match. 

On next-gen consoles and the PC, the maximum number of players doubles to 128. However, players who play Battlefield 2042 on the PS4 or Xbox One still have to be content with a maximum of 64 players.

This change has the expected consequences: the maps are bigger than before, there are more vehicles, and the battles are more chaotic and intense. 

However, due to the higher number of players, developer DICE has to rethink its design philosophy.

How does the new philosophy change the flow of the game? Daniel Berlin, the design director of Battlefield 2042, calls this new philosophy “clustering” (via Xbox on Youtube ). Although the maps are larger overall, there are special sectors in these maps that are geared towards a certain type of gameplay experience. 

In addition to a wide and open desert that is suitable for tanks, there are also many high-rise buildings for snipers or a football stadium designed for close combat in the hourglass map . 

As you have already seen in the beta, some control points are therefore divided into several sub-points. They all have to be conquered before the team can have complete control over this one large sector.

Whom does it help? The conquest of these checkpoints becomes less of a tug-of-war between two teams who constantly run towards each other and largely neutralize each other. 

Instead, coordination and a good distribution of attention and resources between the sub-items are rewarded. This is not only good for coordinated teams; Even loners can spread chaos in the opposing team with a skillful flanking maneuver and thus start a killstreak.



Also in Breakthrough, the second half of All-Out Warfare, the number of players was increased to a maximum of 128. Anyone who knows Breakthrough or Rush from past Battlefield games will find the new number of players either terrifying or euphoric. Because breakthrough is preprogrammed chaos.

What is the difference to conquest? DICE sees breakthrough as a further development of the very popular Rush game mode. This didn't work as well in every Battlefield as it did in the Bad Company games, in which the mode made its first appearance.

Therefore, Rush was modified from Battlefield 1, which is now also included in Battlefield 2042. Breakthrough uses the same maps as Conquest, but divides them into several consecutive sectors.

This is how the mode plays : Each sector is fought over. The teams are strictly divided into defenders and attackers.

  • The defenders must protect a different number of points in the sector from being captured by the attacking team. 
  • When all points have been captured in one sector, the defenders must fall back to the next sector and the game repeats itself. 
  • Should all sectors fall, the attackers win. The defenders win if they successfully prevent the attackers from taking over the current sector.
What's new? Although in principle nothing has changed much in Breakthrough, the many other changes should also have a strong impact on the feel of the game. The gigantic maps allow the players on both sides more options to navigate the battlefield and to fight for good positions.

The new specialists , who are replacing the classic roles of the old Battlefield games, also open up new approaches for attackers, for example, in order to crack the bulwark of the defenders or bypass them entirely. 

What is the effect? Breakthrough was not playable in the beta, but the experience from conquest together with the known information allow many well-founded assumptions. 

Where the larger maps with more smaller sections ensure that the mass of players is largely distributed, the maps in breakthrough are automatically smaller due to the subdivision into sectors. 

Accordingly, in Breakthrough, even more than in Conquest, the sheer number of players should be observable and noticeable at all times. You should therefore expect many chaotic battles and almost overwhelming amounts of sustained fire and explosions.

Who is the game mode suitable for? Experience has shown that it is much more difficult to be successful as a loner in a breakthrough than in a well-coordinated squad. This should continue to be the case, especially with the increase to up to 128 players. 

Sure, the new specialists could ensure that there are those very special “battlefield moments” in which a heroic individual decides the battle single-handedly for the whole team. 

But these moments require a lot of luck and virtually perfect gameplay. Good coordination is not only more likely to make you more successful, it also makes teammates less angry.

Hazard Zone

Where All-Out Warfare offers the proven strengths of the Battlefield games, DICE dares to take a risk with Hazard Zone . After the unpopular Firestorm mode, Battlefield 2042 is not trying a classic Battle Royale this time with Hazard Zone.

Hazard Zone

What's the matter? Hazard Zone uses the same maps as All-Out Warfare, but the number of players is limited to 32 for PC and next-gen and 24 for last-gen consoles. This is due to a changed focus: In addition to real players who are organized in four-man squads, there are also many hostile NPCs on the maps.

The primary task of the players is not to kill all opponents, but to complete missions alive. Instead of a classic Battle Royale, Hazard Zone is a variant that Escape from Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown have tried. The Dark Zone from the The Division games is also an obvious comparison. 

How is it playing? After a preparatory phase, the players have to find data carriers on the map. The players have the opportunity to evacuate at two different times. These are offered about halfway through the round and at the end.

If the recovery of the data carrier is successful, the players receive so-called Dark Market Credits, which in turn can be invested in upgrades. These range from better armor to weapon upgrades and are bought and equipped in the planning phase.

If the players fail to evacuate, be it because they died or missed the rescue time, they will lose their equipment. However, as with Apex Legends , you can be revived by a fellow player at certain terminals.

Who is this game mode for? Those who are bored of classic battle royales might enjoy Hazard Zone. The game mode promises similarly intense, long game rounds with painful deaths, but above all it tests your greed for loot. 

For fans of Tarkov, for example, Hazard Zone could also find pleasure. Hazard Zone promises a comparable game speed, but in a far less complex thicket of menus and inventories.

Battlefield Portal

The third part of the Battlefield 2042 overall package is the so-called Battlefield Portal , and it is reminiscent of a mixture of Halo's forge and the popular Battlefield Custom Servers. 

So it is a kind of game box in which you can create your own playing styles and gamble on the creations of others.

Battlefield Portal

What does this mode include? In addition to the content from Battlefield 2042, players have access to content from the old games of the franchise thanks to the portal. Three games are specially represented: Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. In addition, game modes such as Team Deathmatch can be selected via the portal.

For each of these games, two maps are made available, which have been technically updated to the state of Battlefield 2042. These cards are:

Battlefield 1942:

  • El Alamein
  • Battle of the Bulge
Battlefield: Bad Company 2:

  • Arica Harbor
  • Valparaiso
Battlefield 3: 

  • Caspian Border
  • Noshahr Canals
You have the following options: Battlefield Portal is a kind of custom game editor. It offers you several tools with which you can put together your desired Battlefield multiplayer experience. 

It is not yet clear how complex these possibilities are. In principle, however, the mode promises something comparable to the tools from the Halo forge. 

In a web-based editor, players can freely combine whatever they like. Lobbies in which 128 soldiers armed only with knives destroy a space missile with WW2 tanks would be possible. However, rentable servers should not be offered.

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