All 10 class specialists of Battlefield 2042 and what they can do


All known class specialists in Battlefield 2042 and what they can do

With Battlefield 2042 , the series reworks long-established features such as the classes or the traditional conquest mode and refreshes the mechanics. We show you how the new class system works and which specialists there will be.

With Battlefield 2042, the series goes into the future. Not only in the setting - the mechanics are also being scrutinized and should appeal to a new generation of players. In the case of the classes, this means: more freedom, more special skills.

A total of 10 specialists should be available at the start who equip your team with special skills and determine the class of a player. We explains the new class system to you and shows you the special features of the individual specialists. So far, 5 specialists are known - as soon as there is new information about the other release specialists, we will expand the article accordingly.

Battlfield 2042: Classes Explained

How does the class system work in Battlefield 2042? Basically, there is still the well-known class division in Battlefield 2042:

  • Assault soldier - Mobile soldier for the front
  • Utilities - support unit, also paramedics
  • Pioneer - responsible for the gross equipment
  • Scouts - Scout out or disrupt enemies
  • In contrast to earlier Battlefield offshoots, there are significantly fewer restrictions on the selection of your weapons.

    Unlike in Battlefield 5, as a scout you can also use weapons with a shorter range and an assault soldier has access to the long range caliber that was previously only allowed to be used by a scout. This generally makes the classes more variable and your enemies can no longer see at a glance which combat range you specialize in.

    The class is determined by your specialist. These are specialized soldiers who should support your play style with their skills. Every specialist has an active and a passive ability, which we will introduce to you in this article. Most of the specialists in the story are so-called “non-patriates” - stateless fighters whose home nation has disbanded.

    You have a free choice in the team and can also use the same specialists as your comrades - this also applies to the enemies. The situation is "Hazard Zone" mode different in the - here you can only take one specialist with you per class.

    All storm soldiers for the release of Battlefield 2042

    Assault soldiers are built for the front and create aggressiveness with their abilities, but can also use them for protection or to escape.

    Webster Mackay - Movement Expert

    The Canadian easily reaches positions with his hook pistol that other people would need air support for. The hook is very versatile and turns the Canadian Mackay into a highly dangerous soldier who can appear anywhere.

    In addition, you have better mobility when aiming with the visor due to the "agile" feature. Your speed of movement is higher in the sight than with the other specialists. 

    Webster Mackay - Movement Expert

    Dozer - With the shield to the front

    • Name: Santiago „Dozer“ Espinoza
    • Origin: Mexico
    • Class: Assault soldier
    • Active Ability: Ballistic Shield SOB-8
    • Passive Skill: Explosion Resistant

    Dozer brings a large shield into battle to protect itself from front-line fire. But you cannot fire while the bullets ricochet off the shield in front of you.

    But it's not just bullets that can harm you less - Dozer takes less damage from explosions and recovers health faster if the damage came from an explosion. 

    Dozer - With the shield to the front

    Sundance - with wingsuit ready

    • Name: Emma „Sundance“ Rosier
    • Origin: France
    • Class: Assault soldier
    • Active ability: Smart charges
    • Passive ability: wingsuit

    Sundance brings a selection of homing grenades to the front line and can choose between jamming, EMP and anti-tank grenades.

    She also wears a wingsuit and if you jump from a great height, you can get over the map quickly and accurately. 

    Sundance - with wingsuit ready

    All scouts for the release of Battlefield 2042

    In Battlefield 2042, scouts are no longer just pure snipers who make themselves comfortable in their warmed-up place. The skills also help on the front lines or can disrupt enemies who are planning an action on you.

    Casper - the sniper

    • Name: Wikus „Casper“ Van Daele
    • Origin: South Africa
    • Class: Scout
    • Active ability: OV-P reconnaissance drone
    • Passive ability: motion sensor

    Casper is the classic sniper and with his reconnaissance drone you can help your team to get an overview of the battlefield. Enemy equipment can also be disrupted with it.

    Once you have taken your strategic position on the edge of the battlefield, nobody can sneak up on you. A motion sensor on the edge of the screen shows you whether an enemy is approaching from behind. 

    Casper - the sniper

    Navin Rao - hacking specialist

    • Name: Navin Rao
    • Origin: India
    • Class: Scout
    • Active Ability: Cyber ​​War Suite
    • Passive ability: Trojan network

    Rao relies on his hacking tools and takes control of objects on the map or disrupts enemy equipment. For example, the specialist raises a number of “neutral” traffic bollards in the trailer. He can turn off the robot dogs "Ranger" and deactivate the functions of enemy vehicles.

    Rao also has some clarification: If you mark an enemy before you finish him off, you will briefly see other enemies nearby. 

    Navin Rao - hacking specialist

    Ji-Soo Paik – Wallhack im Gepäck

    • Name: Ji-Soo Paik
    • Origin: South Korea
    • Class: Scout
    • Active ability: EMG-X scanner
    • Passive Skill: Threat Perception

    Ji-Soo is a hand-to-hand fighter and when she pulls down her glasses you can see enemies through walls. However, the glasses have a battery that won't last very long.

    In addition, opponents who shot you are highlighted for you. 

    Ji-Soo Paik – Wallhack im Gepäck

    All utilities for the release of Battlefield 2042

    Supply stand in Battlefield 2042 for a better resuscitation, but are also suitable for replenishment deliveries. If you often help your comrades get up and want to give them a healing bonus, providers are the right choice.

    Maria Falck - paramedic with reach

    Maria Falck brings a spray gun into battle and uses it to heal her allies. If you fire at a team member whose health has suffered a little, you start a quick health regeneration with the pistol.

    In addition, your resuscitation is improved and if you help a teammate back on his feet, he is immediately in full health - unlike with the other specialists. 

    Maria Falck - paramedic with reach

    Angel - armor and weapon supplies

    • Name: Constantin „Angel“ Angel
    • Origin: Romania
    • Class: Utilities
    • Active Ability: Equipment Box
    • Passive Skill: Accident Specialist

    Angel has access to a shipment of equipment that you share with your fellow players. At the delivery you can change your weapon loadout, but you will also receive equipment and ammunition back.

    The second supplier also has a better resuscitation and comrades get back with some armor. 

    Angel - armor and weapon supplies

    All the pioneers for the release of Battlefield 2042

    Pioneers are responsible for the rough device and provide you with their favorite toys. They are particularly good for holding a position or supporting an attack from the second row.

    Boris - The one with the gun

    • Name: Piotr „Boris“ Guskovsky
    • Origin: Russia
    • Class: Pioneer
    • Active ability: SG-36 guard system
    • Passive Skill: Guard System Operator

    Boris has a mobile self-shot system with him and can set up his gun anywhere. The little helper locates enemies and attacks them independently. Due to its passive ability, the gun improves when you stand nearby. 

    Boris - The one with the gun

    Irish - Protects yourself and comrades

    • Name: Kimble „Irish“ Graves
    • Origin: USA
    • Class: Pioneer
    • Active ability: fortification system
    • Passive Skill: Veteran

    Irish is already known from the story of Battlefield 4 and brings a two-part fastening system with it in BF2042. You can put up a shield that protects you and the APS-36 guard system that intercepts incoming grenades and makes them harmless.

    Its passive ability gives you armor and other previously unknown bonuses when you neutralize an enemy. 

    Irish - Protects yourself and comrades

    Those were the 10 specialists for the release of Battlefield 2042.

    The revised class system allows you more freedom than in the predecessor Battlefield 5. Since you can choose any weapon with all classes, you have a lot more options and the specialists support your gameplay with their skills.

    Class skins and cosmetics provide variety

    So that the battlefield is not overrun by the same soldiers, Battlefield 2042 gets an extensive cosmetic system. A Battle Pass for Battlefield 2042 has already been announced and in addition to weapon skins and talismans there are also skins for the specialists.

    The YouTuber "SammyBoiii" shows in a video 21 possible specialist skins that could provide a visual change. The video shows scenes from the reveal trailer - we are including it here for you:


Battlefield 2042 plans to release on November 19th. The great material battle then offers 10 specialists and 7 large maps. There is also the portal mode with a lot of content from previous Battlefield offshoots and the hazard mode, which sounds a bit like Battle Royale. 

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