All known class specialists in Battlefield 2042 and what they can do


All known class specialists in Battlefield 2042 and what they can do

With Battlefield 2042 , the series reworks long-established features such as the classes or the traditional conquest mode and refreshes the mechanics. We show you how the new class system works and which specialists there will be.

With Battlefield 2042, the series goes into the future. Not only in the setting - the mechanics are also being scrutinized and should appeal to a new generation of players. In the case of the classes, this means: more freedom, more special skills.

A total of 10 specialists should be available at the start who equip your team with special skills and determine the class of a player. We explains the new class system to you and shows you the special features of the individual specialists. So far, 5 specialists are known - as soon as there is new information about the other release specialists, we will expand the article accordingly.

Battlfield 2042: Classes Explained

How does the class system work in Battlefield 2042? Basically, there is still the well-known class division in Battlefield 2042:

  • Assault soldier - Mobile soldier for the front
  • Utilities - support unit, also paramedics
  • Engineer - in charge of the gross equipment
  • Scout - Often stays in the background, spying out or disturbing enemies

However, there are far fewer restrictions when it comes to choosing your weapons. Unlike in Battlefield 5, as a scout you can also use weapons with a shorter range and an assault soldier has access to the long range caliber that was previously only allowed to be used by a scout. This generally makes the classes more variable and your enemies can no longer see at a glance which combat range you specialize in.

The class is determined by your specialist. These are specialized soldiers who should support your play style with their skills. Each specialist has an active and a passive skill, which we will also introduce to you in this article. Most of the specialists in the story are so-called “non-patriates” - stateless fighters whose home nation has disbanded.

You have a free choice in the team and can also use the same specialist as your comrades - this also applies to the enemies. In the beta there are some crazy scenes because somehow all the players look so alike .

Assault Specialist: Webster Mackey - Movement Expert

The former Canadian feels guilty about a mistake in his past. He joins the troops to fight for redress.

  • Active Skill: Grappling Hook - Fires a rope that sticks to surfaces and pulls the soldier towards it
  • Passive Skill: Agile - you have a higher movement speed when aiming (strafing)

The assault soldier Mackay makes a very mobile impression with his skills. It should be of particular interest to frontline fighters who are always looking for a way to flank enemies.

Utility specialist: Maria Falck - paramedic ready at all times

The German soldier shines with her healing skills and is therefore a blessing for every troop. She takes part in the war to find her son David among the Non-Patriates.

  • Active Skill: Splash Gun - Deals healing to friends and damage to enemies
  • Passive Skill: Combat Surgeon - Resurrected allies immediately have full health

Falck's skill clearly makes you a medic - welcome teammates if you use your healing skills properly.

Engineer specialist: Piotr "Boris" Guskovsky - the one with the gun

The motives of the Russian-born soldier are unclear. Apparently Guskovsky wants to see more control and power in the chaotic world again and supports the non-patriates with his weapons expertise.

  • Active Skill: SG-36 Guard System - A freely positionable gun that attacks advancing enemies
  • Passive Skill: Guard System Operator - Targets captured by the guard gun will be sighted for all

Guskovsky has a wide range of uses thanks to his gun - he can support attacks and hold positions. But he has to pay attention to his logistics in order to use the gun effectively.

Engineer Specialist: Kimble “Irish” Graves - Protection and Armor

The second engineer in the league is no stranger to vetarans of the Battlefield series. Graves was part of the Battlefield 4 campaign and appears again in the latest offshoot of the series.

  • Active Skill: Fortification System - You can put cover and a device to intercept grenades
  • Passive Skill: Veteran - Armor and additional bonuses for neutralized enemies

Graves skills make him a strong supporter who helps with survival and avoids long ways to respawn. His active skill protects himself and team members, while his passive helps survive when the rest of the team is waiting for the respawen.

Reconnaissance specialist: Wikus "Casper" van Daele - For all thoroughbred snipers

The scout van Daele is a quiet guy and fights resolutely for a better world. However, he does not have to make friends.

  • Active Skill: Drone OV-P - A drone that spots enemies, marks targets and can confuse enemies with an EMP
  • Passive Skill: Motion Sensor - If enemies approach you, you will receive an approach warning

"Casper" is a typical sniper and has strong skills for a scout. If you like to play with a range caliber from the background, he is your specialist.

The revised class system allows you more freedom than in the predecessor Battlefield 5. Since you can choose any weapon with all classes, you have a lot more options and the specialists support your gameplay with their skills.

Class skins and cosmetics provide variety

So that the battlefield is not only overrun by the same soldiers, Battlefield 2042 will probably get an extensive cosmetic system. A Battle Pass for Battlefield 2042 has already been announced and in addition to weapon skins and talismans there are also skins for the specialists. Although it is still unclear whether the Battle Pass will donate such cosmetics.

The YouTuber "SammyBoiii" shows in a video 21 possible specialist skins that could provide a visual change. The video shows scenes from the reveal trailer - we are including it here for you:

Battlefield 2042 is planning a release on November 19th. The great material battle should then offer up to 10 sepzislites and 7 large maps. In addition, there is the portal mode with a lot of content from previous Battlefield offshoots and the Hazard mode, which sounds a bit like Battle Royale.

As soon as there is new information about the remaining 5 specialists who have not yet been presented, we will expand the article accordingly.

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