Battlefield 2042 is missing an important feature for launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Battlefield 2042 is missing an important feature for launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X

 Battlefield 2042 is starting with crossplay, but those who are on the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S will have to get by with one disadvantage, at least for the time being. Because at the start there is no support for mouse and keyboard on consoles.

Where does the info come from? In a blog post on the official Steam page for Battlefield 2042, which also deals with the anti-cheat measures , developer DICE confirms: At the start there is no support for mouse and keyboard on consoles.

Why is the feature missing? DICE does not give a more precise reason. In any case, the statement shows that it may be related to the crossplay function that Battlefield 2042 will offer at the start.

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Developer DICE writes:

We heard your questions about mouse and keyboard support for consoles. We can confirm that we won't be supporting this on consoles when Battlefield 2042 launches, but we're still exploring the different ways it could be made available and how it could affect crossplay. Should that ever change, you will find out from us first.


Disadvantage for consoles in crossplay?

This is how crossplay works in Battlefield 2042: The feature is already only available in a limited form:

  • For example, players on PC can only play with other players on Xbox Series X | S and PS5
  • Xbox One and PS4 can only play with each other

The reason for this lies in the large differences between the versions of the old consoles and the new ones and the PC. For example, due to the technical limitations, significantly fewer players will meet each other per game, and the maps will be smaller.

For PS5 and Xbox Series players, the lack of mouse and keyboard support for cross-play could now be a thorn in the side. At least that's what the reactions to the news suggest.

This is how the players react: As usual, there is the classic “controller vs. mouse / keyboard” debate. Many console gamers are disappointed with the missing feature, as they now see themselves at a disadvantage compared to PC gamers.

Therefore, they hope to have separate lobbies so that the controller user cannot end up in the same game with mouse / keyboard users. Jdp111 writes on reddit: “How should crossplay work then? Will it just knock the keyboard and mouse and controller together? CoD has a much better solution with a preferred input method for matchmaking. " (via )

However, there is no specific information from EA or DICE yet. So it remains to be seen how this will look in the finished game. Maybe we will find out more about this in the open beta, which starts soon. 

When does the open beta start? The preload will take place from October 5th. The early access phase will take place on October 6th and 7th. The open beta phase will then start on October 8th and run until October 10th.

Which platforms can you play on? The beta will take place on all platforms on which Battlefield 2042 appears. Accordingly on the PC (Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store), PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. 

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