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Battlefield 2042 launches today Preload to Open Beta - Download and Early Access


Battlefield 2042 launches today Preload to Open Beta - Download and Early Access

Today, October 5th, the preload phase for starts Battlefield 2042 . We summarizes all important data, the download size and the start of Early Access for you.

Update, October 5th: The preload has now started and the download sizes are known. We have also added instructions for downloading.

When will the Battlefield 2042 Beta preload start? You can download the game starting October 5th.

These are the official beta times:

  • Preload: October 5th.
  • Early Access: October 6.
  • Open Beta starts: October 8th.
  • End of beta: October 10th

How can I play earlier? If you pre-order Battlefield 2042, you can start early access on October 6th. If you own the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or are a member of EA Play, you will also get access to Early Access.

The invitations will be sent to your email address linked to the respective account.

This is how you take part in the Early Access to the Open Beta

Here are EA's instructions on how to redeem the code for Early Access:

  • visit
  • Sign in with your Origin / EA account
  • Go to Account Settings
  • If you want to play on the console: Make sure under “Connections” that your PS or Xbox account is linked
  • Click on “Redeem Product Code”, insert your code and redeem it
  • Go to the platform of your choice and start the download

Where can I pre-order the beta? Here you can find the links to the respective stores. You can also find the Open Beta there as soon as the Early Access phase ends:

How can I download the beta? Here are instructions for the respective platforms:

  • Origin
    • Find “Battlefield 2042” in the store
    • Select "Play first" on the product page
    • Then the beta page should open and all you have to do is add it to your library
  • Steam
    • Go to the Battlefield 2042 product page
    • There you will find the option: “Participate in the game test of Battlefield ™ 2042 Open Beta”
    • Click "Request Access"
  • PS4/PS5
    • Find Battlefield 2042 on PlayStation Store
    • Click on the Open Beta there
    • The download should start immediately
  • Xbox Series X|S und Xbox One
    • Find Battlefield 2042 in the Xbox Store
    • Click on the Open Beta there
    • The download should start immediately

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta - Download Size and Contents

How big will the download be? There are different details for this. The official system requirements for the beta mention 100 GB. According to reports from players, it is between 17 and 19 GB, depending on the platform.

Many players assume that the specification of the requirements does not refer to the beta, but to the final game .

What can you expect in the beta ? According to official information, you can test a mode and a map in the beta phase. Here's a quick summary:

  • In the beta, 4 of the 5 specialists presented so far are available
  • You can play the "Conquest" mode
  • The only map in the beta is "Orbital"

Not much more is known about it. The content apparently corresponds to the technical alpha , which took place in mid-August.

What are the specialists? These are basically the classes of Battlefield 2042, only that players have significantly more freedom here than with typical class systems in other games.

So far, five specialists have been introduced , four of which are probably in the beta:

  • Assault Soldier - Webster Mackey
  • Provider - Maria Falck
  • Ingenieur - Piotr "Boris" Guskovsky
  • Enlightenment - Wikus "Casper" van Daele

The fifth specialist is not listed as content and is probably only playable in the full version of Battlefield 2042. 

Is there actually crossplay? This is currently not known. The well-known leaker Tom Henderson states that crossplay is present in the beta. However, there is one limitation: There is no common party function between the platforms .

When will Battlefield 2042 be released? The shooter should finally be released on November 19, 2021.

What about with you? Are you going to take a look at the Open Beta? Are you already in Early Access? Please write us in the comments.