Battlefield 2042 offers crossplay - this is how it should work


Battlefield 2042 offers crossplay - this is how it should work

For the release of Battlefield 2042 , the multiplayer shooter wants to offer a crossplay function. There will be a few restrictions, however. We explains to you how this should work.

What is crossplay anyway? This is a function that you can play with other players regardless of the platform you are playing on.

For example, if you are out and about on the PC, you can use crossplay to start matches with console players. Battlefield 2042 will also have crossplay - but not for all.

For which platforms will Battlefield 2042 appear? The shooter appears for PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5. Crossplay will be possible, but not between all of the platforms mentioned. Technical reasons lead to some limits.

Battlefield 2042 Crossplay - Who can play with whom?

This is how it will work: With crossplay, the players are basically divided into two groups that can play among themselves across platforms:

  • PC, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 form the first group and can play with each other.
    • PC and console players can decide for themselves whether they want to interact with the other platform.
  • The other group consists of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Why these two groups? Battlefield 2042 is a cross-gen title and also comes on the old consoles. But the technical differences between the old generation of consoles and the new ones are great.

That's why the PS4 and Xbox One versions come with significantly lower numbers of players and smaller maps, for example. The new consoles can fight battles with up to 128 players, while only up to 64 players can play on Xbox One and PS4. 

Progress and in-game purchases can be transferred to other platforms

Your progress will apparently also be cross-platform, because according to EA, Battlefield should also offer cross-progression.

What does that mean? For example, anyone who has played Battlefield on a PS4 can simply take their unlocked items and other progress with them to another platform. Apparently there will also be a new feature that EA calls "cross-commerce".

What is cross commerce? This feature should allow you to take your purchased in-game content from Battlefield 2042 to any platform. For example, you can take your Battle Pass with you from one console to the other.

Note that EA is still working on this feature and has even postponed the alpha playtest for it . So a few things can change before the release. 

When will Battlefield 2042 be released? The release was originally scheduled for October 22, 2021. However, the date has been postponed to November 19th.

Can you play the shooter beforehand? The Open Beta runs from today until October 10th.

What about crossplay in the beta? The function is there, but is subject to some restrictions in the beta. This way you cannot form targeted groups with players from other platforms. 

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