Before playing Metroid Dread, 7 tips to get off to a good start in Nintendo's new hit


Before playing Metroid Dread, 7 tips to get off to a good start in Nintendo's new hit

The last installment of the saga brings us puzzles, mazes and some imposing enemies.

The latest installment of the Metroid saga has been made to pray, 19 years have passed since Metroid Fusion for the long-awaited continuation, and the result could not be more satisfactory, with a masterful Metroid that is undoubtedly among the best in 2D . The game has not only been a critical success, it has also managed to break records for the franchise in the UK and Japan , even driving sales of previous games in the series .

A few basics to get started with Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread arrived on Nintendo Switch on October 8, accompanying the Nintendo Switch OLED , the new console of the Nintendo Switch family that stands out for its fantastic 7-inch OLED screen . But if you haven't gotten into it yet or you're still a bit lost in its early stages, we wanted to bring you a series of tips and recommendations to make Samus's journey easier for you.

1. The solution is near

Metroid Dread is a great maze, and it is likely that at some point you will get stuck, at this point you should bear in mind that the solution is probably closer than you think. In many moments, the game will give you a new ability to keep moving forward and a common mistake is to search in remote or inaccessible places, while the game is designed so that the next step is close to the acquired skill.

2. Don't stop placing markers

The Metroid Dread map is expansive and there comes a time when it becomes really huge, at this point, it will be difficult to remember those that we have left behind, therefore, it is important that you place markers regularly that will help you remember those areas where that you could not access. If you are ordered, you can use each marker for different indications, for example, the red ones for high temperature areas, the exploration will be much easier.

3. Impossible bosses?

One of the great walls that we will have to cross in the game will be that of its imposing final bosses, challenges that can be frustrating if you are not well prepared. Each boss will have very specific mechanics that we must solve to survive, but our advice is that, if you have endless attempts and there is no way to overcome the challenge, collect candles, charge vital energy or increase the arsenal of missiles and come back better prepared. .

4. The counter attack

MercurySteam introduced in Metroid Samus Returns a mechanic that has become an essential movement and a hallmark of the deliveries developed by the Spanish studio. An elegant movement that plays with risk reward, combining the deflection of the enemy attack with a direct shot back that also rewards us with more resources after the death of the enemies with this technique.

5. EMMI robots

EMMI Robots are one of the great novelties of this new installment. His presence serves to increase the atmosphere of terror with an enemy that is unstoppable and invincible. Each of the EMMI that you will find in each sector will present you with a challenge that you will have to solve, finding a way to avoid it and finding the device that will allow you to boost Samus's cannon to disable it with a precise shot.

6. Exploration is everything

Don't stop exploring. It seems obvious, but in some moments of the adventure, you can see yourself in a situation in which you simply do not know where to go. In those cases, keep calm and realize that the solution is not always obvious. Keep in mind that you can find yourself with destructible walls and floors, having this clear is already an important step, access to an area may not be in front of your eyes, be careful and explore every corner.

7. The fastest Metroid

If you are fans of the franchise, the first thing you will notice are the changes in the mobility of the game. It is the fastest Metroid and its speed is a set of all the elements that the title has preserved from the saga and those that it has added. Forget those static and cautious shots, because the game will allow you to launch a whole series of attacks, both shots and melee counterattacks, while running, sliding and jumping at full speed.

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