Best weapon in Back 4 Blood


Best weapon in Back 4 Blood

In Back 4 Blood, you are tasked with completing tasks and getting to the hideout, while destroying hundreds of zombies that will try to get in your way. Naturally, you'll want to equip the best gear to make the journey easier. Here are the best weapons in Back 4 Blood.

AK 47 

The AK-47 is the best weapon in every way in Back 4 Blood. This gives you high damage and a decent rate of fire. The only real drawback is the high recoil compared to other machines. Equipping this weapon with several attachments that combine with your activation cards will allow you to quickly deal with hordes of undead.


There are several melee weapons in Back 4 Blood, but the machete stands out as the best all-around weapon. Although it has lower damage than other weapons like the bat or fire ax, it has a quick swipe attack that can hit multiple enemies at once. It also requires less stamina to swing than other melee weapons. You can even start your run with this weapon if you choose to play as Evangelo. 


Desert eagle

The pistol is never the most powerful weapon in the game. However, this is not the case with the Desert Eagle in Back 4 Blood. This pistol uses sniper cartridges and is almost as powerful as one. If you learn to control the recoil of this hand cannon, you will create fear in the eyes of the Ridden.


There is no better weapon for clearing buildings than the AA-12 shotgun. This fully automatic, moderate damage shotgun does an excellent job of taking out the Ridden horde at close range. While this shotgun is not very good at killing enemies from afar, it is the best at killing swarms and pumping Tall Boy full of lead. 

Barrett M95

At first glance, the Barret M95 is not very good. This is a bolt action sniper and very slow firing. But until you use Barrett against one of the game's bosses, it's impossible to appreciate him for what he is: a boss-killing machine. If you shoot at the weak points of the boss, his health will drop faster than any other weapon in the game.

That's it - the best weapon in Back 4 Blood! The next time you venture into this post-apocalyptic world, be sure to look for a few of these weapons. They will definitely help you fight off the endless hordes of the Ridden. 

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