Bunny Hop in CS: GO


Bunny Hop in CS: GO

In this article, we'll show you how to do bunny hop and show you how to train it!

How it's done?

It is necessary to make run using W, and then clamping SPACE and do streyf to A and D .

Where to start?

  • First, we write these commands into the console:
  • map de_nuke (you will start the de_nuke map , it is better for this workout)
  • sv_cheats 1 (includes all cheating commands)
  • sv_gravity 0 (makes the lowest gravity)
  • god (makes you immortal)
  • mp_warmuptime 99999 (sets the time for warm-up)
  • mp_warmup_start (turns on the warm-up)
  • bot_kick ( kicks all bots)
  • cl_showpos 1 (shows information about the character)

How to strafe?

So, let's start doing strafe. You click on A and smoothly rotate the mouse to the left , and vice versa. Your character model will accelerate. In the upper left corner (where the radar is) you will see the character's speed ( vel ). Speed ​​with a knife or with a bomb 250. If you strafe correctly, then your speed will grow and grow. Then you combine it all with jumping on bunnyhop servers and voila - you are a real bunnyhoper!

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