Change nickname in CS: GO

Change nickname in CS: GO

 In the catalog of projects from Valve, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is considered one of the most popular games. For players, the project provides a lot of opportunities and options for gameplay, including various ways to improve and pump the game character. If you managed to achieve any success in the game, the character's "nickname" becomes your pride and a hallmark of professionalism. But there are also the opposite cases. If for some reason you need to change your nickname, you can do this using one of the suggested options.

The choice of a specific method of how to change a nickname in CS GO depends on the version of the game you are using: for licensed software, your instructions, for a pirated version - your own.

How to change nickname in the licensed version of CS: GO

To complete the procedure, log into your Steam account, select "Settings" and the "Friends" tab. Next, the nickname is changed to anyone who wants it, it is possible to change the profile avatar in quick mode.

The negative point of this method is that most players want to keep the established nickname in the Steam client, and use a different nickname to play CS: GO.

The second way to change the nickname in the licensed version of the game is to do the following:

  • Open the Steam client by logging in under your account;
  • Start the game;
  • Open the console by pressing the "~" key;
  • Enter the command name "your_nickname", specifying the new name in quotes.

How to change the name in the pirated version of CS: GO

  • After downloading and installing CS: GO, go to the game folder;
  • Find rev.ini in the existing files;
  • Open this file using any text editor;
  • Find the line PlayerName = "Player" among the codes;
  • Change "Player" to any nickname.

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