CoD Warzone: This is how you quickly complete the 9 Halloween tasks and win the new MP

 Call of Duty: Warzone's spooky Halloween event has started. You can get 9 Halloween items in a dark mode and dust off a new machine gun. We show you how to do the tasks quickly and which tasks are active in Black Ops Cold War .

Under the reign of terror from "Ghostface", the killer from the Scream films, the "Ghosts of Verdansk" mode in Call of Duty: Warzone is currently started. Instead of a gulag, you turn into ghosts when you die and if you are still alive, the battle royale terrorizes you with hallucinations and the well-known, nasty jump scare boxes.

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But you can also bag a few eerily beautiful cosmetics with a Halloween theme as part of the event. If you do all 9 tasks, you will also unlock the new LAPA SMG submachine gun. We'll show you all the tasks and how to do them quickly.

Task 1 - raise the dead

  • Play 5 games "The Spirits of Verdansk"

The first task is very simple - you should play the "Ghosts of Verdansk" event mode. However, the end is a little tricky, because you absolutely have to play the matches to the end. If you leave the realm of the Warzone ghosts earlier, the match does not count towards progress.

These tasks work the fastest if you jump into the match with a full team or solo and let yourself be dealt with directly. However, this is not recommended, as the other tasks are also related to the mode and you will therefore play one or the other round anyway.

2nd task - only over my corpse

  • As a team you are 3 times in the top 10 of "Geister von Verdansk"

A total of 100 players are waiting for your death in the event playlist and you have to survive over 20 teams to complete the task. Thanks to the ghost mechanics, that's not that difficult. If you go down and become a ghost, you can play relatively passively and still get many opportunities to revive yourself.

To do this, you have to collect "soul fragments" from the enemies and every finished enemy drops such a fragment. If you look at the map, you can often discover many of these fragments - even in the later course of the match.

Play carefully and stay in the match for a long time. If you go down, sneak across the map as a ghost and revive yourself without attacking opponents. It's pretty easy to get into the top 10.

Green circle: soul fragment / red circle: hostile spirit

3rd task - witty

  • Kill 10 enemy ghosts

For this task you have to be "alive" because as a spirit you cannot harm other spirits. The best way to protect yourself from ghosts is to stay outside a house and leave enough space between you and the nasty spectral enemies.

A good way to lure ghosts into the trap for kills is to use the soul fragments later in a round. If you know that an enemy died in a room, one of the ghost fragments will be displayed on the map. These ghosts will try to bag the fragment. Be ready - they will come.

Another tip that unfortunately is not considered in many horror films: stay together. The spirits can confuse you, but are rather weak. In twos or threes you have a chance against several ghosts,

4th task - life and death

  • Kill 10 humans while being a living operator

What would a live event in a shooter be without a pure kill challenge. Here you just have to kill living opponents who are not ghosts yet. If you play in a team, you can use your ghost colleagues to collect kills. Because as a ghost you have a constant reconnaissance drone and see enemies highlighted.

Help as a ghost with the clarification and let the "living" sack the kills. Then you as a spirit get the soul fragments of the fallen.

5th task - scared to death

  • Kill 5 Living Operators while being a ghost

That should be the most difficult task of the entire event. As a ghost, you have to land melee kills and have no ranged combat damage - so you have to get close to the enemy and are not particularly stable yourself.

Use your "Spectral Strike" to confuse enemies and then try to get behind the enemy. With a fully armored enemy, you need 5 attacks to lay the enemy down. If another enemy comes around the corner, get out of the field with your "teleport".

If you are sure that there is no other enemy nearby, use the teleport to attack: Confuse the enemy, beam yourself behind the enemy and execute an enforcer - this will cause the enemy to go straight down.

6th task - boo!

  • Get back on as an Operator after being a ghost

For this task you either have to collect 3 of the soul fragments or kill an opponent with an enforcer. Both revive you and bring you back into the game as a living operator.

7. Task - Evil is powerless here

  • Visit 3 places with holy ground to lower your fear

In the event mode you have a kind of "fear-o-meter". The higher the display rises, the more Warzone affects you in your gameplay. There are some nasty optical effects that even take your view away for a moment. By visiting “holy ground” you can slowly reduce your fear. As long as the holy ground is active, spirits cannot enter this area.

This is what the sacred areas look like on the map.

Other actions that can reduce your anxiety:

  • Eliminate enemy player or ghost
  • Revive teammate
  • Complete the job

8th task - who is there?

  • Answer the phone 3 times
You can find phones all over the map. If you hear a ring, you still have to find the device - which is not always that easy. However, there are really many phones on the map and you don't have to worry that you won't find the 3. Pick up the phone and interact with it.

What you should be concerned about is the ramifications of the phone call. At the other end sits Ghostface, who has a typical sentence from the films ready and thus lets your fear-o-meter rise. So far, we have not been able to determine any positive effects of a phone call - either nothing happened or the fear indicator went up.

Task 9 - What are you afraid of?

  • 3 hallucinations with full fear-o-meter
If you play a few rounds of “Ghosts of Verdansk”, you can do this task on the side. Many actions in the game cause increased fear and the display can rise rapidly.

The hallucinations during a full display are quite nasty. Mostly it is an animation that is shown to you during the match and blocks your view. There may even be “phantom fire” and you get all the signs of fire but no damage - very confusing.

Actions that Increase Your Fear:

  • Damage from all sources
  • camping
  • See dead enemies or ghosts
  • Teammates were downtime or killed

The 9 tasks of Cold War at a glance

Even in the multiplayer and zombie mode of Black Ops Cold War you can get 9 Halloween items and at the end the new MP is available to unlock. Here are the challenges at a glance:

  1. Nice hauntedness
    • 5 matches in multiplayer or zombies in the event playlist
  2. Fatalities
    • 200 kills on "Nuketown Halloween 24/7" or pumpkin heads in zombie mode
  3. Nobody comes out alive
    • Top 3 in scream death power or evacuation in Halloween outbreak
  4. Keep distance!
    • 30 kills in "Infected Halloween" or special and elite opponents in zombies
  5. The price of the butcher
    • 10 melee kill in multiplayer or butcher medals in zombies
  6. trick or treat
    • Open 5 "fear councils" in multiplayer or zombie mode (red boxes)
  7. Who's Afraid of Ghosts?
    • 50 kills with "ghost" as a perk or zombies with activated "ether veil"
  8. Absolute nightmare
    • 3 times 3 kills without dying in multiplayer or slaughter medals in zombies
  9. play with the fire
    • 5 kills from fire damage in multiplayer or fire damage multiple kill medals in zombies

Warzone & Cold War: Unlock all rewards and the MP

How do I get the new MP? To get the new LAPA SMG, you have to complete all 9 tasks in one of the two games - Warzone OR Cold War. It is not enough if you complete 5 tasks in Warzone and then 4 more in Cold War. Either you do all 9 in Warzone or all 9 in Cold War.

If you can't complete the task during the event, you can unlock the new submachine gun via another challenge after the event.

Another option is the bundle that can be bought in the CoD shop. For 1,200 CoD points you can buy a blueprint for the weapon immediately. However, there is no basic weapon - you level the weapon when you use it, but you still have no access to the attachments and can only use the unchanged blueprint.

All unlockable event cosmetics from Warzone:

  • Task: Weapon blueprint M82
  • Task: clock
  • Task: talisman
  • Task: emblem
  • Task: crosshairs
  • Task: sticker
  • Task: business card
  • Task: sticker
  • Task: talisman

All unlockable event cosmetics from Cold War:

  1. Task: Road sweeper weapon construction plan
  2. Task: clock
  3. Task: talisman
  4. Task: emblem
  5. Task: crosshairs
  6. Task: sticker
  7. Task: business card
  8. Task: arcade game
  9. Task: talisman

The Halloween event is reminiscent of the event from the first Warzone year, but it does some things differently. Instead of zombies, ghosts are on the move and provide an interesting change in Verdansk at night.

In addition, you can get a lot of cosmetics and dust off a new weapon with just a few rounds. If you also have tips on how to get to the individual rewards faster, please leave us a comment.

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