Creating your own weapon skin in CS GO

Creating your own weapon skin in CS GO

 Creating your own skin in CS: GO is not difficult, such creativity will help make weapons beautiful and unusual. One feature should be taken into account: after creating your weapon it will be impossible to use it, options for selling it will be available, if your work is liked and becomes popular, you will earn money on it.

Before starting work, you need to decide why you need to create skins in CSGO. A high-quality "coloring" will require from you not only time, but also the skills of working in a graphic editor, perseverance and patience. You will also need:

  • The CS: GO game itself;
  • CS GO SDK or GCF Scape;
  • Photoshop;
  • VTFEdit.

Valve has its own weapon paint guide that you should read before getting started. After that, preparatory activities are carried out: saving sketches of the necessary models that are in the archive files of the game. This requires:

  • Launch the GCF Scape program;
  • Open the game folder and select the pak01.dir file;
  • In the directory, select the models and materials folders and unzip them to any convenient location on the disk.
Work continues in the VTFEdit utility. It converts thumbnail files from VTF to TGA format. After saving the desired result, proceed to direct work in the graphical editor.

Valve's guide on how to make your own skin in CS GO provides a description of how to work with specifying zones for each weapon model. Each skin is created in its own way, there are a great variety of options.

After creating the coloring, it is saved in the TGA format, and the reverse conversion to VTF is carried out using the VTFEdit utility. To view the results in the game itself, the following actions are performed:

  • The game starts and the console opens;
  • The command "workshop_workbench" is typed in the console;
  • In the window that appears in the menu, select the item "Custom Paint Job" and the command "choose patter";
  • The created model in VTF format is selected, which appears in the window;
  • A check mark is put in front of the “ignore_weapon_size_scale” inscription, all the settings sliders are shifted to the left.
The final stage is submitting the skin to the Steam Workshop. To do this, the command "workshop_publish" is typed in the console, the position is set to "Weapon" and "Add" is pressed. To create a preview picture before placing the work in the workshop, you should save a picture of the weapon in JPEG format.

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