CS: GO Shooting Practice

 All CS: GO players can be divided into two types, those who just skate MM and those who want to develop their skills and achieve more than others.

In this article, I would like to share with you my training program, which helped me to get up the golden eagle literally in 2 months.

To do this, we will need, first of all, the well-known training_aim_csgo2 map .

And so, we choose any weapon that we want to train, but let it not be a shotgun and not a quick-fire or a submachine gun, let's take something more often used, ideally a pistol, for example, a Desert Eagle , USP and an AK-47 or M4A1 assault rifle -S .

Let's set up the training mode according to the screenshot below:

CS: GO Shooting Practice

This map has 4 platforms, each with a different distance, start from the first platform. Shoot on the " Start " button .

How it all looks, these are the funny heads crawling in front of you:

How correctly they move vertically, but less often horizontally. Now, before you start, remember a few very important rules and tips to consider:

1 . Spend only 1 shot on each target (since here you are training not a clamp, but single shooting).

2 . After each shot, move the scope to the center of the training wall.

3 . If you miss, don't try to hit with 2 or 3 rounds, just wait for the next target to appear.

4 . Do not wait for the target to move to your crosshair, you must aim at it yourself. (The aiming speed will increase by itself as you train.)

Following these rules, you need to knock out 300 targets from each of the 4 platforms . You need to train for a week every day and after this period you are 95% likely to notice the result.


When you are already on the third and fourth platforms, it will be difficult for you to hit these small targets and your eyes may start to hurt from this, so it is better to rest after every 100-150 hits, drink tea or something else.

After you have knocked out all 1200 targets , be sure to go to the DeathMatch server , preferably not official, and preferably in FFA mode, this is necessary so that the precision aiming skills worked out in the shooting range are superimposed on the gameplay and you can learn how to combine shooting in movement, with turns and taking into account the geometry of the map.


All the same, when you go to the DM, there will not be heads running in front of you, so the DM brings the player a little closer to the conditions of the competitive mode.

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