[CSGO] Free skins


[CSGO] Free skins

The ten best sites, almost all of the xgodable type, all sites are checked, I personally deduced a couple of good skins from them.

OSU! - How To Download & Instal...
OSU! - How To Download & Install Skins

1. The site will receive 40 cents on the balance and you will be able to open a case where I got a key for more than two dollars, also if you are going to pour money there and open cases, there is a daily bonus, which depends on the amount you uploaded to the site!

2. A cool site where I brought asims for $ 20 almost free, the minus is that in order to withdraw, you need to upload one dollar to the site. you need to enter it in the "Free credits" tab, if you raise 1000, you can withdraw the skin for a dollar.

3. A site similar to the previous one, only you do not need to upload anything to it. In the fold "Redeem code" enter the code: you get 50 points, i.e. 50 cents, you can display an inexpensive skin right away, or raise these points and display a better skin. On the site, if there is a typical roulette, coin flip, something like "heads or tails" and bets on eSports CS: GO matches.

4. Site If you click on this link or enter this one, you will get some coins, also on the site you are given 10 cents every day. You can go to the site every day, collect coins and withdraw some skin, or you can raise your bets, the main thing is not to overplay, I raised 660 from 10 coins and at one moment I lost everything 🙁 The site has a regular roulette with skins, double roulette game, duel game, something similar to "rock, paper, scissors" and bets on esports CS: GO matches.

Sorry that there are not many sites, if you like it, I can make a couple more posts, there are really a lot of such sites.

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