Diablo 2: The best class for your play style - all characters in a quick check


Diablo 2: The best class for your play style - all characters in a quick check

What can the classes in actually do Diablo 2: Resurrected and which is the best class? We give you an insight into the 7 playable characters and reveals who they suit.

What classes are there? Diablo 2 offers a total of 7 classes with different orientations . Especially as a newcomer, you could quickly lose the overview or not know what actually suits you.

So that you have all classes at a glance and can make better decisions, we list the 7 classes of Diablo 2 here and briefly outline what they can do: 

  •     Amazon: warrior with spear, bow and elemental magic - for damage and support
  •     Assassin: Skilled with traps and claws - For close combat and control
  •     Barbarian: Mighty fighters with large weapons - as a melee or tank
  •     Druid: “All-rounder” and natural wizards who can transform and summon animals - for damage and support
  •     Paladin: Holy warriors who strengthen their allies with auras - ideal as off-tank and support
  •     Necromancer: Creates minions from skeletons and curses enemies - Powerful for damage and solo gameplay
  •     Sorceress: Uses magical powers and various elements - For damage and control on many targets 

By the way, the classes are tied to their respective gender, so you cannot freely choose it. Via the table of contents you can immediately jump to the respective class, where we will go into more detail on the advantages and disadvantages as well as the style of play.


Who is the Amazon suitable for? If you like to play hunters or villains in MMORPGs, you should use the Amazon in Diablo 2. She fights primarily with spears and bows at a distance and deals damage. The Amazon is also suitable for players who want an easy class to start with that can be learned quickly. 


  •     easy to play
  •     Almost unbeatable at greater distances
  •     Due to the various elements, it can be used against immunities in a variety of ways 


  •     prone to being encircled
  •     rather "boring" style of play through simply reinforced attacks 

How does the Amazon play? As a wild warrior, the Amazon relies primarily on her weapons and reinforcement with elemental magic. So you can improve your attacks with lightning damage or shoot ball lightning. 

Later you can even summon a Valkyrie to fight by your side and fill up for you. So you form a group together with your mercenary and the Valkyrie, so to speak. 

As an Amazon, you mainly rely on normal attacks, which you reinforce with various skills. You fight mostly from a distance and rarely find yourself in close combat.

Above all, you are efficient against individual goals. Larger groups of opponents can quickly become problematic for you. 


Who is the Assassin suitable for? Assassins in Diablo 2 correspond roughly to a mixture of monk and demon hunter from Diablo 3. If you like to play these classes or villain archetypes in general in MMORPGs, you should choose the Assassin. 


  •     high damage, even with normal attacks
  •     good defense even without a shield
  •     different play styles with martial arts skills, claws or traps
  •     with the right build, almost immortal solo 


  •     rather difficult to play
  •     Traps need good coordination 
How does the assassin play? Traps are a unique mechanic of the Assassin. They can produce different effects such as poison or ice. The assassin can set these traps on the ground and then lure opponents into them. In addition, the assassin stands for dealing with martial arts and claws.

Assassins rely on skill and speed. With their traps they can control opponents and even take out groups. The Assassin is roughly divided into three play styles:

  •     Fallen ("Trapsin")
  •     Martial Arts
  •     Clawed weapons ("vampire") 

In any case, you bet on attacking opponents in close combat or luring them into your traps. With your skills you make yourself faster and maneuver opponents.


Who is the barbarian suitable for? If you like to be the broad tank in role-playing games, on which opponents fixate or who fight with large weapons, the barbarian is your class - true to the motto: think less, beat more. 


  •     strong control effects
  •     enormous pool of life points and good survival skills
  •     gets along well even with groups of opponents
  •     through battle cries and as a tank the heart of a group 


  •     bad offensive
  •     pure "brawl" character with less depth than the other classes 
How does the barbarian play? Barbarians use great weapons and that is reflected in their class imagination. You are a real mountain or a wall that opponents have to pass before they can reach your friends.

Accordingly, the gameplay is also rather simple. Above all, you stand in front and ensure that opponents are bound to you. You constantly yell at your companions to provide them with buffs.

Except for the screams and skills like the whirlwind, you will mainly have to resort to normal weapon attacks. 


Who is the druid suitable for? If you can't decide what to do best in an RPG, play the druid. This class is a real jack of all trades, but requires a lot of work and skill to master it well.


  •     a true all-rounder that can take on any role
  •     absolutely unique with its transformations
  •     different orientations to be able to summon animals or weather
  •     good extension for any group 


  •     probably the hardest class in the game to master
  •     requires strong specialization; everything can do something, but nothing "right" 
How does the druid play? You will mainly encounter werewolves or werwolves in druid builds. These transformation skills make druids unique and turn them into strong melee fighters or even improvised tanks.

You can also use druids as magicians, even if he is less diverse here than the sorceress. With fire and cold skills you ensure damage and control on opponents. Alternatively, you can summon animals to fight by your side.

In groups, you can use area effects to fight large numbers of enemies, which are tanked up for you. 


Who is the Paladin suitable for? If your heart burns to protect your friends without playing a bloodthirsty berserker, then you should reach for the Paladin. These holy warriors fully protect and support the group.


  •     quite easy to learn
  •     Auras are powerful buffs for the whole group
  •     can tank up quite well with shields, but also deals damage and supports
  •     DER Support für Gruppen


  •     solo loses much of its specialty
  •     pure hand-to-hand combat 
How does the paladin play? Auras make the paladin special and can give the entire group useful effects, such as higher mana regeneration or improved resistance to elements.

Paladins are a kind of middle thing between wizards and hand-to-hand combatants, as you mainly fight with magic. If barbarians are too boring for you but sorceresses are too soft, the paladin fills the gap in between.

Because you mainly specialize in shields, you can even serve as a tank in an emergency if your group does not have a barbarian on hand. Either way, you're mainly there to support other players.

However, the paladin can even score points solo. As "Hammerdin" you deal a lot of damage and buff yourself and your mercenary. So you can mow down even larger groups of opponents. 


Who is the necromancer suitable for? If you're into pet builds or just like to see your opponents suffer, play a necromancer. In other role-playing games, the class roughly corresponds to warlocks, with necromancers themselves being a well-known archetype.


  •     different spells for summoning or direct attack
  •     Curses are an effective remedy against many stronger opponents
  •     makes even tough fights easier for the whole group 


  •     difficult to master
  •     can feel weak alone, needs a group 
How does the necromancer play? The unique selling point of the necromancer is that he uses the corpses of defeated opponents to build his own army. You can literally overrun enemies with a veritable horde of skeletons.

Alternatively, you strengthen yourself with unholy powers and throw bone spears at opponents or let corpses explode. Poison is also a popular means of necromancers to harm opponents. You fight primarily at a distance, even if you could fight as a "daggermancer".

A special feature of the necromancer are also the curses. You can weaken the resistances of opponents or slow their movement enormously. This makes you stronger in solo play and especially popular in groups. 


Who is the sorceress suitable for? If you like to play magicians and fight with strong spells at a distance, the sorceress is your class. It has a lot of oomph and is ideal for anyone who likes to watch opponents explode - or freeze them on the spot.


  •     deals a tremendous amount of damage
  •     can choose different orientations, e.g. for area damage or control
  •     extremely mobile, perfect “scout” in a team
  •     a must for every ambitious group 


  •     Entry takes longer than other classes
  •     weak at first, but only really strong later
  •     withstands little 
How does the sorceress play? Sorceresses mainly rely on the elements fire, ice and lightning. Accordingly, you usually choose one of these specializations and use different skills of the respective element. 

Because of their diversity, sorceresses can deal a lot of damage on their own as well as provide group control. The cold spells in particular are efficient at slowing down opponents and supporting your own group.

Teleport and telekinesis also allow you to get through the maps quickly, explore them faster than any other class and even interact with objects from a distance. 

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