Diablo 2 Resurrected: Upgrade runes - All rune upgrades and properties at a glance


Diablo 2 Resurrected: Upgrade runes - All rune upgrades and properties at a glance

Runes play an important role in Diablo 2 Resurrected . We'll show you what there are, how you can upgrade runes and what effects they bring for your equipment.

What runes are there? The names of the runes also show you the quality of the rune in question. Eld is the lowest quality rune, while Thul represents the highest quality level. But for that you need the Horadrim Cube.

What exactly is the Horadrim Cube?  As soon as you have this item in your possession, it remains permanently in your inventory and accompanies you on your travels. You can use it to store additional items in your inventory and create items.

Where can you find him?  You get the Horadrim Cube after completing Act 2. Once you have it, there are also a few more quests that you can complete.

In this guide, we will focus on the rune upgrades and how you can upgrade the runes. We will also show you what properties the different runes have.

Upgrade runes - an overview of all rune recipes

These are the recipes without gems:

Items requiredResult
3x The Rune1x Eld Rune
3x Eld Rune1x Tir Rune
3x Tir Rune1x Nef Rune
3x Nef Rune1x Eth Rune
3x Eth Rune1x Ith Rune
3x Ith Rune1x Tal Rune
3x Tal Rune1x Ral Rune
3x Ral Rune1x Ort Rune
3x Ort Rune1x Thul Rune

These are the recipes with gemstones:

Items requiredResult
3x Thul rune + 1x damaged topazAmn Rune
3x Amn rune + 1x damaged amethystSol Rune
3x Sol rune + 1x damaged sapphireShael Rune
3x Shael rune + 1x damaged rubyDol Rune
3x Dol rune + 1 damaged emeraldHel Rune
3x Hel rune + 1 damaged diamond I Rune
3x Io rune + 1 faulty topazLum Rune
3x Lum Rune + 1 faulty amethyst It's Rune
3x Ko rune + 1 faulty sapphireFal Rune
3x Fal Rune + 1 faulty rubyLem Rune
3x Lem rune + 1 faulty emeraldPul Rune
2x Pul Rune + 1 faulty diamonda rune
2x One Rune + 1 TopasTimes rune
2x rune + 1 amethystIs rune
2x is rune + 1 sapphireYellow Rune
2x Yellow Rune + 1 RubyVex Rune
2x Vex Rune + 1 EmeraldOhm Rune
2x Ohm Rune + 1 DiamantI run it
2x Lo Rune + 1 Makelloser TopasAbout Rune
2x Sur Rune + 1 Flawless AmethystBer Rune
2x Ber Rune + 1 Flawless SapphireJah Rune
2x Jah rune + 1 flawless rubyCham Rune
2x Cham rune + 1 flawless emeraldZod Rune

The properties of the runes for weapons and armor

The runes have these effects:

RuneLevelProperties for weaponsProperties for armor
The11+15 Defense
+1 to Radius of Light
+15 defense
+1 light radius
Eld11+ 75% damage to the undead
+50 attack value against the undead
15 slow stamina drains
7% increased chance when blocking (shield)
Shoot13+2 mana after every direct hit+2 mana after every direct hit
Nef13Repulsion+30 defense against projectile
Eth15-25% target defenseMana generation + 15%
Ith15+9 max damage15% damage taken goes to mana
Tal17+75 poison damage, duration 5 secondsPoison Resistance + 30%
Ral19Increases fire damage by 5-30Fire Resistance + 30%
location21Increases lightning damage by 1-50Lightning Resistance + 30%
Thul23Increases cold damage by 3-14Cold resistance + 30%
Amn257% life drained per hitAttacker takes damage from 14
Sol27+9 min damageDamage reduced by 7
Shael29+ 20% increased attack speed+ 20% faster recovery after hit
+ 20% faster blocking rate (shield)
Dol31Hits cause monsters to flee 25%Refill life +7
WholeRequirements -20%Requirements -15%
the35+10 vitality+10 vitality
Lum37+10 energy+10 energy
Ko39+10 dexterity+10 dexterity
Fal41+10 strength+10 strength
Lem4370% extra gold from monsters50% extra gold from monsters
Money45+ 75% increased damage against demons
+100 to attack value against demons
+ 30% improved defense
One4725% chance of open woundsAll types of
resistance + 15% All types of resistance + 22% (shield)
Times49Prevents monster healingMagic damage reduced by 7
is5130% better chance of getting magical items25% better chance of getting magical items
Gul5320% bonus to attack value+ 5% maximum poison resistance
Vex557% drained mana per hit+ 5% maximum fire resistance
Ohm57+ 50% increased damage+ 5% maximum cold resistance
It5920% death blow+ 5% maximum lightning resistance
On61Hit hides target+5 % Mana
+50 Mana (Shield)
Ber6320% chance of devastating blowDamage reduced by 8%
Jah65Ignore the target's defense+ 5%
health +50 health (shield)
Cham67Freezes the targetFreezing not possible

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