Dr Mundo TFT in Set 6: spell, stats, origin and class

 Dr Mundo arrives with TFT Set 6! What is the origin of this champion, what is his class and what is his fate? Find the complete file.

The set 6 TFT adds 59 new champions , as well as 28 new features and synergies . Among them, Dr Mundo is one of the new champions. The patch adding set 6 is scheduled to arrive on the official servers as of Wednesday, November 3, 2021 .

As a reminder, this new set will bring with it a duo mode, but also the mechanics of Hextech Augments which should fundamentally change the way you play the game. Find all the details on this mechanic by clicking on the link below. 

Dr Mundo, new TFT champion of Set 6

Dr Mundo, new TFT champion of Set 6

Cost 4 PO
Class Bruiser
Origin 1
Origin 2
Sort Dr. Mundo injects himself with a “medicine,” surrendering 20% ​​of his max HP and becoming energized for 8 seconds. While energized, it heals for 60% of its max health over time and deals 60/100/200 magic damage per second to a random nearby enemy. When the “medicine” ends, Dr. Mundo projects a spark of electricity that inflicts 250/25/40% of his current HP as magic damage to all enemies within 2 squares around him.
PV 900
Attack damage 80
Attack speed 0,6
Armure 50
Résistance magique 50
Portée 1 case

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