ESO: Deadlands will soon bring 6 new equipment sets with Update 32 - Stats and Locations


ESO: Deadlands will soon bring 6 new equipment sets with Update 32 - Stats and Locations

On November 1, 2021, the new update 32 Deadlands of the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online will be released . This will give the game 6 new equipment sets. We take a look at what these sets can do and whether it is worth collecting or producing them.

The new update unlocks the remote grave areas and the lands of the dead. As the names suggest, these places are far from Tamriel. Similar to the city of clockworks, Kalthafen or Artaeum.

What new sets can you expect in Deadlands? A total of 6 new equipment sets come into play. There are 3 craftable sets for each type of equipment and another 3 sets that you can find and collect in the open world.

The new craftable sets in ESO Deadlands

You can find two of the craft stations in the Dead Lands. In the south of the Dead Lands and east of the Shrine of the Raging Coast you will find a place called “Klingenwerk”. There you will find the crafting stations for the set “Land of the Dead Demolisher”.

In the east of the dead lands and south-east of the shrine of the folly of the false martyrs you will find the place “Sturmschaffers Klamm”. This is where the craft stations for the 'misery vitality' set are located.

The craft station for the “Little Iron Bottle” set can be found at the forgotten reliquary in the Bruchgassen of Fernstadt. You can get there from the Bruchgassen shrine if you follow the dotted path on the map, which leads west along the forgotten reliquary.

 Let's take a closer look at the sets:

  • Land of the Dead Demolisher: This set gives you 2 max stamina bonuses and a bonus for magic and weapon power. The last effect amplifies your blasts and adds a cone-shaped AOE to them that interrupts enemies.
    • Impacts were heavily nerfed a few patches ago. Probably this set will not make the blows as strong as at that time. Still, the interruption can be a practical effect in duels. Maybe something could be combined with the Maarselok monster set.
  • Misery vitality: This set gives you 1 bonus to stamina regeneration, 1 bonus to magician generation and a further bonus to magic and weapon power. The last effect increases your stamina & magicka regeneration when you apply a minor / major improvement or impairment to a target.
    • This set could be useful in the PvP area or for duels, as each bonus is aimed at restoring resources. A duel in particular can take a long time and sometimes the level of your resources decides whether you win.
  • Iron Vial: This set gives you 2 max-life bonuses and a bonus on armor. The last effect reduces the damage you take for 20 seconds as soon as you drink a potion in combat.
    • This set increases your survivability. It is questionable whether the damage reduction is a one-off or whether it comes into effect again with each strike. With a one-time reduction, the set looks rather weak. Should the other case arise, it could be very strong depending on the situation.

ESO Deadlands open world sets

Let's take a closer look at the sets:

  • Griffblick (light): This set gives you 1 Max-Magicka bonus, 1 bonus to magic & weapon power and 1 bonus to your critical hits (critical chance). The last effect gives you 7 ultimate power every 5 seconds.
    • In the end, this set lets you use your ultimate ability more often and still has some offensive stats. Since some group support sets will likely be thrown overboard with the hard cap for critical damage in the next update, this set could be interesting for off-tanks or off-healers.
  • Hexos shield (medium): This set gives 2 bonuses to your critical hits and a bonus to magic and weapon power. The last effect gives you a damage shield for 11,124 damage every 6 seconds when you deal direct damage.
    • This set aims at the survivability of a player, but also gives other offensive status values. So it might be worth it in combat situations where you fight alone. For example in a duel or in a solo arena.
  • Cruelty of the Kynandante (hard): This set gives you 1 max-life bonus, 1 bonus to stamina regeneration and 1 bonus to armor. The final effect applies one of the following impairments to Feine for 18 seconds at a range of 8 meters: Greater Break, Greater Cowardice, Greater Desecration, Greater Crippling, and Greater Vulnerability. This effect can occur every 8 seconds while dealing direct damage.
    • Since the set effect's cooldown is less than the duration of an Ailment, it sounds like up to 2 Ailments can be placed on an enemy. It is questionable whether a further effect is then also necessarily added. It might be interesting for support roles in PvE and in PvP groups. Whether it is strong or not depends above all on whether the effects can be completed well or whether it often remains with the same effect. 

 What is your opinion on the new sets? Have you perhaps already been able to try them out on the PTS (Public Test Server) or are you still eagerly waiting for the release? Let us know what you think about the new equipment. Perhaps one or the other has interesting ideas on how to use these sets.

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