ESO: Everything about the new DLC Deadlands - release, content, sets and Update 32


ESO: Everything about the new DLC Deadlands - release, content, sets and Update 32

The Elder Scrolls Online gets the new DLC Deadlands in the 4th quarter of 2021. This concludes the story for the entire year and players face the big villain Mehrunes Dagon again. We have summarized all the important information about the new DLC and the associated Update 32 for you.

What's in Deadlands? The new DLC will complete the story of the overarching story “Gates of Oblivion”. There will be some new content on this, including:

  •     The new area “The Land of the Dead”
  •     New story content
  •     New world bosses, the so-called "wandering executioners"
  •     3 new mythical items and 6 new sets
  •     2 new houses 

For all players there is also Update 32, which offers the following new features: 

  •     Improvements in the collections of sets
  •     The new armory that you can use to save builds
  •     Improvements to the performance and the use of the new DLAA technology
  •     ESO will in future support the language Spanish as an official localization 

You can get a brief glimpse of the new DLC in this teaser trailer: 

When does Deadlands come out? The new DLC will be released on November 1st for PC, Mac and Stadia. Starting November 16, players on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S will also be able to access the new content.

An event is currently running in ESO through which you can earn the new DLC for free.

The lands of the dead as a new area with new challenges

What is the story about? After the fight with the Daedra lord Mehrunes Dagon at the end of the new Blackwood expansion , we are now bringing the war directly to his territory, the lands of the dead.

There you will find new quests and a new story, which should take about 20 hours of game time, as well as new challenges.

By the way, you can already play the prologue to Deadlands now . 

What's in the new area? The Land of the Dead is an area in the Daedra realm. There we meet two different biomes and a friendly city:

  •     One part of the lands of the dead consists of lava, sulfur, rocks and high fortresses. There you will also meet the “Brandfire Reformatory” cave, probably one of the open vaults
  •     The other part is a bit more extensive and contains a lot of storms and lightning
  •     The city of “Ferngrab” is our safe haven in the new area 
A first glimpse into the new area of ​​the Dead Lands.

In both biomes of the dark area you can meet the new world bosses, the so-called “Wandering Executioners”. These do not have a fixed position, but can be found anywhere.

According to the developers, they should be more difficult to fight than classic world bosses.

New Mythical Items and Sets in Deadlands

What new mythical items will there be? With Deadlands three new mythical items are to be introduced, which via the antique system you can find in the dead lands.

To get these items, however, you must have the previous Greymoor expansion:

  •     Splauder of Ruin damage - Activates an aura that grants additional weapon and spell to up to 6 allies. For this you lose 70 regeneration of stamina, magicka and life for each affected ally.
  •     Belharza's Band - Increases the damage of light attacks by 1,185. For each melee attack you collect stacks of Belharza's Temper (up to 5 pieces). If you have reached 5 stacks, these are consumed and cause 1,471 physical damage in a line and stun enemies for 3 seconds.
  •     Markyn Ring of Majesty damage wear - Brings you 100 weapon and spell and 1,157 armor for each set of which you at least 3 pieces. 

What sets does Deadlands bring? The new DLC brings you 6 new sets:

  •     Deadlands Demolisher – Handwerks-Set
  •     Iron Flask – Handwerks-Set
  •     Wretched Vitality – Handwerks-Set
  •     Eye of the Grasp - Set from the open world, light armor only
  •     Hexo's Ward - open world set, medium armor only
  •     Kynmarcher's Cruelty - open world set, heavy armor only 

Quality of Life improvements through Update 32

What is update 32? This is the patch that will be released with the Deadlands expansion. This update brings general changes that can also be accessed by players who do not own the DLC or the Blackwood expansion.

The highlights are the adjustments to the sets and the new armory.

That changes with the sets: With the new Update 32 ESO brings some changes to the sets in the game:

  •     Proc sets that deal burst damage now share a global cooldown of one second
  •     A hard limit on how high the bonus on critical hits and critical healing can be
  •     Proc sets can once again do critical damage
  •     All item sets will offer hybrid stats 

In addition, the loot system will be revised so that bosses will drop sets in the future that you have not yet owned. 

This is the armory: The armory is a free facility for your own home. When you interact with this armory, you can save your build and quickly switch between different builds.

The armory stores:

  •     Your equipment
  •     Your skills
  •     Eure Championpunkte
  •     Eure Attributspunkte
  •     Eure Frames
  •     Whether you play as a Werfolf or a vampire
  •     Quick access items such as potions 

Each character has 2 free build slots and up to 8 more can be purchased in the crown shop. However, these purchases are tied to the character and not to the account. 

This video from YouTuber Hack The Minotaur offers an overview of the new armory: 

What else is changing? In addition to these major features, minor Quality of Life changes are also being made:

  •     The map now shows whether dolmens are active or inactive
  •     In-game mail is now delivered immediately 

In addition, the performance is to be improved especially for modern graphics cards from RTX and Nvidia. The FPS is to be improved via DLSS and the new DLAA technology is to be implemented.

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