ESO: Guide to Transformation and Reconstruction - This is how you get your dream equipment


ESO: Guide to Transformation and Reconstruction - This is how you get your dream equipment

With the update 16 “Clockwork City” the transmutation was added to the MMORPG  The Elder Scrolls Online  . With the update 28 “Markarth” the set collection and the reconstruction were added. In this guide, We shows you what you need to know about transmutation and reconstruction.

What exactly is transmutation anyway? With the transmutation you change the properties of an equipment, a piece of jewelry or a weapon.

In this way, you can turn an item with a healer effect such as “Strengthened” into equipment that is better suited to your offensive play style.

What is meant by the term “reconstruction”? In contrast to transmutation, you do not change the properties of an existing item, but create a new item from a set you know. This is also how you can get the equipment you want.

You can find out how both work and what you have to do for them in this guide.

Everything about transmutation

How does the transmutation work? For the transmutation you need transmutation crystals. You can only carry out the transmutation itself at one transmutation point. This is a kind of handicraft bank especially for transmutation and reconstruction.

If you interact with this transmutation point, a menu opens and you can see the various items in your inventory and in your bank. With just a few clicks you can then install the desired property.

However, you must know the property beforehand if you want to have it as a result of your transmutation.

The transmutation itself then costs you 50 crystals and the appropriate property material.

What are transmutation crystals? This is a kind of currency that you can use in the craft. That's why you can find them in your inventory (I) under the Currency tab (at the bottom). In contrast to gold, this currency is not directly tradable.

You can own a maximum of 500, with ESO + 1000 of them. Any additional transmutation crystals that you earn will be lost. So always make sure that you still have enough space before you open transmutation geodes.

What are transmutation geodes? This is the name given to the containers in which the transmutation crystals are located. There are different forms of geodes:

  • Transmutation geode (white), 1 transmutation crystal
  • Transmutation geode (green), 3 transmutation crystals
  • Transmutation geode (blue), 5 transmutation crystals
  • Transmutation geode (purple), 10 transmutation crystals
  • Transmutation geode (gold), 50 transmutation crystals
  • Intact transmutation geode (blue), 1 - 3 transmutation crystals
  • Intact transmutation geode (purple), 1 - 10 transmutation crystals
  • Intact transmutation geode (gold), 4 - 25 transmutation crystals

What do I need transmutation crystals for and where do I get them from?

What do I need the crystals for? The transmutation crystals can only be used in crafts. There are 2 uses here:

  • Transmutation: Changing the properties of a weapon, armor or piece of jewelry. This costs 50 Transmutation Crystals.
  • Reconstruction: Manufacture of a weapon, armor or piece of jewelry from the set collection. The costs depend on the completeness of the collection. If you only have 1 set item, it costs 75 transmutation crystals. If the set is complete you only have to pay 25 crystals.

Always pay attention to which of the two options is better for you. Because under certain circumstances it is better to reconstruct a set part than to change the property of an existing item. But also pay attention to your other materials, because hardeners / upgrading materials are also expensive.

Where can I get Transmutation Crystals from? In general, you can earn transmutation crystals in various activities.

Here you are guaranteed to get transmutation crystals:

  • Daily 1st random dungeon via the group search
  • Daily vows of the intrepid
  • Weekly exam quests
  • Leaderboards for arenas, trials and battlefields
  • Alliance War Campaign Completion Rewards (Cyrodiil)
  • the 1st fair wage a day
  • Maelstrom Arena (Veteran Mode)
  • Dragon Star Arena (Veteran Mode)

Here there is at least the chance of obtaining:

  • The final leader of a dungeon
  • In just wages (after opening the 1st container)
  • In the random dungeon, after the first one of the day 

sourceNumber of crystalsTime
Random dungeon (normal)10every 20 hours
Random dungeon (veteran)10every 20 hours
Vows (normal)1-3-5every day
Vows (veteran)2every day
Vows (veteran, HM)5every day
Exams quest completion5every 7 days
Maelstrom Arena (veteran)4thevery 7 days
Dragon Star Arena (veteran)5every 7 days
Black Rose Prison (veteran)5every 7 days

PvP (Cyrodiil):

Fair wages (1st box)4-25every 20 hours
Fair wagesChance of 4-25always
Alliance War (small campaign, 7 days)107 days
Alliance War (large campaign, 30 days)5030 days

PvP (battlefields)

Rynin's Reward Box1every 20 hours
Which source is the most worthwhile? My personal recommendation is to use the campaign reward on as many characters as possible in the long term. To do this, you have to reach reward level 1 in the Alliance War. As a reward, you will receive 50 transmutation crystals in the major campaigns.

If you need transmutation stones at short notice, in my experience it is the most relaxed to run the daily random dungeon (normal). You can do that with all your characters, too. 

If you have unlocked all of the character slots, these are at least 180 transmutation stones per day.

How do I keep track of my rewards? You can of course take notes. But it is easier to help yourself with add-ons. For example, the WPamA add-on gives you a cross-character overview.

Before doing this, you have to assign a button to the add-on. You can do this in your settings under Control → Extensions. Then you can click through the different categories using the button.

What is a transmutation site?

The transmutation point is comparable to a craft bank. It is required to use the transmutation crystals. Here you can change the properties of existing armor. Since Update 28 Markarth it is also possible to reconstruct equipment as soon as it is in your collection.

You can find a free transmutation point in the City of Clockworks. But you can also buy them for your home. You can buy them at the writing slip dealer Rolis Hlaalu. You can find it in every capital of the respective alliance: Mournhold, Wayrest and Eldenroot. You can purchase the transmutation station from him for 1,250 writing certificates. 

Then you can place them in one of your houses and use them.

You can also look in the guild shops to see if someone is selling them for gold if you don't have certificates. Currently (on October 14, 2021) the gold price is around 850,000 - 1,050,000 gold.

What are writing notes and where can I get them from?

Writing notes are also a type of currency that you receive as a reward for master writing. They are not tradable themselves. But the items that can be acquired with them. They are not tied and can be sold or traded.

There is a certain chance that you will receive master writings from the reward of the daily crafting daylies. But only if you have maximally leveled the 1st passive ability of the skill line:

  • Alchemy: Knowledge of Solvents (8/8)
  • Blacksmithing: Blacksmithing (10/10)
  • Jewelry craft: engraver (5/5)
  • Tailoring: Tailoring (10/10)
  • Carpentry: Carpentry (10/10)
  • Supply: recipe improvement (6/6)
  • Enchant: Power Enhancement (10/10)

How and where do I make master writings?

Apart from the usable items, you have to make equipment or weapons for the master writings. These always belong to a certain set. You can find the specific craft banks in the open world. If you don't know the places, this add-on will help you:

This add-on also gives you cross-character information about learned traits and the level of your craft. You can also put the overview on a button. Alternatively, you can also click an icon on your user interface.

The following function is particularly important for your master writings. At the bottom right in the overview you can view all the sets that can be produced and have you transported to the shrine. However, this costs gold.

There are exceptions: some sets are made on “another level”. These are, for example, the sets on Augvea (magicians 'guild) or in the Erdschmiede (warriors' guild). To get to these places, you have to use a portal.

You can find these in a building of the respective guild. But only after you've completed the guild's quest line. You won't find the right portal in every guild building. You are right at these places:

  • Portal to Augvea:
Holds of Sorrows 
  • Portal to the earth forge

Do you need to make one of these sets, but haven't completed the quest line yet? That is not that bad. Because there is another way you can make the set items. The Schriebschein dealer also has adjustable handicraft tables that every player can put in the house.

These crafting tables can be used by any other player. As long as he can of course visit the home. So check out your guild or community to see if someone is providing set craft tables.

The same applies to equipment sets from the PvP area Cyrodiil or the Imperial City. Because you can only enter these areas via the campaign. Or you just know someone who has the associated craft tables in their home.

For the master writings themselves, I can recommend the following add-on. It is especially worthwhile if you want to do a lot of writing at once:

With a click in the box on the right, you activate the automatic production at the appropriate craft bench. If you have the finished item, the associated master's writing (unread) will be marked in your inventory. You can now select him without hesitation and submit the quest.

Where do I hand in the quests for the master's writing? It's not complicated at all. You will find the NPC Rolis Hlaalu in the capitals of the 3 alliances (Mournhold, Wayrest, Eldenroot) at the place where you usually hand in your handicraft Daylies.

Adjustable craft tables for your own home

Of course, you can also purchase the aforementioned craft tables. It is similar to the transmutation site. You can purchase them for 250 certificates each from the certificate dealer or in the guild shop for gold.

Currently (on October 14, 2021) the price is around 200,000 - 250,000 gold per table.

A complete collection of all craft stations can take a long time to complete. Or just a lot of vouchers or gold. Until then, you can still use the other manufacturing options.

How does the reconstruction work?

You also carry out the reconstruction at a transmutation site. Here you are not changing an existing item, but creating a new item. To do this, you have to have the right part in your set collection.

You can freely choose the property if you have the necessary materials. However, the cost of transmutation crystals can differ from that of transmutation. This depends on how many parts of an item set you have already noted in your collection.

Therefore the cost varies between 25-75 Transmutation Crystals. So it is worthwhile to complete the collection. You should keep an eye on what is cheaper in individual cases.

You can also select the quality level directly during the reconstruction. Of course, this will cost you the usual amount of hardeners / upgrading materials. Nevertheless, you save yourself another step.

Your equipment that you reconstruct automatically has an enchantment. This depends on the type of equipment. Here is an overview:

  • light armor: maximum magicka
  • medium armor: maximum stamina
  • heavy armor: maximum life
You can of course assign a different enchantment to your item at any time.

The set collection or the sticker book

The set collection has been available in ESO since Update 28 Markarth. As soon as you bind an item from an item set, it appears in this collection. You can bind an item directly with a right click and “bind”. The item is also bound as soon as you destroy, analyze, invest or sell it.

When selling, however, the item does not appear directly in your collection, but only when it has disappeared from the overview for a buyback. When trading an item to other players, the item must be unbound. As a result, it will not appear in your collection if you pass it on.

So far you have received the items of the various item sets purely by chance. Starting with the next update 32 Deadlands, players will only receive items that are currently missing in their collection.

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