Everything about the new Pacific map in CoD Warzone - release, pictures & size

Everything about the new Pacific map in CoD Warzone - release, pictures & size

 Call of Duty: Warzone is getting a completely new map this year. From the gray Verdansk it goes to a green vacation paradise - an island in the middle of the Pacific. We collects the information about the map and shows pictures of all corners of the map that are known so far.

Call of Duty: Warzone is the link between the annual premium titles in the CoD universe. The developers combine the stories, farming according to XP and sometimes even the gameplay. With CoD: Vanguard, this “bond” continues.

Vanguard is out November 5th and has big plans for Warzone. Right at the top is a completely new map that is supposed to replace the dusty Verdansk. Here we show you the most important information about the map such as the release period, 12 images of the pre-alpha build and what effects the merger with Vanguard still has on Warzone. 

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Information about moving to the Pacific island - release, size, Verdansk

When is the new map coming? There are 2 official statements about this, but they do not yet allow any conclusions to be drawn about a specific date:

  • Amos Hodge - Associate Creative Director at Raven: "Shortly after the release of Vanguard"
  • Aaron Halon - Sledgehammer Games Studio Head: "Later This Year" ( Source: CharlieIntel )

If everything goes according to plan, the map and all changes will come to Warzone this year. Speculations are currently expecting a release at the start of Season 1 of Vanguard. The first season could start at the end of November or the beginning of December.

How big is Warzone: Pacific going to be? The new map should be about the same size as Verdansk.

How is Warzone still changing? The Battle Royale is apparently not doing things by halves when switching to Vanguard. The new map is just the beginning:

  • Complete conversion to Vanguard technology
  • Graphics, engine, feel - Warzone should offer the experience from multiplayer
  • Anti-cheat system for the PC
  • The next-gen versions are likely to come
  • Vanguard engine allows new types of events 

What happens to Verdansk, the old map? The introduction of Season 6 has already made it pretty clear what is going on in Verdansk: Large parts of the city are being swallowed up by the ground - in the truest sense of the word.

As part of the story, the operator Adler activates bombs under brainwashing in the old Nazi bunkers and thereby destroys half the city. A path of devastation stretches from the stadium through the entire city center and dismantles parts of the “Downtown” area.

Verdansk could actually never come back after switching to Vanguard. The move to the warmer climatic zone could possibly take place together with an event that brings the story to an end and offers thematic cosmetics.

CoD Warzone: Pacific - 12 pictures for the new map

What was there to see from the new map? Most of the images so far come from the presentation of Vanguard's multiplayer mode. We show you pictures of all scenes and angles that have been seen so far: 

One of the Warzone coastlines: Pacific

The view over an inhabited part of the map.

The setting with the best view of the whole map so far.

Jungle apparently plays a role on the map.

The “natural” environment could play a bigger role in combat.

Underground areas with extra loot are probably an issue.

Mining seems to be one of the island's sources of money ...

... which was probably very important for the construction of the beautiful island.

There may be a usable gondola lift again.

Some areas are characterized by verticality.

Vacationers can also feel comfortable in some places on the map.

A cinema with fluorescent tubes at the front - Warzone: Pacific not in the 40s?

What do leaks say about the new map? Dataminers want to have already discovered a list of all points of interest ( via Twitter ). We list the possible areas here:

  • Airstrip
  • Arsenal
  • Beachhead
  • Caldera
  • Capital
  • Docks
  • Farms
  • Lagoon
  • Mines
  • Resort
  • Radio
  • Station
  • Sub Pen
  • Village

In view of the information known so far, the list sounds quite sensible. The “Caldera” spot would be a reference to a volcano on the island. However, the data on the POIs are not certain.

There are currently more questions about the new map than answered. It only seems certain - the map will come this year and take us to a warm vacation area in the cold months. Until then, the old Map Verdansk will keep us busy with a lot of explosives and a destroyed city center. 

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