Far Cry 6: Game Time, Scope and Mission Overview


Far Cry 6: Game Time, Scope and Mission Overview

Far Cry 6 sends you to the guerrilla war in the fictional Caribbean state of Yara and the map of the open game world is the largest in the series to date. But what about the playing time and scope exactly? We give you an overview of all the content that awaits you.

Far Cry 6 playtime

Aside from the main story, Far Cry 6 offers you a lot of side missions and activities. How long your playing time is, depends on how you play. Basically you can count on the following playing times:

  • Just the story: 15-20 hours
  • Story and side missions: 20-25 hours
  • Completeists and Achievement Hunters: 35-50 hours

It took us about 18 hours to play through the story. But if you really want to do everything in the game world and collect every collectible, you will be busy for over 50 hours.

Scope and content in detail

In Far Cry 6 you start your adventure on the starting island Isla Santuario. This is considered the prologue area, where you spend the first 1-2 hours before the main mission takes you to the Libertad headquarters. From here the game world opens completely for you and you can choose in which of the three large regions of Yara you want to start .

The game itself recommends you to start in the northern region of Madrugada, where you should ally yourself with the Monteros. By the way, there you can also recruit the cute dog Chorizo ​​as an amigo.

Aside from the main story, there are side missions in the form of Yaran stories and treasure hunts. In addition, you can free Yara from all military facilities and go on a hunt for various collectibles. Mini-games such as cockfighting, dominoes and racing competitions also provide variety. And of course you can fish and hunt animals again.

Mission overview and all side activities (slight spoiler warning)

If you want to know a little more exactly what to expect in dictatorial Yara, we present you in the following a few more precise figures on the content including the mission overview. At this point, however, we give a slight spoiler warning.

Far Cry 6 is so extensive:

  • 56 main missions
  • 29 Side Missions (Yaran Tales)
  • 5 unlockable Amigos (companions)
  • 21 treasure hunts
  • 103 military facilities to conquer (21 FND bases, 26 anti-aircraft systems, 26 checkpoints, 20 interception missions, 10 ambushes)
  • 212 collectibles (30 criptograma tables, 19 roosters, 15 USB sticks, 143 hidden stories)
  • 12 „Grand Prix“ -Rennen
  • 4 unlockable vehicles and tons of cars, airplanes and helicopters that you can call in bases.
  • Animals and mythical animals to hunt
  • Fishing system with many species of fish
  • Passive bandido missions to collect resources
  • Special operations (co-op missions in instanced areas)
  • After the story you can also put down a weekly uprising in a district and thus unlock new weapons, among other things.

Once you've finished Far Cry 6, feel free to share your playing times with us in the comments! 

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