Far Cry 6 guide - how to find all supremo

Far Cry 6 guide - how to find all supremo

 We tell you where to look for each supremo (knapsack) of Dani Rojas, describe their unique skills and how to get the supremo "Triador"

One of the main mechanics of Far Cry 6 that set the game apart from the rest of the titles in the series is the supremo satchel. Dani Rojas will receive the item literally at the beginning of the game, and will stay with it until the end. At the same time, you can buy / find different supremo backpacks that offer their own unique bonuses. Below we will tell you how to get all supremo, and what they give.

Each supremo has four gadget slots, which include various throwing objects (grenades, Molotov cocktails, smoke bombs, baseballs that distract enemies, and so on). Also, the supremo has one active skill, activated by the L1 + R1 buttons. It has a specific duration and cooldown. Finally, all supremo belong to the items of equipment of the maximum, fourth level, and have one pre-installed modification that provides some kind of passive bonus.

  • Exterminator . Starting supremo. The Armageddon Strike skill allows you to launch a series of missiles that automatically lock onto targets and explode on contact.
  • Phantasma . Supremo saboteur. The main skill is "Poisonous Salvo". Wreak havoc on the battlefield: spray poisonous gas that turns enemies against each other. The modification increases the damage done to poisoned enemies after using supremo.
  • Volta . Supremo of stealth. The main skill "El Impulso" generates an electromagnetic pulse that knocks down enemies and disables security systems. Transport that has come under its influence becomes inaccessible for hijacking. The modification increases the radius of action of the supremo.
  • Furioso . Supremo protector. The Fuego Loko skill creates a ring of fire that incinerates enemies. Jump while in the air to dash forward. The modification increases the damage done by the Resolver weapon after using the supremo.
  • Medico . Supremo protector. The main skill of "Sona Medicine". Be more prudent in battle: this supremo will allow you to quickly restore health, as well as revive yourself and nearby allies. Great for co-op play. The modification significantly increases resistance to all types of damage after using supremo.
  • Gladiator . Supremo Stripper. The main skill "Energy Injector" puts you into a state of combat trance: increases your speed, increases your health and allows you to kill any enemies with a machete. The modification increases the duration of the supremo.
  • Triador . Supremo of stealth. The power of the oluv allows you to mark enemies in cover, as well as shoot through walls if the supremo is used in combination with the La Varita rifle.
The Exterminator is the first supremo that you will receive according to the plot of the game. Another 5 supremo will gradually appear in Juan Cortez's assortment of goods. If my memory serves me, about 50-60 units of uranium will have to be spent on their purchase. But it is not exactly. You probably don't have enough uranium to purchase all the supremo and every Resolver weapon. 

 Supremo "Triador" is the only satchel that can be obtained not through Juan Cortez, but as a result of passing the longest quest - "Blessings of the Triad". On the island of Sanctuary, where you find yourself at the beginning of the game, there is a cave that requires the search for three relics. Once you study it, cache markers (purple diamonds) will appear on the map. Visit all three locations and find three relics. Two places do not require any special action, but in the third you need to come exclusively at night. Unfortunately, you cannot rewind time in the game. The times of day change automatically over time while you are in the game. That is, stand in some safe place, do not go into pause mode and go about your business. In about an hour and a half, instead of a day, night will come.

Visit the indicated place, break the remaining mirror on the right and press the button. Go to the room on the left and click on the button in the correct order: middle, left, right. Go upstairs, look at the piano, at the window on the other side and go through the door for the piano. Pick up the key and open the door on the first floor. And then you need to press a button in a room with dummies holding weapons in their hands. This must be done, apparently, quickly, otherwise the mannequins will open fire. When you bring all three items, you will receive a reward, including a new amigo Oluvu. 

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