Far Cry 6 Multiplayer Guide - How to play with a friend in co-op, is crossplay available, a special ops guide, and is Arcade available?


Far Cry 6 Multiplayer Guide - How to play with a friend in co-op, is crossplay available, a special ops guide, and is Arcade available?

In Far Cry 6 , as in the previous games of the series, there is a full multiplayer. Some players may find it difficult to explore all the possibilities of co-op play when they first meet. In this material, players will find all the useful information that will help to understand all the intricacies of multiplayer modes. 

Cooperative play. How to play with a friend 

The entire storyline campaign in Far Cry 6 players can play in a co-op mode, designed for two users. It is worth considering that, as in previous games in the series, all progress will be saved only by the host user who created the session. This will not interfere with the storyline passage for both players, however, after exiting the server, the second user will return to his world, in which all the tasks completed with the other will not be completed.

It should be borne in mind that this mode will not open to players immediately. First you need to complete several storyline tasks. Upon completion of the mission "Die early because of uranium", when the player receives the first version of the supremo (a slaughter pack with various functions), access to the collective game will open. Together, you can complete absolutely all tasks, explore the map and find a variety of items that will remain for both players.

This means that when connecting to other servers, the player will save all the accumulated resources, while picking up other people's items will not work. In addition, the game adapts the game world for users. When moving to a foreign server, the player will take with him his companion and all previously collected weapons in his world.

Also, in joint mode, you cannot move far from each other, otherwise the connected user will be automatically transferred to the host player. It should be noted that friendly damage is disabled by default, but it can be activated in the settings.

To invite a partner, you must do the following:

  1. Open inventory.
  2. Go to the co-op section by clicking the corresponding icon in the upper right corner of the screen (two white men).
  3. Choose a way to play together.

There are three ways for players to find a partner:

  1. Play with a friend. This button allows you to invite a friend to your game. In this case, the current player will become the host.
  2. To find a friend. Search for an arbitrary user for a joint game.
  3. Become a partner. Allows you to accept invitations from other players. In this case, the user will periodically receive offers from other players.

How to play Far Cry 6 on different consoles and PC 

 This time, the developers from Ubisoft have not been able to implement a cross-platform game for Far Cry 6. Users have access to a cross-gen multiplayer function that allows you to participate in joint sessions between generations of devices.

For example, PlayStation 4 players can play with PlayStation 5 users. The same principle applies to Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. Regardless, don't expect a full cross-platform game in Far Cry 6 between PCs and Sony or Microsoft consoles in the future.

Is there an Arcade mode in Far Cry 6? 

Unlike Far Cry 5, the new shooter from Ubisoft currently lacks Arcade technology, which allowed players to create various maps and missions. Previously, players could use content from many of the company's games, such as Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and Watch Dogs. Users were allowed not only to jointly explore the world in the story mode, but also to fight among themselves in special modes, as well as to go through cooperative missions using the development of the entire community.

What are special operations and what are they for? 

At the moment, players have only two operations available: Mesozoico and Maceo. In the future, the developers plan to add at least four more missions. They can be played alone or with a friend. To enter this mode, you need to talk to Lola in any main hideout.

In each of the special operations presented, the player will have to go to a new large location outside the standard game world. In both missions, only one key task is provided - to get to the main fortification, destroy the chief of security, and steal the rare PG-240X chemical weapon. However, this is not easy to do. The container with the PG-240X overheats, so the player must be in the shade more often and cool the portable device under water.

At Mastery 1 and above, this can be difficult to do alone. Recover the full temperature of the container and avoid any full-scale collisions with the enemy. In a cooperative game, it is much easier to deliver the cargo, but you should not run ahead all the time. For special operations, from all companions, it is recommended to use a panther, which is capable of quickly and silently tearing any enemy to shreds, freeing the way for the player.

Also, at all difficulty levels, except for the standard one, hostage rescue is available. To do this, pay attention to the red flare, which will lead the players to the location of the rebels. We release allies and continue to complete the main task.

For the successful completion of special operations, users are given a currency - moneda as a reward. It can be spent from Lola in the "Black Market" section to buy new weapons and some useful components for installing modifications on guns.

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