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Far Cry 6: Reach the weapon box at Fort Quito (Isla Santuario)


Far Cry 6: Reach the weapon box at Fort Quito (Isla Santuario)

At the beginning of Far Cry 6 you have to visit Isla Santuario Fort Quito on the starting island. There is a gun box in the basement behind a locked door. But a key for the door is nowhere to be found. We'll show you how you can still reach the box.

Open weapon box in Fort Quito (Far Cry 6)

The weapon box is located underground at Fort Quito and is also marked with a pistol symbol on the map. You can access either via the eastern door in the courtyard (then climb the ladder down) or via the cave entrance in the water north of the fortress.

The weapon box is located under the fortress in a fenced area that is locked with a door. But nowhere in Fort Quito is a key to this door found, so how do you get in there?

There is no key, instead you have to go under the stairs to the right of the locked door and then destroy the wooden boards on the right of the fence that cover a hole.

To the right of the locked door there is a hidden area (Far Cry 6).

Smash the wooden cover with your melee attack or a shot from your weapon to reach the box in the fenced area.

Smash the wood paneling and cross the hidden hole in the fence (Far Cry 6).

This puzzle can be a bit confusing, otherwise you'll mostly have to find keys to open locked doors in Far Cry 6.

What is the reward in the chest?

You get the unique pistol "The Autocrat" from the weapon box . Especially at the beginning of the game you shouldn't miss it. She has the following mods:

  • Attachment mods
  • Armor-piercing ammunition (can penetrate helmets and protective vests)


  • Trigger control (weapon damage with aimed shots increases)
  • Heartbreaker (weapon damage from body hits is increased)
Were you able to reach the box directly or, like us, did you first look for a key for a long time? Let us know in the comments!