Far Cry 6: Unlock and use the wingsuit


Far Cry 6: Unlock and use the wingsuit

With the wingsuit you can glide through the air over Yara in Far Cry 6 and move quickly. But right from the start, the wingsuit is not yet available and must first be activated. You can find out how to get it quickly here.

Unlock wingsuit (Far Cry 6)

You can only get the wingsuit after you have activated one of the base camps in the regions of Madrugada, Valle de Oro or El Este. This enables you to unlock the possibility of building various facilities in the camps.

To do this, go to one of the NPCs with the green hammer symbol over their heads who have a stand in each of the camps. In the site management menu of the NPC then select the facility "Hiding network". To be able to build this, you need 30x metal and 30x gasoline.

After setting up the hiding network, you will receive a message that you have now activated the wingsuit. It will then be listed in your inventory menu under the item "Logistic".

This is how you use the wingsuit

You can use the wingsuit in the air by pressing the left analog stick (PlayStation and Xbox). This allows you to glide over long distances, but be careful not to get too close to the ground, as a fall will lead to death. Instead, release the parachute (circle / B button) shortly before impact for a safe landing.

However, it is particularly practical that after receiving the wingsuit you can jump from the air above every conquered FND base, control point or the various hiding spots by choosing the jump option (triangle / Y key) instead of the fast travel. This allows you to quickly glide to destinations around the respective fast travel point.

Do you still have questions or problems with the activation of the wingsuit in Far Cry 6? Then write it to us in the comments and help each other too.

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