Farming New World Gold: These 3 tricks are the quickest way to earn coins


Farming New World Gold: These 3 tricks are the quickest way to earn coins

Gold plays in New World an important role . You use it to pay your houses and taxes, buy items from the auction house, and pay your crafting fees. But how do you actually earn the thalers quickly in the new MMO? We reveal it to you in our “Farming Gold” guide to New World.

How do you make gold in New World? Basically you get gold for almost all activities:

  •     Main and side quests
  •     City projects
  •     Loot from monsters
  •     Selling items or crafting materials to other players 

However, there are also a few tricks you can use to earn coins very quickly. We would like to introduce 3 of these tips to you in this guide.

Trick 1: make money through faction missions

What kind of method is that? The faction missions do not reward you with gold, but with faction tokens. You can use these faction tokens to buy the Rune of Holding.

They are available in different levels and for a different number of brands. However, they all bring in a lot of money at the trading post as the rune is needed to make new bags. And it is well known that every player needs more pocket space. 

How much can you earn there? Basically, the small rune of holding costs you 1,000 tokens (around 3 to 4 missions) and 250 thalers. The price in the trading post varies depending on the server and settlement. The rune currently brings in between 350 and 500 thalers, twice its cost.

With the higher reputation levels in your faction, there are, in turn, higher runes of holding. They in turn bring in more money.

Depending on the server, you should also see whether it is worth selling the rune directly or first making a bag and then offering it at the trading post.

Trick 2: make money on materials

What kind of method is that? The point here is to effectively farm the materials that are currently bringing in a lot of money. These materials are either sold directly at the trading post or processed in order to earn a lot of thalers.

At the start of New World, the following materials are particularly worthwhile:

  •     Iron ore - Used to make weapons and heavy armor
  •     Fibers - Used to create light armor
  •     Raw Leather - Used to make medium armor and can be obtained from animals
  •     Fish and fish oil - important for cooking and obtained from fishing
  •     The plants flower cap cress and river - are used for the quest "The weakness of the ego" 

You can sell all of these materials for good money at the trading post. Basically, selling crafting materials in Alpha and Beta was generally the most effective way to earn gold.

Another item that may only trade this high at the start is flint. Although this is so easy to pick up, a lot of people ignore it as it doesn't bring XP or career advancement. That's why a lot of people seem to like to buy it directly at the trading post for crafting. 

How much can you earn there? The value of the materials differs from server to server and even from settlement to settlement, which is why it is not possible to say in general how much earnings are in them.

  •     An iron ore is currently sold for just under 1.5 thalers
  •     A flower cap brings up to 10 thalers 

It is important that you keep an eye on the market and also go along with the players. Because if you start on a fresh server, you can still sell your materials such as flower cap and river cress at high prices. However, if many players have already completed the quest, the value will drop again.

In addition, you should quickly create stronger gathering tools with additional effects.

Trick 3: Sell at the trading post, but in the right place

What kind of method is that? In addition to selling crafting materials, it is also a good idea to sell found equipment at the trading post, if you cannot equip it yourself. Especially in the first few weeks, players will always want to buy suitable weapons and armor that they need for the first dungeons, for example. A lot of money can be made here.

However, the place where you sell is more important than just selling. Because there are two things to consider here:

  •     Each settlement has an independent auction house. What is in abundance in one city may be rare and therefore expensive in the other.
  •     The second aspect is the so-called trade tax. This is the value of thalers that you have to give to the owner of a settlement when selling items. This value can be determined by the company that controls the respective settlement. 

How much can you earn there? This is very different and depends on the respective servers, your equipment and of course the owners of the settlement.

If you look at taxes, you can save values ​​between 1% and 10% of the value of your goods sold. If you want to earn your gold through trading, you should definitely keep an eye on all settlements. 

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