FIFA 22: 7 cards dominate FUT right now - that's what makes them so strong


FIFA 22: 7 cards dominate FUT right now - that's what makes them so strong

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team you come across some cards over and over again. We'll show you the currently most popular players in FUT and what makes them so special.

What kind of list is that? On the popular FUT page “ futbin ”, data on the so-called “Players Game Performance” (PGP for short) is collected. This data shows us the number of games on the cards, the goals per game and other interesting information.

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Riot Lock l Akshan e Udyr VS Azir e Hecarim - LOR Royale 3.05

In doing so, futbin collects the data from the cards that can be found on the FUT transfer market . Exchangeable cards, such as task or SBC players, cannot be judged.

Still, the numbers provide an interesting overview of which cards are played the most in Ultimate Team. Here we present you the 7 most popular cards in more detail (as of October 19, 2021).

1. Ousmane Dembélé

With an incredible 1,908,856 games, Ousmane Dembélé is currently the most popular player in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The French winger has a goal rate of 0.62, which shows that Dembélé is more likely to be responsible for assists. 

Ousmane Dembélé

This is what makes the card so popular: If you want to get Dembélé into the team, you currently have to spend around 64,000 coins. In return you get a lightning-fast winger who can convince with his very good dribbling values.

But the Frenchman should be mainly because of the rare combination of 5 stars for skill moves so popular and 5 stars for weak feet. This allows you to perform every trick at full speed and bring the ball onto the goal or to a teammate from any position.

2. Marcus Rashford

Rashford's gold card currently has 1,833,036 games with a goal rate of 0.86 in FUT 22, which puts him in second place. 

Marcus Rashford

This is what makes the card so popular: With Rashford you get a strong attacker with very high speed and strong shooting and dribbling values. Especially the 5-star skills in combination with the flair trait make the fast Englishman so popular.

Most often, the FUT players use Rashford with the engine chemistry style, which increases its pass and dribbling stats again properly. Its price is currently around 78,000 coins.

3. Theo Hernandez

Theo Hernandez's gold card has recorded 1,789,383 games in FUT 22 so far, which puts him in third place among the most played players. 

Theo Hernandez

This is what makes the card so popular: Theo Hernandez is likely to be the best left-back in Serie A, but the Frenchman is also very interesting for hybrid teams because of his nationality. It is characterized above all by the enormous speed and stable values ​​in all other areas. He is a strong left-back who can also provide accents offensively.

If you then add anchor chemistry style, you get one of the best defenders in the game.

4. Vinícius Júnior

The first Inform card from Vinicius Junior has already reached an incredible 1,785,307 games, which is an unusually high number at a price of approx. 331,000 coins. The Inform card scores an average of 0.79 goals per game. 

Vinícius Júnior

This is what makes the menu so popular: Vinicius Junior is at home on the left wing and impresses there with an extreme 96 speed and 5-star skill moves. If you then give it the Deadeye Chemistry style, then mediocre shot values ​​become really strong shot values, which are rounded off with 4 stars for the weak foot.

5. Heung Min Son

Son has been a popular card in FUT for many years, which hasn't changed in FIFA 22. The former Hamburger can already boast 1,780,850 games, with a goal rate of a strong 1.09. 

Heung Min Son

This is what makes the card so popular: If you look at Son's card, you don't have to think twice about why it is so popular with many players. Son has top values ​​in all important areas: He is very fast, has really strong shooting stats and offers strong dribbling and passing values. But especially interesting are the 5-stars with weak feet, with which you can make goals from any position.

The only problem: Son is not exactly cheap and currently costs around 306,000 coins.

6. Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is a little stronger in FIFA 22 than last year, which can also be seen in the games played. These are currently 1,769,859 games. 

Paul Pogba

This is what makes the card so popular: Paul Pogba is a midfielder with strong dribbling skills, a decent physique, outstanding passing values ​​and strong shots. A combination that isn't too common in FIFA.

In addition, the Frenchman offers 5-star skill moves and 4 stars for the weak. If you then use the shadow chemistry style, you get a fast box-to-box player with values ​​over 80 in each area.

It currently costs just under 100,000 coins.

7. Bruno Fernandes

The Portuguese player from Manchester United currently has 1,645,459 games in FUT 22, which puts him in 7th place. 

Bruno Fernandes

What do you think of the most popular cards in FUT 22? Have they met you often?

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