FIFA 22: Cheap talents under 1 million with high career potential


FIFA 22: Cheap talents under 1 million with high career potential

Are you looking for cheap talents for the career mode in FIFA 22 ? Here you will find young players with a lot of potential below a transfer value of one million.

The use of talents: mode In the career of FIFA 22 you try to bring your club to the top of world football. For that you need strong players - but they can be quite expensive. Especially when you play a small club, you have to rely on talent.

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If you want to spend as little budget as possible, you should look for cheap talents who still have a lot of potential. You can improve them through training and match practice in order to then sell them at a profit or build them into stars in your club.

An overview of the cheap talents in FIFA 22 career mode, which you can get for less than a million, can be found here.

FIFA 22: strong talents under 1 million

What kind of list is that? In this list you will only find players under the age of 23 who still have a lot of potential for development. None of them costs less than a million euros transfer fee. Keep in mind, however, that this only counts in the first season - players can develop, become more expensive or change clubs over the course of their careers.

The list offers talent for all positions. It is arranged according to the potential that it can achieve. However, it depends on your training and game practice whether they achieve this. 

player Alter Total value potential Position Market value
P. Dwomoh 17 60 85 ZOM, ZM 775.000 €
C. Chatzigavriel 17 58 84 TH Free player
D. Touré 18 60 83 ST 775.000 €
R. van den Berg 16 59 83 IV 675.000 €
T. Nakai 17 61 83 ZOM 1 Million €
E. Poku 17 61 82 RF, ST 1 Million €
A. Guess what 16 57 82 ZM, ZDM 500.000 €
E. Gebreyesus 17 61 82 RF 1 Million €
A. Kalogeropoulos 16 62 82 IV 1 Million €
L. Mbete 17 62 82 IV 1 Million €
N. Collins 17 60 82 IV 725.000 €
M. Safonov 22 72 82 TH Free player
Pablo Felipe 17 61 81 ST 900.000 €
L. Bogarde 17 58 81 IV, LV 600.000 €
Alejandro Iturbe 17 62 81 TH 875.000 €
Recasens 19 61 81 IV 875.000 €
T. Onyango 18 60 81 ZM 775.000 €
S. Coulibaly 17 61 81 IV 850.000 €
A. Robertson 18 58 81 ZM 650.000 €
Pere Joan 19 62 81 TH 900.000 € 

You have to keep this in mind: It can happen that the clubs sometimes suggest higher prices or allowances that are higher. Therefore, you should always let your scouts observe your talents first. So the prices can be estimated more realistically when you request a transfer. Example top talent Dwomoh: The club can ask for a release fee of almost 2 million. But if you scout it beforehand, the value is more likely to be estimated at 775,000 - and you can get it cheaper.

Which players do you use in your career? Do you rely on top players right from the start, or do you prefer to build your club from the bottom up? 

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