FIFA 22 FGS Tokens, how do I get them?

FIFA 22 FGS Tokens, how do I get them?

 Once again this year, the FGS competition is back on FIFA 22 and like last year, it will be possible to collect tokens by following the various stages.

EA Sports continues to host the FIFA Global Series (FGS) and the publisher has decided to bring another year of competition to FIFA 22 .

In order to reward viewers who would follow the FIFA 22 Global Series, EA decided to offer FGS tokens. Find out in this guide how to obtain them, recover them and their usefulness. 

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What do I need to do to get FGS tokens for FIFA 22?

To get FGS Tokens, you will need to watch 60 minutes of streaming during each FIFA 22 Global Series event that is eligible. For the moment, we do not yet know the eligible competitions , but we were entitled to the revelation of 3 dates to remember for the FGS 2v2: 

  • from December 10 to 12, the FGS Open
  • from January 21 to 23, the FGS TOTY Cup
  • from April 29 to May 1, the FGS TOTS Cup 

It should be noted that 16 online competitions will be organized from December 8 to 12 as announced by EA Sports on the dedicated FIFA 22 site. We remind you that in total, you will be able to recover 10 FGS tokens (1 per competition) . To be able to get them, you'll need to link your EA Account Twitch Account and and make sure Drops are enabled. After you have watched the required 60 minutes of streaming, it may take up to 72 hours for the FGS token to be assigned to your account.

What is the use of FGS tokens on FIFA 22?

You will be able to exchange these tokens for packs by completing DCEs.

  • For 1 token, you will receive a Premium Gold Pack
  • For 2 tokens, you will have a Gold Players Premium Pack
  • For 3 tokens, you will get a Gold Players Bonus Pack
  • and finally for 4 tokens, you can collect a Jumbo Pack rare players.

So if you want a chance to get packs for free, as well as a selection of FIFA 22 Global Series items for your FUT club, be sure to follow the different lives. 

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