FIFA 22 Packs: That's how bad the chances of the best players like Mbappe really are


FIFA 22 Packs: That's how bad the chances of the best players like Mbappe really are

In FIFA 22 you again have the opportunity to see how high the chances are of finding top cards in packs. We'll tell you if it's more likely to draw a player like Cristiano Ronaldo this year.

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The dream of every FUT player is to have the best cards on their own team. But that's not that easy in Ultimate Team, because the best cards are often incredibly expensive and therefore out of reach for many players.

You can through skillful trading earn quite a bit of coins , but top cards like Mbappe it takes a lot of skill and a lot of patience to buy . 

Absolute top cards slightly more likely than last year

So are the chances: In the FUT shop you can look at the probabilities for each pack. For example, you can see there how high the chances are of getting players above a certain rating.

And if you look closely at the chances in FUT 22, you realize that the chances are a little better than at the start of FIFA 21 .

Here you can see the differences:

  •     Premium Gold Pack in FIFA 21 - Gold players (84+) - 4.2% (as of October 8, 2020)
  •     Premium Gold Pack in FIFA 22 - Gold players (84+) - 7.7% (as of 03.10.2021) 

Despite the minimal differences, you shouldn't expect to draw a top card in every pack, because at 7.7% the chances of getting top cards are still very low.

Probabilities in the Premium Gold Pack

Since there is no longer a classic gold pack in FUT 22, we will first show you the current probabilities of the premium gold pack, which is available in the shop for 7,500 coins. As already shown in the differences to the previous year, the chance of a top card with a rating of over 84 is still a low 7.7%.

The chances of getting a special card are even less than 1%. 

Probabilities in the Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

If there are promo events like in Ultimate Team the OTW event (Ones to Watch) , then promo packs are not far away. These are a bit more expensive than the standard packs, but they also offer a slightly greater chance of a top player. Here you can see the chances of the Jumbo Premium Gold Pack for 15,000 coins.

The chances of getting a player with a rating of 85+ increase to 8.9% and an OTW player has a probability of 1.5 percent. 

So even in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team it remains damn difficult to find Mbappe, Neymar, Ronaldo or even an icon card in one pack. Even with the more expensive promo packs, the likelihood remains low.

However, an alternative the new preview packs can offer . They let you open the pack and only after you have seen the contents can you decide whether to buy the pack or not. The only disadvantage: If you have opened a preview pack, you have to wait 24 hours before you can open the next one.

So are packs worth it? In summary, one can say that packs in FIFA 22 remain a losing proposition. You can only draw very strong cards with extremely good luck. It is therefore advisable not to purchase the packs in the shop, but to earn packs through tasks and higher ranks in Division Rivals or Squad Battles. You don't spend any FIFA Points or coins for this and you can still hope for pack luck.

How are your experiences with packs in FIFA 22? Have you already drawn a strong player? Tell us in the comments! 

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