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FIFA 22 | Score goals with a low shot, flair shot, overhead kicks and more

 Year after year you have to adjust your style of play if you want to score a lot of goals. Even FIFA 22 is no exception. We'll show you the most effective shooting techniques this year and explain to you about keyboard shortcuts for the low shot, cropped shot, overhead kicks and more.

FIFA 22 | Score goals with a low shot, flair shot, overhead kicks and more

It is also important to mention that the meta in FIFA can change quickly. Often there are updates that weaken shooting techniques that are far too strong and, in turn, make other degrees stronger.

Strong and weak degrees in FIFA 22

In general, the goalkeepers have probably fallen into a cauldron full of magic potion, because the reflexes are sometimes inhuman in certain situations. Before we go into detail and explain the most important shooting techniques to you, we would like to show you how you can easily score goals or what you should n't do when closing the goal :

These shooting techniques are effective and result in goals

  • Long shots: No matter whether you are a top footballer or bronze player, the long shots in FIFA 22 are so powerful that you should always risk them. Attempts from a distance (around the penalty area) are particularly effective if you combine them with a truncated shot (R1 + circle or RB + B). The player doesn't even have to have good values ​​for the finesse shot.

  • Long-charged shot in the corner: If you have penetrated into the 16, you should always aim the left stick in the long corner and charge a normal shot with a circle or B strongly (about two to three bars). This is how you overcome the otherwise very strong goalkeepers.

  • Low shot: Hold down R1 + L1 or RB + LB when closing the goal to take a low shot. This year it is very effective again, especially in the area between the five meter area and the edge of the penalty area. Again, you should aim for the long corner.

  • Direct acceptances of all kinds: If you play against the AI ​​on a high level of difficulty, you will quickly notice how strong direct acceptances are. Regardless of whether you hit a half-high flank or play a normal pass: You are welcome to try shooting directly at the goal. A goal attempt in the penalty area after a long relay relay can also be successful.

  • Half-high flanks: Speaking of half-high flanks, which you can do with R1 + square or RB + X. These are particularly effective and are happy to provide one or the other dream goal for direct purchases. Your offensive players run free, you only have to charge the half-high flank enough (at least two bars).

You should get used to that when closing the gate

  • Cut shot in "1-on-1": If you have overcome the defense and only the goalkeeper is in front of you, then the cut shot with R1 + circle or RB + B is not a good choice. The goalkeepers have such good reflexes that they save almost every finesse shot.

  • Shot into the near corner: If you want to score goals, you should always aim into the far corner in front of the goal. It is therefore hardly surprising that shots into the short corner are much less effective.

  • Too short a distance to the goalkeeper: When trying to score, you should always keep a little distance from the goalkeeper. They hit the ground very quickly if you take a swing at goal and block almost every attempt successfully. So preferably shoot from a distance or run around the keeper with a simple trick.

In the following, we will go into more detail on the goal closings such as the truncated shot, the flat full-cocked shot or overhead kicks. With our tips, you can accommodate this even more precisely in the goal.

Trimmed shot: effective, especially from a distance!

The cut shot has been a classic for years. It is also called a finesse shot or a circular shot and is performed as follows:

  • PlayStation: R1 + circle
  • Xbox: RB + B
In FIFA 22, a cropped shot is particularly effective from a distance. An above-average spin value of the player ensures more precision, but is not absolutely necessary. It is best to aim at the goal from a diagonal position when you are on the edge of the penalty area. In direct "1-on-1" with the goalkeeper, you should use a different shooting technique.

By the way , if you briefly press L1 or LT when you take a trimmed shot, a truncated low shot comes out. However, this requires a certain instinct and timing could be difficult.

The flat full-cocked shot as a goal guarantee in the 16s

Like last year , the low shot is a goal guarantee if you are close to the goal. Aim in the far corner to make it easier to overcome the goalkeeper. This is how you do a flat full-cocked shot:

  • PlayStation: Hold L1 + R1 and press circle
  • Xbox: Hold LB + RB and press B.

It is important with this type of flat shot that you charge at least two bars. At a slightly higher distance (until after the penalty spot), you should even charge three bars. Remember that the attacker's strong foot is crucial here - so position yourself accordingly.

Half-high flank for dangerous crosses

Crosses are generally a good weapon in the offensive of FIFA 22. However, not everyone has a towering striker in the headquarters who can use high crosses. Therefore, a half-high flank is recommended, which a player transforms in the best case by direct acceptance. This is how it works:

  • PlayStation: R1 + square
  • Xbox: RB + X

Run along the outside lane and bring the half-high flank into the sixteenth with about 2 to 3 charged bars. If flanks just don't want to arrive at all, you can set the flank help in the menu to "with help" . You can find it under controller settings.

There are many types of flanks and their keyboard shortcuts can be found here:

  • High edge: L1 + square or LB + X
  • Full clamping flank: R1 + square or RB + X
  • Hard edge: L1 + R1 + square or LB + RB + X
  • Flat full clamping flank : tap R1 + square + square or tap RB + X + X

Guaranteed fall kick or side kick

A fall-jerk to the dream goal is rare, but you can definitely use one, as well as side-fall pullers. If you hit any flank into the penalty area, you simply hold down L2 or LT while you charge the shot button. I would recommend a normal or high flank for overhead kicks and side kicks, as the angle is better then.

It is important that the selected player has enough space in the sixteen. Often it just bounces off defensive players or doesn't even reach the ball.