FIFA 22 Skip cheering or switch it off completely

 Who does not know it: As if the equalizer in the 90th minute wasn't bad enough, the goalscorer also celebrates provocatively. This is over now, because in FIFA 22 you can turn off the cheers. We'll also show you how to just skip it in an emergency.

FIFA 22 Skip cheering or switch it off completely

So you can turn off cheers completely

Yes, you read that right. In this year's edition of the soccer simulation, you can show the cheers should you be disturbed by the countless dance moves and provocations. However, this only works during an ongoing online game. Otherwise the settings are not visible. This is how you can turn off the cheers completely:

  1. Signs up for a break during an online game and waits until the ball lands out of bounds or the game is interrupted in some other way.
  2. Click on "Settings" in the pause menu and then select "Settings" again .
  3. Use R2 or LT to change the tab to "Visual" . First switch “Hold to skip” to “Off” .
  4. Then your "camera focus when celebrating goal" changes to "user-controlled team".

This setting means that the camera pans to your sad fans when a goal is scored and no longer stages the provocative cheering of the players. This is a bit ugly, but it doesn't make your blood boil over immediately. And as already mentioned, this option only appears if you are pausing an online match that is in progress.

Skip cheers: This is also possible in FIFA 22

If you have already played some FIFA offshoots, you should know a very specific key combination with which you can skip cheers. This is what you want, for example, when you score a follow-up goal late and want to go straight to the top. If you don't want to see the cheering scene, press the following combinations after a goal, regardless of whether you scored it or the opponent:

  • PlayStation: R1 + L1
  • Xbox: RB + LB

This is a good alternative if you don't want to completely deactivate the cheers. You will also see some cheers online that you may not even know about. Withstanding the shame of a provocation, at least you should succeed.

Should it not be possible to skip an opposing cheer, this is a mistake. This shouldn't happen again in the next game.

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