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FIFA 22 So you can play online for two on one console

FIFA 22 So you can play online for two on one console

 Can you play FIFA 22 in pairs? Naturally. Is it possible to take part in online games with a friend from the comfort of the couch? Yes, that also works perfectly. We'll tell you how you can play online for two, be it friendlies or FUT matches.

Play FIFA 22 online for two on one console

  1. Select the tile "Play" in the main menu of FIFA 22 .
  2. Then switch to "Seasons" and click on "Play" .
  3. In the next step you have to switch on the controller of player 2 and link an account. Remember that you need an account for this that has PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold, for example.
  4. After switching on the second controller, the option "Add guest / Remove" appears in the bar below . Press the button that appears to add your co-op friend.

If the account connected to the controller does not have a subscription to PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold, you will receive an error message here: “An error occurred while processing your request. Please try again. ” If everything went well, the name of the second player will be displayed in the “ Search ” tile on the left. You will then enter a lobby together.

Play Ultimate Team for two

You can also play in co-op as a couple in the Ultimate Team. Here you should just make sure that you have added your friend as a friend via the respective console or platform. Proceed as follows if you want to play the Ultimate Team in co-op:

  1. Select the Ultimate Team in the main menu. When you arrive here, press the button that is displayed at the bottom right of the screen. So R2 or RT.
  2. A list of all friends who have a FIFA Ultimate Team opens. You can select them and invite them directly or press the button for the co-op lobby (options button or menu button).
  3. You will be shown as the captain in the co-op lobby. Select the tile with the plus underneath ( “teammate” ) and press X or A. Here you can invite a friend and play an Ultimate Team game for two.

Does player 2 need an active PS Plus subscription?

As soon as you want to play online for two, Player 2 also needs an active PS Plus subscription or Xbox Live Gold or similar services. By the way, registering the second controller as a guest is not a suitable workaround. Only if you want to play against each other is no additional subscription necessary.

Is there crossplay in FIFA 22?

I'll keep it short at this point: Unfortunately, there is no crossplay in FIFA 22 between PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X. We can only hope that Electronic Arts will implement such a function for future football simulations.