FIFA 22: Trading Trick brings you a lot of coins quickly and easily


FIFA 22: Trading Trick brings you a lot of coins quickly and easily

Do you want to sign the best players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team? Then you need a lot of coins. We'll tell you the easiest method with which you can earn a lot of coins in FUT.

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Trading in FIFA 22 can be quite lucrative and can bring you tons of coins. Most trading methods, however, are quite complex and require a thorough understanding of the transfer market and invest a lot of time.

We'll show you a simple trading trick that you can use at any time and that is guaranteed to bring you numerous coins.

This is how you earn coins by sniping silver cards

That's the trick: Silver card sniping is about buying the cheapest silver cards in a league and then offering them a little more expensive on the transfer market later . This works so well because most FUT players are not aware of the prices of silver cards and therefore offer them far too cheaply on the transfer market.

If you take advantage of this skillfully, you can quickly fill your FUT wallet with coins. You won't become FUT millionaires straight away, but you can quickly afford significantly better players.

This is how the trading method works: For silver card sniping, you first choose a league that you want to try. The big leagues such as the Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A or La Liga are particularly suitable.

However, you can also try smaller leagues such as the Eredivisie or the 2nd English league. If you have decided on a league, you proceed as follows:

  • You open the transfer market, set a filter with the desired league and select silver cards.
  • Now you are trying to find out how expensive the cheapest silver cards in this league are. To do this, you use the maximum buy-it-now price and keep going lower until no more results are spewed out.
  • For example, if you can still find cards for 600 coins on the transfer market and no more cards are displayed for 550 coins, your goal is - to buy silver cards for 550 coins or lower.
  • So you now set the desired buy-it-now price and try to buy every silver card that appears.
  • To do this, you have to constantly use the search and ideally increase the bid price on the console with the shoulder buttons to update the market offer.
  • Now and then silver cards should appear that you have to be quick to get the bid.

Have you done everything right and bought a bunch of cheap silver cards, now it's time to offer them on the transfer market. Use the price comparison for this and always offer the cards a little higher than they are currently worth. Now you can relax, play a round of FIFA and wait until the tickets are sold. In the end, you should have gotten rid of all cards with a profit.

Which trading method do you use in FIFA 22? Please tell us in the comments!

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