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Final Fantasy XIV: This is how the new Job Sage plays


Final Fantasy XIV: This is how the new Job Sage plays

During the press tour Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker ,We were able to try out the new job Wise (saga). Here are their impressions.

This is the legend : for centuries the nation of Sharlayan has gathered the knowledge of the world and carefully guarded it so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. But they also gained new knowledge and carried out research. One of the results of this development is the wise.

Trained in the famous Academy of Sharlayan, thanks to their expertise in the fields of magic and medicine, they are powerful allies in combat who heal the wounds of their comrades and protect them from attack.

However, they can also dish out themselves, as their floating noulith foci also allow them to use attack spells.

The saga will be with the addon release of Endwalker on November 23rd playable for all owners of the . You can watch the gameplay video for the sage here: 

For healers who like to do harm too

This article and the game experience described are based on a version of FFXIV: Endwalker that is still in development. The finished version may therefore still contain changes.

This is the sage feels like: what I honestly have to admit that I was surprised that I had a lot of fun testing the saga. I'm actually not a healer, healing ex-exams has been the highest of emotions until now. However, I immediately got along well with the job.

What I liked best was the cool interaction between healing and the wise man's harm. She is stronger at the job than any other healer and led to a pleasant skill flow during the dungeon run in the Tower of Zot, which we were able to complete.

First I put Kardia on my tank, then a Eukrasia shield, and then I took some damage while my tank was automatically healed. As soon as the shield was broken, I cut out a toxicon and put a new shield on. It felt really nice.

By the way, in the video below you can see how I play my way through the new dungeon. Without its own key assignment and with a ping of 200, it was definitely an exciting adventure. 

The wise man also has no shortage of “oh-shit” skills, especially thanks to the Addersgall resource who have no preparation time.

My only concern in healing was actually the MP. As a spoiled white mage brat who normally never lacks MP, I initially had a nasty surprise at the sage (you can certainly see it in the video). But since real healers definitely take better care of their MP than I do, they shouldn't have any problems with the MP of wise men either.

But I think that people who as healers do not want to do any harm will have less fun with the Sage. Feels halfway through his skill repertoire encourages you to drive damage to realize the full potential of the job.

This is how the wise man plays

These are the skills: The sage is the second shield healer in FFXIV. While he has enough direct healing skills, his abilities tend to tend to reduce damage from shields. In a full group he shares the healer's place with the scholar who is also a shield healer.

At the core of the sage gameplay is the special ability Eukrasia, as well as the two resources Addersgall and Addersting.

Eukrasia has the function of modifying other skills and changing their effects. When you use the skill, it changes:

  • The single-target Heal Diagnosis results in a weaker Heal + shield
  • The AoE Heal Prognosis leads to a weaker Heal + shield
  • The attack dose to a DoT 

 So you are quite flexible as a wise man and can first heal the tank with a normal Diagnosis Heal and then give it a shield with a Eukrasia Diagnosis in order to weaken a tank buster.

The two shields of diagnosis and prognosis also have a special effect. When destroyed by damage taken, they give the Sage a stack of the Addersting mentioned above. This resource is required to use the powerful damage spell Toxikon. 

The second resource, Addersgall, is for healing and support skills. It charges automatically over time and can hold a maximum of 3 charges.

Addersgall enables the use of instant skills whose names end in “-chole” and can, for example, also reduce the damage suffered. It is a simple system in which 1 Addersgall point is required per skill.

Lastly, the sage has the Cardiac ability. It is cast on a fellow player and remains until the wise man cancels it (similar to the dancer's partner). Every time the wise man now causes damage to the enemy, the opponent is healed with Kardia for a certain amount of HP.

The strength of the healing depends on the damage spells and is all at 170 points Cure Potency. So if you cause damage in combat, your Kardia teammate will automatically have a kind of little "healing over time" effect.

That being said, of course, the wise man has the usual resurrection and buff skills that boost his healing, like other healers do.

Also keep in mind that the values ​​and descriptions may change in the final version of Endwalker.

Unfortunately, I was unable to select a German language version during testing because the localization of the skills was not yet complete. So if you have any questions about specific skills or descriptions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

What do you say to the wise man? Do you like the skills or are you not in the mood for such a “damage healer”? Let us know in the comments.