Free boxes on Boom Beach Frontlines, how to get them?


Free boxes on Boom Beach Frontlines, how to get them?

Boom Boxes are important in Boom Beach Frontlines, allowing you to get different rewards! But how do you open boxes for free?

Supercell's new mobile game, Boom Beach Frontlines , is finally available in Canada. In other countries, it is possible to play it through a VPN! As you play, you will discover the Battle system, but also the various rewards that can be obtained in chests.

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But how do you open chests for free in Boom Beach Frontlines ? There are two ways to get them without paying: win them after each Battle , or simply wait for the Free Box available in the shop ! We detail everything below. 

How to get free boxes in Boom Beach Frontlines?

There are therefore two different ways that allow you to obtain free boxes in Supercell's new mobile game:

  • Win them after each Battle . Every time you win a game you will earn stars. These stars will accumulate and allow you to get a chest when you have the necessary number of stars, indicated on the home page of the game.
  • Open the Free Box of the shop . Each time you open a Free Box in the in-game store, a new countdown will appear, showing you how long it will take for the next box to be available. Usually, you shouldn't wait more than a few hours! 
By following these recommendations, you will be able to open boxes quite regularly in Boom Beach Frontlines. Especially by doing Battles, this is what will allow you to open the most! 

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