Genshin Impact. Abe - what kind of mushrooms does he need?

 In the new Genshin Impact guide, we talk about the ghost of Abe, a big mushroom lover from Tsurumi Island. If you want to know what mushrooms he needs, read on.

What mushrooms does Abe need in Genshin Impact?

You need to collect all Filanemo mushrooms. One of these mushrooms can be found in the underwater ruins between the Tirai Temple and Sirikoro Peak. The same mushrooms must be collected. After you collect all the mushrooms, Abe will appear and swear, then disappear. Then you will need to return to the same place again after 48 hours - then the Filanemo mushroom will revive. You need to collect all the mushrooms again and Abe will appear again. Next, you will need to bring him three filanemo mushrooms and three common mushrooms. Filanemo mushrooms can be found in Monstadt and are attached to buildings. They can also be purchased from Chloris in the Valley of the Wind. Common mushrooms can be found in many outdoor areas, as well as Chef Mao's Wangming Restaurant in LiYue Harbor.

And that's all about what kind of mushrooms Abe needs in Genshin Impact. 

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