Genshin Impact. Drawings in the ruins on Tsurumi - where can I find them?

In the new mini-guide to Genshin Impact, we talk about the drawings in the ruins on Tsurumi. You will know where to find them.

Where can I find drawings in the ruins on Tsurumi in Genshin Impact?

You need to look for drawings in the dungeon, which is located under the peak of Sirikoro. You need to go down into the hole in the center of the mountain, after reaching the ground, go north - into the dungeon. Move forward until you reach a large room with a round opening. Next, go left along the stairs to the bird on the wall. Here you need to equip a Special gear, activating it - a secret passage will open.

Next, you will be taken to the room where the Electric Compass puzzle is located. There will be a hole in the ceiling - looking at it, you will see a drawing that needs to be photographed.

Return back to the circular doorway, passing through which you will find yourself in a room, in the center of which there is a destroyed structure in the form of a dome. Then go left to the corner of the room, there is a puzzle with a torch. On the wall overlooking the torch is the second drawing.

From the domed room, exit through the circular opening to the south. The ruins fresco will be on the wall to the right - this is the third picture.

Next, go to the domed room, but now head west. You will eventually reach the stairs leading to a small locked room. Inside this room will be the last three drawings.

It's all about where to find all the drawings in the ruins on Tsurumi in Genshin Impact. 

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