Genshin Impact. Four Electro Fairies Tsurumi - how to find them?

 In the new Genshin Impact Mini-Guide, we show you how to find four Electro Fairies on Tsurumi Island. If you are also interested in this, read on.

Where can I find the four Electro Fei on Tsurumi in Genshin Impact?

There is a precious chest on the map not far from the coastline. It is located on a round stone pedestal with an eight-pointed star sign. Closes its elemental red lock. This lock can be removed, but for this you need to find four Electro Fairies nearby.

The first one is on the ledge above the chest, next to the accreted tree. You need to follow the fairy until she is in close proximity to you. You need a tall man character model to touch her - you need a Wind Catcher, Venti, Ke Qing, KazuhaGeo Traveler or Zhong Li. Or climb the cliff and jump after the fairy. While searching for this fairy, you will notice another fairy on the stump. The third fairy is behind the thunder barrier. You need Electrogranum to get through this barrier. To the west of the barrier, on a small cliff, there will be a branch of a thunderous cherry blossom. You can call the electrogranum and go through the thunder barrier - so touch the fairy.

To the south of the precious chest is Hilichurl, digging in the mud, he hid in a crevice between two rocks. After defeating him, you will receive the Digging dialogue and the last fairy.

This is all about how to find four electro fairies on Tsurumi in Genshin Impact. 

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