Genshin Impact. Nonno - where can I find him?

 In the new Genshin Impact mini-guide, we talk about Nonno. If you want to know where to find it in the game of hide and seek on Tsurumi Island - then read on.

Where to find Nonno in Genshin Impact?

Nonno, like many other spirits of Tsurumi Island, can be found in the Tirai Temple. He will play hide and seek with you. You will need to find Nonno in the ruins during this game. In the first location, he hid in the bushes in the corner of the building. In the second location, you will need to get out of the ruins and find Nonno behind the rubble. Third time - look for Nonno in the north of the Tirai Temple, behind the Thunderstone. You will need to go behind the ruins and find the Petrel. Fourth time - follow the path from the Tirai Temple. Nonno himself hid behind a tree, on the left side of the dirt road. Fifth place - Nonno hid behind the Thunderer.

And it's all about how to play hide and seek with Nonno and where to find him in Genshin Impact. 

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