Genshin Impact. The "Sea of ​​Fog and the Rite of Trees" quest - how to start it?

 In the new Genshin Impact guide, we talk about the "Sea of ​​Fog and the Rite of Trees" quest. We'll show you how to start this quest.

How to start the "Sea of ​​Fog and Rite of Trees" quest in Genshin Impact

First you need to talk to Kama in the city of Rito. Further, when you get to Tsurumi Island, you will need to go inland. You will need to move to the first Thunderbolt perch that you see on Tsurumi. Attack and destroy him. Next, you will have to destroy the remaining perches, and then leave with Tsurumi to ride out the storm. Then return there and meet Ruu.

This is all you need to know about how to start the Sea of ​​Fog and Rite of Trees quest in Genshin Impact. 

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